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The Intrepid Beauty's Lancome Genefique Experience & The NEW Genefique Youth Activating Second Skin Mask

The Intrepid Beauty tries out Lancome Genefique Concentrate and its eye cream, and also experienced the wonders of the NEW Genefique Youth Activating Second Skin Mask which was launched recently.


Based on a 5ml sample of Genefique Youth Activating Concentrate(TM), I didn't expect my skin to undergo an amazing transformation since 7 days usage would hardly be enough to witness a dramatic change in skin texture or the disappearance of fine lines. However, I did notice that my face felt generally softer and smoother every morning after applying a few drops of the Concentrate as part of my nightly skincare routine.

The Concentrate is not a serum, it is to be used pre-serum in order to activate the presence of proteins that maintain one's youthful appearance. By stimulating the production of "youth genes", I guess one could say it's like the fountain of youth encapsulated in a bottle.

Genefique Youth Activating Concentrate(TM) purportedly promotes radiance & suppleness, evenness of skin tone and maximises the maximises the absorption and efficacy of other skincare products. Obviously I'd have to use an entire bottle of the Concentrate in order to test this theory. The 5ml sample comes in a tube form and I found myself squeezing out too much of the product on several occasions. I liked the texture of the Concentrate which was absorbed quickly into my skin.

Lancome Genefique Mini Facial

Recently, I was **invited by Lancome to experience the Genefique mask which was launched just a few short weeks ago. The Genefique mini facial took place at Lancome's Facial Cabine at Isetan, The Gardens. Lancome's very informative and helpful beautician, Ling, informed me that a lot of the customers who'd purchased the Concentrate were in their 20s. I suppose it's never too early to start with anti-ageing products although when I was in my 20s, I was quite clueless about preventing wrinkles.

As I was wearing make-up, Ling, double cleansed my face with cleansing oil followed by a milky cleanser. Then, she applied a pleasant scented scrub so that the serum in the mask could better penetrate the skin. Each mask contains 16ml of Concentrate which is a very substantial amount. Next, Ling applied the Concentrate on my face and Genefique Yeux around my eyes to enhance the efficacy of the mask. She recommends that these steps be adhered to even if one is using the mask at home.

Then the mask was placed on my face. Ling adjusted the mask so that there were no air bubbles trapped and that it fit my face like a 2nd skin and that's what it's all about as the mask is made of bio-cellulose material. This ain't your normal, average, everyday mask, that's for sure. It's like hi-tech material, nothing I've ever seen or felt before.

According to the product description, it's designed to adhere to the face and contours like a second skin for an even and intense infusion of actives.
Although very moist with serum, there was no excess serum that dripped on to my neck. Throughout the 25 minutes that it was left on my face, it felt like the serum was slowly penetrating into every pore of my face.

According to Ling, the recommended duration of usage ranges from 15-25 minutes but in any case, no longer than 30 minutes. I can safely say that the mask was good enough for longer than 30 minutes usage it was still very moist after she removed it from my face.

The results were instantaneous as should be the case when each mask costs a whopping RM50 each. My face looked more luminous and supple. I loved how smooth and soft my face felt. As for enhancing the penetration of products, my foundation glided smoothly on to my face when I applied make-up a few hours later. Ling informed me that some of the customers who have facials there have purchased a box of the masks and leave it with her so that each time they have a facial, their Genefique mask is applied after the regular mask provided as part of the facial.

The Genefique mini facial took approximately 50 minutes, 25 minutes for the cleansing/scrub/application of Genefique Concentrate & Yeux process & the rest of the time for application of the mask.

I had a peek at their facial services menu. Lancome has a range of facials to suit all budgets, namely:

(1) Extreme Purity Treatment for thorough cleansing & purifying, includes "shiatsu" pressure (45 mins) RM90

(2) Hydrating Replenishing Treatment, a pampering treatment to relax and rejuvenate skin cells Professional serum and cream are used in this treatment (60 mins) RM120

Anti-Aging Treatments

(3) Primordiale Treatment for smoothening fine lines with the use of professional anti-aging serum boosted by high frequency machine to stimulate skin's natural defense system (60 mins) RM120

(4) Reconstruction & Replenishing Treatment for the concerns of skin dryness/skin slackening/skin dullness (90 mins) RM225

However, eye treatments are not included in their facials and you have to pay an extra RM50 for the anti-puffiness eye treatment. Currently, they have a purchase 6 facials and get 2 free package. The other Lancome Facial Cabine is located at Isetan, KLCC.

For the month of August, the price of the Genefique Youth Activating Concentrate(TM) has been reduced to RM295 from the normal price of RM350. Each box of masks contains 6 pieces and is priced at RM300.

**Note: I was NOT invited by Lancome to experience the Genefique facial for the purpose of reviewing it. I had some issues with Lancome which have now been resolved to my satisfaction, thanks to L'oreal's customer service staff.

The Intrepid Beauty

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