Friday, October 15, 2010

Maybelline Volum' Express Cat Eyes Mascara Waterproof - By The Intrepid Beauty

Hello Kitty mascara??? Oh really tugs at my chordae tendinae ;) translated from Latin as 'heart strings'. Hello Kitty just brings out the little girl in me, more than my little girl herself. :D

OK, this post comes a bit late today for my readers in Malaysia. Was out quite late last night (Thursday night here) and was so tired when I got back. Hence no posting this morning, Malaysian time.

I'll let my guest writer, The Intrepid Beauty, tell you about the Maybelline Hello Kitty mascara......


Of course, this is a very pretty in pink mascara which would appeal to the young and young at heart. Any diehard Hello Kitty fan would have rushed to the nearest pharmacy that stocked this mascara the day it was launched. Indeed, many weeks ago, there were loads of this mascara at Watson's MidValley and week by week, I observed that there were less and less stock. It helped that Watson's is still offering this mascara for RM29.90 (original price RM36.90).

Having left my Hello Kitty days behind many decades hence, I wouldn't be taken in by packaging alone. How then did it fare? The applicator is in the form of a comb so it can be applied to the minutest of lashes, good for the lower lashes, I suppose. I don't like applying to the lower lashes though, it's just a personal preference. I guess it's really designed for Asian lashes which tend to be more sparse than Caucasian lashes.

I used the mascara on my left eye after curling my lashes with an eyelash curler, it did make a difference as you can see from the pictures (see below). I think the mascara lengthened my lashes more than it gave them volume. The lashes on my right eye (without using the eyelash curler prior) look more flat. There's a lot more definition with the lashes on the left eye.

There's no "Wow" factor for me in this mascara as it didn't do anything dramatic to my lashes. Furthermore, I don't like the fact that although it's a comb-like applicator and therefore should separate lashes well, it clumped after the 2nd coat. I'd have expected a better formulation than this so it's a pity, would have liked to have liked it more.

Having said that, it's virtually smudge-proof, didn't leave any major traces on my undereye area even after using it from morning till evening. There was a slight stain underneath one eye which wasn't that apparent. I always have a problem with wearing mascara anyway, even the waterproof ones and I've used quite a lot of mascaras which smudged within minutes of application but this one held on fast for a number of hours. I wouldn't be surprised if the mascara sold out very soon just for its novelty factor, it is a collector's item, after all.

The Intrepid Beauty


gio said...

I'm sorry the mascara didn't work for you. The packaging is too cute though.

Vonvon said...

Can't go wrong with Hello Kitty, right. gio? OK, I like Hello Kitty, that's why. ;)

jojoba (My Makeup Reviews) said...

hi, first time comment here. i also boought this mascsara but there is no hello kitty on it. i'd like to link your review to mine later when i review mine, if that's all right with you.

this mascara works wonderfully for me so that's why i'd love to have a different opinion (to link). Thanks.

Vonvon said...

Hi Jojoba, thank you for visiting and the comment. Yes, please feel free to link it to our own review.

This is the same mascara as the original but they came out with the limited edition packaging of Hello Kitty.