Friday, September 24, 2010

Photo: NEW Olay Body Wash Plus Sheer Moisture Ribbons With Mandarin Oil

The newest addition to the OLAY's body wash range with Mandarin Oil. Being a fan of citrusy scents, obviously this new mandarin scented body wash from OLAY caught my attention when I saw it in Target during my recent trip. Got myself a 532ml bottle for about USD6 (can't remember the exact price).

I tried looking for this in drugstores in Malaysia, but I couldn't find it. I supposed they will bring it in soon.

Have you all seen this for sale anywhere locally?


MyMakeUpMania said...

wow! this is sounds so yummy!

how are you doing sweetheart?

gio said...

I have never seen this here yet but I hope will get it soon. It sounds wonderful. I love citrusy scents too.

Vonvon said...

I am doing OK, Nastia! As usual, just been busy. How are you and the boys?

Vonvon said...

Gio, after using it, I think it's more sweet than citrus-y. But it's still a treat. The scent is definitely yummy, like orange cream or something. ;)