Monday, November 22, 2010

Surprise! A Mini Botani Giveaway From Nature In A Box


It's been a long time since Vonvon last had a Giveaway in my blog.

This year, Nature In A Box again will sponsor some Giveaways, yes, there will be another one coming soon, for readers and followers of Vonvon's Interests! :D

Let us start with a mini Giveaway for today!

Nature In A Box carries the Australian organic skincare brand, Botani, in Malaysia. And this time, Nature In A Box will be giving out 5 sets of Botani skincare samples to 5 lucky readers/followers of Vonvon's Interests, with a valid Malaysian mailing address. Yes, this Giveaway is open to readers/followers of this blog residing in Malaysia only.

Sorry, my international readers/followers, but please don't be disheartened.....the next one will include all of you! :D

The skincare samples are divided into 2 categories:
1) Dry, sensitive and matured skin;

2) Oily and combination skin.

Each set of samples will include 2 sachets of cleanser, 2 sachets of moisturizer and 2 sachets of their famous Olive Hand Cream.

No worries if your skin type is in between. Just state your skin type in your entry and Nature In A Box will decide on the type of skincare samples suitable for you.

So all you need to do is to write in the comment your skin type, and of course, not to forget your follower ID and email (for me to contact you if you win!) :Ds

OK, now, here are the rules for the Giveaway!

1. This Giveaway is open to all FOLLOWERS of Vonvon's Interests residing in Malaysia only.
You must also be a fan of Nature In A Box by clicking "Like" on Nature In A Box Facebook Page here.

2. The closing date for this GIVEAWAY is 28th NOVEMBER 2010 (Sunday), 11:59PM (Malaysian time). After that, I will close comments.
The lucky winners will be chosen randomly using REMEMBER! There will be 5 winners! :D

3. Incomplete entries will be disqualified and I will delete your comment. Don't forget to be a FOLLOWER of my blog first! :)

4. 1 reader/follower is only entitled to 1 entry.
However, if you have a blog, you will get additional 2 entries by blogging about this Giveaway, and a linkback to this post. You can have a maximum of 3 entries. Submit another comment by posting the link to your blog post about this Giveaway.

5. I will announce the 5 lucky winners on 29th NOVEMBER 2010.
The winners will have
48 hours upon receiving my email informing you of the win to respond failing which the prize will go to the next winner. The earlier you reply to my notification email, the faster I could submit your details to Nature In A Box who will be responsible for sending out your prize(s).

6. Prizes will be posted to the winners by Nature In A Box.

7. An additional requirement set by the sponsor, Nature In A Box, is that every winner, if you have a blog, must write a review/feedback on the samples in your own blog and link to their site, OR if you don't have a blog, must give your feedback at their website and/or their Facebook page.


Example of an entry:

Follower ID: Von (from Selangor)

Skin type: Combination-dry on cheeks, oily on T-zone


It's that simple!

Good Luck!!


Ivy Lim said...

Followe ID: Ivy Lim
Make Upp Blog:
Skin Type: Combination/ dry skin

angel said...

Follower ID: Angel (from Sarawak)

Skin type: oily skin


vixen said...

Follower ID: Vixen (from Selangor)
Email: xsabrina.ab [at] gmail [dot] com

Skin type: Combination; dry cheeks, oily nose

juli1202 said...

Follower ID: juli1202 (from Selangor)

Skin type: Combination-dry on cheeks area

Chia Yih said...

Follower ID : Chia Yih (from Puchong)
Email :
Skin type : Sensitive & oily at T-zone

Vonvon said...

Hi Chia Yih,

Thank you for the entry. May I know if you are following my blog with a different ID, as I don't see your ID on my followers' list. :)

sjune said...

Follower ID: sjune
Name: June Loo
Location: PJ
skin type: oily/combination

I will review it both on my blog and their website/fb page...cuz frankly speaking my blog dun have much audience :P

puteri87 said...

Follower ID: puteri87 (from Penang)


Skin type: Oily skin, especially at T-Zone and also on my cheeks.. (T___T)

puteri87 said...

Hi Vonvon..i've already blog about this Giveaway...

Vonvon's Interest Giveaway: Botani Skincare

thanks (^___^)

joey said...

Follower ID:Joey TUJ
skin type:combination/dry skin

Wendee said...

Follower ID: Wendee (Selangor)
Skin type: Dry skin

Vonvon said...

Thank you all for the entries. But I don't see some of your names in the Follower list.

Kindly please be a follower (you can use your blogger/gmail account to follow my blog) and also "like" Nature In A Box Facebook Page to qualify (this is required by the sponsor, not Vonvon) to qualify for the Giveaway.

slowbrogal said...

Follower ID: slowbrogal (From JB)
Email: cynthialqy(at)gmail(dot)com

Skin Type: Combination

★☆sweetheart☆★ said...

Follower ID: Thian (from KL)

Skin type: oily skin

yl said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
❤❤宝贝的baby❤❤ said...

Followe ID: ❤❤宝贝的baby❤❤(from KL)
Skin Type: Combination,sensitive

fruity_purpllicious said...

Follower ID : fruity_purpliciuos (from Selangor)
Email :
Skin Type : Sensitive, Oily at T-zone area