Friday, November 26, 2010

The Future Sephora Of Malaysia II

Good evening, my dear readers!

Vonvon has been busy working on my new Facebook page today, replying to tonnes of emails, preparing and scheduling posts, editing photos, and also received a little 'enlightenment' that I should only trust myself, and love myself more.....LOL!

Oh, and I was busy window shopping virtually at for their Black Friday's deal with the GWP of their luxe "Haul-iday" tote with only USD25 purchase for Beauty Insiders! Can't decide which NARS blush to get, or should I get the Orgasm Illuminator....but my biggest lemming is the Korres Vitamin E 10-Color Pencil Kit (pic below), hopefully my girlfriend would be able to get it for me. *fingers crossed and toes crossed too :P

Speaking of Sephora, last Saturday I was at Pavilion and Lot 10 area with my little girl again. This time, they had put up the posters of Sephora and that scaffolding which I saw in early November has been completely covered with netting, probably they are in the process of putting up the glass or whatever....

I am just counting the days to when the building is completed and I will be able to shop in Sephora right in my own country! I really hope that they will have all the brands that a Sephora in the US normally has!

Have a good evening!


lavender said...

Yea, I excited abt having a Sephora in M'sia.
I can see that your princess will be your shopping partner now and in the future. It's great to have a daughter. You are blessed!

Vonvon said...

Thank you for the kind words, Lavender.
I really enjoy shopping with her, now that she is so talkative and quite opinionated too. She tells me what clothes look nice on me, which color makeup looks good, how I should do my hair, etc etc. My little style adviser.

Really hope that our Sephora will be well-stocked. Then we will not have to 'beg' our friends from overseas/going abroad, even my bro-in-law, to help us do our shopping! ;)

mamaceo said...

hoping that it will open soon, and hope that they will hv NARS and other great brands too :)