Saturday, August 7, 2010

Review: Dior Capture Sculpt 10 Firming Pre-Treatment Lotion - By The Intrepid Beauty

The Intrepid Beauty shares with you how she uses Dior's Capture Sculpt 10 Firming Pre-Treatment Lotion as a DIY sheet mask with quite an instant tightening effect!


Dior's Capture Sculpt 10 Firming Pre-Treatment Lotion is a 200ml toner which I picked up from the last Dior sale for RM40, original price is RM145. Looking at the original price, you'd expect it to come in a glass bottle but the bottle is plastic which is fine with me since it makes it lighter.

It's said to be the 1st step in Dior's "sculpting" skincare, "to prepare skin and maximise the benefits of subsequent skincare-for deeply strengthened, firmer, more toned skin".

I also purchased the Lifting Firming Fluid from the same range to be used after the lotion.

The lotion is recommended to be used with or without a cotton pad and to "stretch" the lotion from the center of the face towards temples. Subsequently, pat the face with fingertips for better absorption. I do use this lotion with cotton pads after I've cleansed my face but I prefer to pour it into a small container and drop one of my dry mask sheets into it and use it as a mask.

The first time I used it this way, I was surprised at how quickly the mask sheet absorbed the lotion, it had all gone into the mask sheet in 3 seconds or less, unlike Laneige's Power Essential Skin Refiner_EX which I'd previously used with dry mask sheets. Then again, it has to be noted that Laneige's Power Essential Skin Refiner_EX is a lot thicker than the Dior Lotion.

The next surprise was how nice and cool the mask sheet felt on my face, I didn't want to take it off, it felt that good. Compared to Laneige's Skin Refiner, this one definitely felt more moisturizing and hydrating. I did feel a slight tightening effect as well. I almost didn't get this lotion because I was a little put off by the list of ingredients which included a multitude of parabens. Although the lotion does have sodium hyaluronate, it also contains too many types of parabens for some people's peace of mind and hydrogenated castor oil is also in the ingredient list.

Overall, I like the lotion because it worked so well with the dry mask sheets and at RM40, each mask sheet wouldn't cost nearly as much as RM5 each which is the average cost of ready made mask sheets. This is one DIY mask sheet I could happily use everyday without feeling a twinge of guilt at the expense. Would I repurchase? Yes, if it was once again on sale and no, if I had to pay full price for it.

The Intrepid Beauty

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Anastacia said...

Using lotion as a sheet masks it's so cool idea! gonna try it out! thanQ for share!