Thursday, October 7, 2010

Reviews: Aqualabel Whitening Range - White Up Lotion, White Up Emulsion & Aqua Enhancer WT

This post is very long overdue. I started using the Aqualabel Whitening range at the end of June through to the end of July before I went for my summer vacation in August. I stopped using at the end of July (after 1 month of using them, and 1 month is quite enough duration to test out skincare products) because I didn't want to carry the big bottles of skincare with me on my travel. Though I did carry some jars of moisturizer(cream) with me, jars are less prone to getting crushed or leakage.

Anyways, for that 1-month period, I used the White Up Lotion R, White Up Emulsion S and Aqua Enhancer WT, all twice a day, morning and at night.

Some info taken from their brochure:
AQUALABEL whitening range focused not only on pigmentation spot, but on overall facial dimness. In place of the conventionally used effective whitening ingredient 'Stable Vit C derivative', AQUALABEL whitening line has been formulated with the effective whitening ingredient 'M-Tranexamic Acid'. It inhibits melanin production & effectively prevent dark spots.

White Up Lotion R

The letter 'R' represents the one for dry skin while those with the letter 'S' are for normal/combination. I got the White Up Lotion which is basically a toner for dry skin as I tend to have drier skin around my cheeks quite often. And all this while, I am choosing toner for dry skin (regardless of the brand I use).

Aqualabel White Up Lotion R 200ml (RM59.90)

This is a colorless clear lotion with a floral scent, a bit like rose-scent (which I like very much), though initially I could sniff a whiff of spirit when I applied it to the cotton pad. Initially I saturated the center of a cotton pad with the lotion and dabbed onto my face after cleansing. Later on, I just got lazy and poured a small amount onto my palm and dabbed it onto my face.

It gave a cooling sensation on application.

White Up Emulsion S

It's the moisturizer. For moisturizer, I would go for the one for normal/combination skin, as those for dry skin would be a tad too rich for my skin and have a tendency to cause break-out for me.

Aqualabel White Up Emulsion S 130ml (RM64.90)

This emulsion has a light creamy texture, and not too thick like how emulsion would usually be. It spreads easily between my palms (doing this to 'warm it up') before applying it to my face. And it absorbed fairly quickly leaving a cooling sensation as well, though it left a slightly sticky feel(which is bearable). I just patted on it and cupped my face to enhance the absorption.

Aqua Enhancer WT

Now I have no idea what the WT stands for. I was told that it enhances (increases) the absorption of the lotion and emulsion.

Aqualabel Aqua Enhanncer WT 130ml (RM58.90)

This is a colorless clear liquid which is less viscous than the White Up Lotion (read: more watery). It works like an essence. I poured a small amount onto my palm and gently dab onto my face until completely absorbed. Then I cupped my face to let the warmth from my palm aid its absorption.

Overall, I am impressed with the performance of this range of products. After using the 3 items together, the immediate effects (right after the first use and the initial few days) which I got were more hydrated and supple skin. The cooling sensation after applying the White Up Lotion and Emulsion could be attributed to the moisturizing effect of the range. Besides whitening effect, products from this range also have moisturizing property.

After 1 month of usage, I definitely noted that my skin was brighter, clearer and less dull. Its overall hydration also improved, those slowly-appearing fine lines around my orbital region were plumped up and became less visible. And another point to note is I experienced no break-out to these products. As I was initially worried after having read that some whitening products may cause break-out, and I have very little experience using whitening products! ;)

And..... I got complimented from one of my regular MAC makeup artists about 3 weeks after using this range of products, in Hokkien, a Chinese dialect (translated into English as....), "your skin looks smoother and fairer lately.....what have you been using?" Of course not Chlorox(TM)! ;P And this was one of my regular artists who had been well-acquainted with my skin, through its ups and downs.

One little gripe of mine would be that the bottles are made of plastic. I have nothing against plastic (perhaps this is one of the factors which keeps the price affordable) but I was a bit worried to carry them in my luggage when I went traveling. And they come in full-size of 130-200ml (depending on the products) which means carrying them in the 1L transparent zip-lock bag for liquids in my carry-on is a no-no. I wish Aqualabel could come up with travel-friendly sizes, at least for their core products (perhaps in a set?).

Have you tried the Aqualabel whitening line? How was it? Or have you tried the Moisturizing line? Do share................


Anonymous said...


Dropping by from Aqua Label Facebook page.

Thank you for the review. Sounds promising. and price is very good too.

Anonymous said...


Thanks for explaning about difference between those with R and S. I asked one of the staff at the Aqua Label in Watsons but she cannot explain what is the difference.


Vonvon said...

Anonymous: Thank you for visiting. It's my pleasure.

Lin: You are welcome.

slowbrogal said...

Is there any before and after pic?

maya greenward said...

Great review! By the way they have a travel friendly sized set with four tiny bottles. So cute, practical and cheap! Maybe not so easy to be found in stores though...