Sunday, September 5, 2010

Estee Lauder Blockbuster Set 2010 Is Back, With The NEW Pure Color Eyeshadows

Every year around this time, late summer transiting to fall and then the holiday season, Estee Lauder always comes out with their much-anticipated Blockbuster Set!

And this year, the Blockbuster Set is already available at Estee Lauder counters with the 18-shade eyeshadow palette which consists of all the new Pure Color Eyeshadows, replacing the older versions! Yes, I took a peek at the set which is available nationwide and they are all new, with new names and Estee Lauder also categorized the new shadows into 4 different textures: matte, shimmer, satin and metallic.

I saw the Blockbuster Set which is available at the all counters a few days ago, took some photos and swatched the eyeshadow palette. I haven't seen the Isetan-exclusive one personally but I have some photos of it, courtesy of The Intrepid Beauty, who had purchased the Isetan-exclusive set.

Estee Lauder Blockbuster Set 2010

Estee Lauder Deluxe Eyeshadow Palette
18 Pure Color Eyeshadows

Names of the eyeshadows

Swatches of the NEW eyeshadows

Swatches of the eyeshadows from the 1st and 2nd rows
Top, L-R: Ivory Slipper, Riviera Rose
Mid, L-R: Pink Flash, Berry Burst
Bottom, L-R: Smoky Ember, Amazing Grey

Swatches of the eyeshadows from the 3rd and 4th rows
Top, L-R: Hot Cinnamon, Nude Fresco
Mid, L-R: Amethyst Spark, Tempting Mocha
Bottom, L-R: Star Orchid, Peacock Blue

Swatches of the eyeshadows from the 5th and 6th rows
Top, L-R: Lavish Mink, Enchanted Forest
Mid, L-R: Winking Periwinkle, Sugar Cube
Bottom, L-R: Tranquil Moon, Candy Crave

The whole set worth RM1850 can be yours for only RM220 with any Estee Lauder purchase of RM230 or more. Visit your nearest Estee Lauder counter for more information.

Some sneak peek of the Isetan-exclusive set, pending swatches to be made soon.
(All photos below courtesy of The Intrepid Beauty)

Have you seen the Estee Lauder Blockbuster set? Which one do your prefer? Will you be getting any?

Do share!

Have a nice Sunday!


Haru said...

The set looks like great value for money, especially if the eyeshadows are in the new Pure Color formula. But I would have liked to see a more interesting combination of shades. I haven't seen these in Singapore yet, but I think our Isetan stores are getting them in next week.

Vonvon said...

Good morning Haru!

Yes, it's a great value. And I have to agree with you that they could have picked the brighter shades to be included in the palette. They have 48 shades or more of the new Pure Color Eyeshadows, and there are many bright shades when I saw the display.

The Isetan-exclusive set seems to have better color combination.

shaarmi said...

Hi Vonvon

I love Estee Lauder and am planning to buy the BB set this weekend. I'm sure I'll have fun with it..will let you know what i think when i get it.

Thanks for the pics on the set.

Take care

Vonvon said...

Hi Claire,

Thank you for dropping by and commenting.

Looking forward to hear your thoughts on the set. Which one will you be getting?

It's my pleasure.

farhanilna said...

i've already got 1 set. but it's from sogo though. includes 1 loose powder and 1 50ml perfume. gonna use it for my hantaran. :)

Vonvon said...

Hi farhanilna,

This would make a nice set for your hantaran, I am sure. Congrats, dear!

Qalesha said...

I always love BB set... It got everything in... I collected this set since 2007... Means already have 3 sets of it...hehehe.. Planning to get this year's BB set also, but not sure when.. :-)

P/S : Nice to meet u Vonvon.. ;-)

Vonvon said...

Hi Qalesha,

Thank you for dropping by and the comment.

I love them too. But haven't bought it this year...

Nice to meet you too....

dynz said...

the set was awesome! i bought one yesterday. But it seems that here in Japan the set consists only of the eyeshadow, blush,lipstick, brush set and eyeliners.

So far i love the Crystal Beige Lipstick the most

Vonvon said...

Hello dynz,

Thank you for dropping by and the comment.

You mean the set in Japan doesn't come with the mirror, makeup case, lipgloss? Interesting to note that. I haven't tried Estee Lauder Crystal Beige lipstick before. Would you mind to share a swatch?

Anonymous said...


Did anyone use the Blockbuster Set 2009 ? I bought it last year and I was really disappointed with the quality of the products, when compared to Estée Lauder mascaras or Lancome sets I used before.

Do you think these are real Estée Lauder products, or they are products of their outsourcers, especially produced to be used as promotion material ?

Even if that is the case, I tink that damages the brand image instead of helping gain new customers...

sumedha bector said...

hey all. i hav bought dis very make-up kit in last november, 2010. dat was a gift to me by my bro ven he went to England :)
dis kit z amazing wit al d different 18 pure eye colours.... though i need to buy an additional eye shadow kit, can anyone plz suggest whch clrs should i go for dis time..??

Vonvon said...

Hello Sumedha,

Thank you for dropping by and commenting.

Yes, I think the Estee Lauder Blockbuster set is amazing.

Perhaps, you want to go for neutral colours, though I would say the palette has a fair share of neutral and bright colours. Or may be you want to go for a palette of bright colours.