Thursday, September 30, 2010

Swatches & Thoughts On Shiseido Luminizing Satin Eye Color Trios - GD804 Opera, GR305 Jungle, OR302 Fire, PK403 Boudoir

Good morning, my dear readers!

Vonvon is working hard to catch up on my backlogs. ;) But with all the traveling and other family matters, especially pertaining to my little Princess' education and well-being, I really wish that I have more ME time in a day to indulge in my makeup play and blogging! Good thing I am my 'own boss', no editor to rush me through my backlogs, as I am my own Editor :D and no deadlines to meet. Err...well, the last phrase is rather subjective (about the deadline thingy).....

Anyways, here are the swatches of the New Shiseido Luminizing Satin Eye Color Trios - GD804 Opera, GR305 Jungle, OR302 Fire and PK403 Boudoir. I will tell you about the texture and other characteristics of the individual eyeshadows as I go along..........

Shiseido Luminizing Satin Eye Color Trio GD804

Swatches of Shiseido Luminizing Satin Eye Color Trio GD804
All 3 shadows have smooth, almost creamy texture, but the sky blue shade is slightly on the drier side. The bronze and pale gold shades have some pearl finish, not shimmery. Pigmentation is above average but color pay-off is good.
The shades are easy to work with on the eyes as each color is quite contrasting to one another.
(Those with gradation of color are not as easy to work with, for Vonvon, at least. ;) Read on....)

Shiseido Luminizing Satin Eye Color Trio GR305

Swatches of Shiseido Luminizing Satin Eye Color Trio GR305
All 3 shades are quite pigmented with good color pay-off and pearl finish. They have smooth texture and soft - may have some minimal fall-out. But if packed on with the sponge tip applicator provided, fall-out can be avoided.
Even though all 3 shades swatched quite differently, they are slightly difficult tricky to work with on the eyes. Good for monochromatic eyeshadow application. One has to blend the different shades carefully or will end up with a just mass of green on the lids. Not that it doesn't look pretty with a plain green shade, but I would presume, different shades of green would look better. That's my opinion and preference.

Shiseido Luminizing Satin Eye Color Trio OR302

Swatches of Shiseido Luminizing Satin Eye Color Trio OR302
Orange eyeshadow!! I don't remember having used an orange-orange eyeshadow before.
The finish of these shadows are different from the ones from Opera and Jungle palettes. They are more of a smooth satin finish. Pigmentation and color pay-off is good. Their texture is soft but slightly drier, (not chalky) than the Opera and Jungle palettes.

Shiseido Luminizing Satin Eye Color Trio PK403

Swatches of Shiseido Luminizing Satin Eye Color Trio PK403
Pinks!!! How not to love pink eyeshadows? One of my favorite shades for eyeshadows!
Pretty shades for yet, another monochromatic look for the eyes.
The texture of the shadows are more on the dry side, though they still feel smooth to the touch. I would say the color pay-off is a little above average, but more on the sheer side. The pale pink (almost white) shade feels dry and powdery to the touch. The middle shade is a mid-pink with lilac undertone. The rose shade is a pretty muted red, which surprisingly didn't make my eyes look as though I had been crying for days!

So which palette(s) is/are your favorites?

As much as Vonvon loves Pinks, my favorite palette of the lot is Opera and Fire comes in second. Opera's shades give a lot of space for variety and creativity and of course, has the best texture and color pay-off of the 4 palettes, and Fire (especially the orange shadow) works well on my eyes. But I would need to practice more with the Fire palette (especially on how to vary the usage of the orange eyeshadow) which sadly is not with me anymore.

I have done EOTDs with them.... in the process of editing the dozens of photos now. Managed to play with Opera and Jungle in an afternoon with good daylight for photography, but Fire and Boudoir's EOTD Marathon was done at night with poor indoor white light :( due to time constraint and I am having a real headache selecting the shots from Fire and Boudoir EOTDs :S

My apologies again for the delay in showing you the EOTDs I have made.

*The palettes are available at Shiseido counters for RM105 each (3g).


gio said...

Jungle looks gorgeous! Too bad it's difficult to work with, those greens are so pretty. Can't wait to see your EOTDs!

Vonvon said...

Gio, the greens in Jungle are indeed very beautiful. It's not really difficult in the real sense. Perhaps, I should say it's 'tricky', just need to be careful when blending so that each (green) color will show up.

MyMakeUpMania said...

wow! your collection of e/s is sooo great!

Anonymous said...

I bought 2 palettes fm this collection.Was resisting the day b4, when my mum was buying, but being me, I went back the next day and bought 2.

Bought Snow Shadow because of the middle colour and Opera because it was worn by the model. Haha....

I quite like the textures of this collection, buttery soft.

I am SO looking forward to the upcoming MAC VV collection, in fact, I've placed order for some of the things I know I want and let's see what else when the testers are available.

Are you getting anything fm MAC VV?


Jess said...

From the swatches, I'd tend to reach for Opera and Jungle to be my favorite ones, hehe...

The shades look really beautiful when applied - but I think the design of the pan is a bit 'blehh...'. :p

Marina(Makeup4all) said...

Thank you for sharing. I'd love to get one of these, Shiseido is a great brand and there are quite a lot of things from them that I want. How do you like their cream shadows by the way?

Vonvon said...

I wish I still have them, Nastia...;)

Vonvon said...

Hi YS,

Yea, the Opera EOTD on the model was very beautiful. Snow Shadow is a very pretty monochromatic palette, and the colors are more contrasting.

As for VV, planning to get the 2 MES from Maleficient. At first, thought of getting My Dark Magic only, but seeing the swatches of She Who attracted to it too. As for the lippies, like quite a few but I can't seem to be able to finish any lippy I have currently.

Vonvon said...

Hi Jess,

Opera and Jungle are both beautiful.

The design of the palette is quite simplistic.

Vonvon said...

You are welcome, Marina.

I have swatched some of their new cream shadows, the Dual Glow Eyes. They are soft and creamy with subtle shimmer. But a bit on the sheer side. Would make a great base or even on its own for some no-makeup makeup look, just adding a hint of color to the lids.