Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Reviews: AromaFabulous Fushia Fantastic Body Wash & Body Souffle

I have been using this combination of AromaFabulous Fushia Fantastic Body Wash and Body Souffle for almost 3 weeks now. And it's time for some reviews. Well, bath and body products don't really need such a long trial period like skincare products, but you know me, I am just incorrigibly lazy! And there are too many distractions, especially from my little girl.

AromaFabulous products are 100% handmade aromatherapy products, created by Sarah Shih, a certified Aromatherapist, in Singapore. The products are free of sulfates, paraben, lanolin, mineral oil, artificial colour, ethoxylates, silicone, SLS, petrochemicals and other chemical pollutants.
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I received the 100ml bottles of Fushia Fantastic Body Wash and Body Souffle each. And both of them smell fantastic!

Let's speak about the Fushia Fantastic Body Wash first........

From the bottle: A luxurious, natural body wash blending the highest quality rose geranium, ylang ylang, rose otto with added vitamin B5, green tea, raspberry fruit, melon fruit and papaya fruit essential oils. Naturally.

My bottle has only about a quarter left. I have been using it for my shower every morning and before going to bed at night. The scent is (you'll have to excuse me as I am lousy in describing scents, but I'll try my best :D) a heavenly blend of warm floral with a hint of sweetness and a slightly herbal/spicy base note. But it's definitely more floral, and it's not your ordinary floral note in your shower gel. It's a complex scent which is warm and soothing, great for a morning wake-up shower, and at the same time, it's soothing enough to calm you down at the end of the day.

Anyways, it says on the bottle to apply it to a sponge or loofah, then rub in firm, circular motion to the entire body. Well, all I did was to pump out about 3 pumps onto my palm, lather it up, and apply to my body. The body wash is a thick viscous clear liquid with a pale yellow tint. But please do not expect some bubbly foamy lather as this does not contain SLS, instead it has natural lightly foaming surfactants derived from coconut, in the forms of Coco-Betaine and Sodium Cocoyl Glutamate. OK, let's not talk about science here, or this will turn into a thesis instead of a review because me and chemistry are the bestest of friends. ;)

And after rinsing off, my skin felt soft and clean but somewhat a tad dry with a whiff of its floral fragrance. Perhaps it didn't give me the slippery feel that I normally would get with the other shower gels that I used. It's no bother to me, as I would apply a body lotion after my shower (sometimes ;) ).

And the Fushia Fantastic Body Souffle........

From the bottle: Refreshing. Rejuvenating. Just fabulous. Fushia Fantastic Body Souffle provides a deep and smooth all-over hydration with a sensational and long-lasting aroma that will lift your senses and spirits. Naturally.

After showering with the Body Wash, I would apply the Body Souffle to my entire body while it's still damp. The body souffle has a much milder scent than the body wash and is more floral scented. And the scent is very long-lasting, up to several hours after application, I could still catch a faint hint of the scent on my skin. It has a light texture which spread easily on my skin.

It absorbs quite fast into the skin leaving no residue sticky feel. And a good thing about this is that, after application on my hands, frequent hand-washing by the OCD me doesn't leave the skin on my hands dry. And another point to note is that with some other lotions, when I wash my hands after application, I experience a slippery feeling as there is a layer of the lotion left on my skin. But with this body souffle, I don't experience any of this.

It does keep my skin hydrated for the whole day when applied after my morning shower. My skin feels soft and smooth and lightly scented throughout the day.

Of the 2 products, the body souffle is my favorite. But of course, together with the body wash, you can layer its scent and reap the benefits of both.

Now available in TNS Skin Lab stores. Body Wash 200ml - RM88, Body Souffle 200ml - RM108, and this range also has a hand and nail creme 60ml - RM98.
Christmas gift sets are also available now.


Anonymous said...

Do you know if the product is available here in Penang?

Vonvon said...

Hi, May be you wanna check out TNS Skin Lab store in Queensbay Mall? I was told they will be available at all TNS stores.