Saturday, July 24, 2010

NEW Masks From My Beauty Diary, Upgraded Version Of Existing Ones & Roadshow

I was at Midvalley yesterday to pick up more MAC In The Groove stuff :D, and on the Lower Ground level, Centre Court there was a My Beauty Diary masks roadshow going on till tomorrow, Sunday (July 25).

I missed out on their previous roadshow but it's OK for me, as I have plenty of MBD masks which my sis got for me from Taiwan and Hong Kong. But of course, these are running low and I don't know anyone going to Taiwan and HK anytime soon to help me stock up on them.

Anyways, what drew me to check it out was the NEW masks (well, new in Malaysia, of course) - MBD came out with 2 types of new masks, ie: Bird's Nest Mask and Southern France Apricot Masks! Interesting! Anything which has Bird's Nest in it will certainly catch my attention and fancy! And Southern France Apricot....well, I love Apricots!

And apparently, they have upgraded their current existing masks with a better material, that is thinner sheet which is supposed to deliver more moisture to the skin by clinging and adhering to the skin better. They called it the "Multi Layer Moist Masks with Special Moisture Compounds". I tried on a small piece of the new upgraded mask on my hand and compared it with the old one (which was much thicker). I'll review and compare the new and old ones soon.

So, I bought 2 boxes of the new masks, 1 Bird's Nest and 1 Southern France Apricot. And the SA added in a whole bunch of freebies including eye masks, extra tube of Lovely Girl BB Cream which they always give as freebies, anyways.

Also, at the roadshow, there are many offers and freebies.
- Purchase RM100 and above, you will get a free makeover + 8R sized photo.
- Purchase 1 box at RM49.88, the 2nd box at RM39.88 + freebies (may vary).

There are just too many exciting if you happen to be in Midvalley today, check them out and stock up on your masks and get yourself a free makeover!

***Laneige - discounts on selected items!

On a side note, a reader of mine emailed me yesterday (thank you, dear) and subsequently, I saw in Laneige Facebook page that from yesterday till Sunday (July 25), there are some discounts on some makeup from 30-50% off (old version of eyeshadows, selected blush, mascara and lipsticks). Call your nearest Laneige counter for more details.

Have fun and happy shopping!


☆Anastacia☆ said...

I have a few of those sheet masks but didn't tried them yet. can't wait!

Vonvon said...

Do try them, Anastacia. I am sure you will love them. :)

Blair said...

Bird's Nest and Southern France Apricot! I need to get myself these flavours! Have you used them?

Thank you for the birthday wishes, Von dear! My birthday was on the 25th =]

Vonvon said...

Hi Blair,

Noted your birthday. :)

I have tried Southern France Apricot. While I didn't see much of the brightening effect, it's very moisturizing and my skin felt unusually baby smooth after. I mean, normally, MBD masks give such effects, but the smoothness was really something, unlike other flavors from MBD I have tried. Do try it and let me know what you think.

P.s. Now Guardian has offer for MBD masks. 2 boxes for RM89.XX. :)