Sunday, September 26, 2010

Vacation August 2010: Viva Las Vegas

Last Sunday, I showed you some photos from the Californian desert. And this week, I am going to show you another desert, yes, the desert known as Las Vegas! ;P

The famous sign

MGM Grand on The Strip

View from South Point

The sprawling desert and blue sky

More view from South Point

Princess and me at the reception area of Bellagio
Love the beautiful ceiling!

The Strip at night


Paris in Las Vegas

The Forum Shops at Caesar's Palace!

The Venetian

Next week, I'll show you more shopping photos!

Have a nice Sunday! :D


MyMakeUpMania said...

So gorgeous trip!!

maRyya said...

nice blog
maybe you'll pass by mine too if you have time and follow it?


Anonymous said...

What a great holiday!

Please do talk about the shopping there.

Siew Fong

gio said...

The pictures are beautiful! You and your little girl are so cute!

Blair said...

Looked like so much fun, I can't wait for the next batch of photos!!

Vonvon said...

Thanks, Nastia!

Vonvon said...

Hi again Siew Fong!

Yes, will share photos of the shopping this weekend....

Vonvon said...

Thanks gio!

Vonvon said...

Blair, the shopping part is the most fun eh? ;)