Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Review: Diorsnow Whitening Radiance Foam Cleanser - By The Intrepid Beauty

The Intrepid Beauty reviews a Dior cleanser which she bought at a bargain at a Dior warehouse sale.


During the last Dior warehouse sale in mid-May, there were a lot of worthwhile buys from their skincare section but you had to be an early bird of course. One of these finds was the Diorsnow Whitening Radiance Foam Cleanser in its previous incarnation for the unprincely sum of RM40. Now that's a pretty good price for a Dior cleanser manufactured in 08/09 and 110ml. Note that the product by the same name currently available at the counters isn't the same as that one has the snow logo underneath the words "Diorsnow Sublissime" and it retails for RM130.

Anyway, being a Dior skincare product, I had a feeling it wasn't going to disappoint me. It has a lovely soft, creamy texture which produces a satisfying amount of foam. It does remove all traces of make-up (not eye make-up) and leaves my skin feeling soft and not tight. I won't say it helped to illuminate my complexion though. I haven't yet used a cleanser that can gradually help to brighten the complexion despite their claims.

I have to hand it to Dior for selling such recently manufactured products at their warehouse sale unlike some other brands which have hawked skincare and cosmetics manufactured more than a year or even 2 years ago. Sometimes you don't see the manufacturing date of the product until it's been sealed in a plastic bag. When you attend warehouse sale after warehouse sale, you become more discerning and there's no reason to help brands get rid of old stock no matter how low the prices are. At this warehouse sale, it was also a pleasant surprise to find eyeshadow palettes which were only a few months' old. You can bet I'll be at the next Dior warehouse sale.....early!

The Intrepid Beauty


Pop Champagne said...

that is nice that the items at the sale are still good in quality, it shows that Dior aims for quality. yeah no good to use old skincare or cosmetics, if anything I think that they are bad for your skin!

Vonvon said...

Agreed, Pop Champagne! :)