Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Photo: Juice Beauty Perfecting Foundation In Organic Sand

Good morning, my dear readers!

If you have been following my EOTDs/FOTDs closely, the foundation that I had been using (if any, as Vonvon likes to go bare-faced nowadays with only a light dust of her can't-live-without Guerlain Meteorites) was Juice Beauty Perfecting Foundation in Organic Sand. It's my first foray into organic makeup, though I have tried some mineral makeup and also organic skincare before. Organic makeup? This foundation is my first! :)

I have since grown to love this foundation, though initially I thought it didn't quite like me. ;)

Review will be up in a bit........

P.s. Just been pretty busy again lately, many family matters to attend to. I have many backlogs, yet again, and I am taking quite a while to reply to your comments too. Please bear with me for my tardiness. But I really appreciate your visits to my blog and all your comments. Thanks, dearies... Xoxo


Pop Champagne said...

that's neat, I don't think I see this product in the stores here though... thanks for sharing!

Vonvon said...

Hi Pop Champagne,

You are welcome. Juice Beauty just recently launched their makeup line over here with foundations and powders. Waiting for them to launch their eye colors, etc.