Monday, August 23, 2010

Napoleon Perdis Astro Girl Prismatic Eyeshadow Quads - Which One Should I Get?

Finally, I got to see Napoleon Perdis cosmetics in person. I was beauty shopping (what else?) in ULTA yesterday and walking around when my eyes caught sight of the label on one of the shelves, read "Napoleon Perdis". Needless to say, I gravitated toward that shelf and boy!!! There they were....Napoleon Perdis Astro Girl Prismatic Eyeshadow Quads, and to add icing to the cake, each palette came in a set with a lip lacquer (USD35).

Of course, I wasted no time and started to swatch the Air, Fire, Earth and Water palettes. It's my first time seeing and playing with Napoleon Perdis eyeshadows and his makeup in general. Yea, we don't have this brand in Malaysia. So I was surprised to see them in ULTA.

So here are the swatches of the 4 Astro Girl palettes...........

Napoleon Perdis Astro Girl Prismatic Eyeshadow Quad

Napoleon Perdis Astro Girl Prismatic Eyeshadow Quad

Napoleon Perdis Astro Girl Prismatic Eyeshadow Quad

Napoleon Perdis Astro Girl Prismatic Eyeshadow Quad

Almost all the eyeshadows have smooth, buttery soft texture with 1 or 2 which were slightly harder than the rest but nevertheless still swatched smoothly. Pigmentation is excellent with good color pay-off. They are more on the pearl-to-frosty finish, no shimmer. All the swatches above were made with only 1 swipe on the shadows.

But I have a little problem here.....I couldn't decide on which palette to get! My element is Earth and though the Earth palette is gorgeous with a navy blue and 2 different green shades and a slightly iridescent orangey peach shade (all the colors appeal to me a lot!), the fickle ME is torn between the Earth and the Air palette. I also like the pastels of the Air palette. Knowing me, and if I could, I would definitely get all 4 palettes, but it costs USD35 per palette. I was about to give up on getting any of them but somehow last night, I got a little windfall ;P and decided to splurge a little......


My dear readers, what do you think?? Earth palette or Air palette, or either of he other 2?

Have your say.......

Have a good Monday morning and great week ahead!


Fieran said...

Are you in the US? :) You're so lucky! I think I'll be like damn happy if I got to set foot in Ulta..hehe

Vonvon said...

Fieran, yes, it's shopping heaven over here, LOVE the variety, special offers, free gifts, etc etc.....not only ULTA, but Sephora, all the department stores, outlets....etc etc....