Sunday, January 31, 2010

Let's Celebrate Vonvon's Interests Turning 1 With A Giveaway From Skin MD Natural!

So, exactly 1 week ago, I wrote about the package which I received from 90210! Yep, all the way from Beverly Hills 90210. But I didn't reveal what was inside...........CURIOUS??? the package is.............a bottle of SHIELDING LOTION....."A whaaaattttt????????"

...and some samples, including a sample of the formula with SPF.

Yes, I was sent a bottle of Shielding Lotion by the PR of Skin MD Natural to try, test and review. And they have also generously offered to organize a Giveaway for my blog readers, and what a better time than to start the Giveaway on Vonvon's Interests 1st Birthday!

Alright, calm down, everybody.....allow Vonvon a little 'rambling' before we get to the exciting part!

Just so what is a Shielding Lotion?
I have to admit, that I have only heard of it for the 1st time when I was contacted by the PR of Skin MD Natural. Then I Googled it and found that several bloggers from abroad have tried and reviewed it.

In my own words, from my own understanding, after reading the sea of information on its website, a Shielding Lotion is a new form of moisturizer which shields our skin from losing moisture via evaporation process, and at the same time, with the shield it forms on our skin, also protects our skin from environmental pollutants and chemicals. It prevents the loss of our skin's own natural lipids(oils) and moisture hence allowing the self-reparation process of any skin damage (from natural aging process, UV, chemicals, etc.)

Wow!! Sounds rather complicated and very scientific?

This product is an all-in-one moisturizer for the face, body and hand. It claims to help improve the moisture level in the skin after repeated usage.

Vonvon's Thoughts.....
I have just started using the lotion about a week and a half ago, so I'll be writing a more thorough and detailed review on it later. My initial experience of using it is that is a light, non-greasy lotion, which applies easily and almost instantly 'absorbed' into the skin. 'Absorbed' in inverted commas because this lotion does not really get absorbed into the skin, but merely forms an invisible barrier on the skin, without the mess of an oily film on my skin.

How do I use this lotion?
Well, I tried this lotion all over my body from my face to my body and hands, also on my super-dry feet (but luckily without the unsightly cracked heels). I have tried it on its own for my whole body; and for my face - on its own as well as on top of my usual skincare.

I also tried it on my little girl's skin. Her skin is very sensitive to mosquito bites. Every time when she gets bitten, it would swell and itch that she would scratch it till it bleeds sometimes and becomes like a sore. After applying the lotion, she stopped scratching it as I think the itch lessened, and the skin appeared to be less inflamed. I am still applying for her everyday and we shall see how her skin would heal.

Generally, it is a moisturizer on its own. As the texture is very light, it is easily spread and I don't need to use a lot of the product to apply for my whole body. A little definitely goes a long way....

Opppss....I got a little carried must be wondering....come on, let's get to the Giveaway now!!!

OK, OK.....

Vonvon's Interests Skin MD Natural Giveaway

Skin MD Natural has sponsored a full-sized bottle of the Skin MD Natural (120ml e 4oz) Shielding Lotion for this Giveaway.

This Giveaway is open to all FOLLOWERS of Vonvon's Interests, regardless of where you are from. Local and international readers who are FOLLOWERS of this blog are welcome to enter.

Again, Vonvon will make this Giveaway simple and straightforward....there's no need to get me the moon....;D

Visit Skin MD Natural website ( and look for the names of 2 doctors/dermatologists who are featured in the site. (Hint: there are 4 doctors, but you only need to name 2 of them)

Then, write the 2 names in the comment below with your Follower ID, where you are from, and a valid email address. Also, tell Vonvon what would you like to see/read in her blog more often. Everyone is entitled to 1 entry (leave 1 comment).
If you have a blog,
you will get another entry by blogging about this Giveaway, and a linkback to this post.

Example of an entry:

Follower ID: Santa (from Lapland!)
Email: ;)

1)Dr. Wayne Weber

2) need to do some reading and look for 1 of the other 3 names.....

Von, please do more EOTDs and show us your collection of makeup and do reviews on them...


If you've blogged about this Giveaway in your blog, please leave another comment with your Follower ID, where you are from, a valid email address and copy and paste the blog link to your post.

Some rules of this Giveaway(I know it's kinda boring, but rules are rules):
1. This Giveaway is open to all FOLLOWERS of Vonvon's Interests from anywhere in the world! :D

2. The closing date for this GIVEAWAY is 14th FEBRUARY 2010 (Sunday), 11:59PM (wherever you are, since this is an international Giveaway). After that, I will close comments.
The lucky winner will be chosen randomly using

3. Incomplete entries will be disqualified and I will delete your comment. Don't forget to be a FOLLOWER of my blog first!

4. 1 reader/follower is only entitled to 1 entry.
However, if you have a blog, you will get another entry by blogging about this Giveaway, and a linkback to this post. Submit another comment by posting the link to your blog post about this Giveaway.

5. I will announce the lucky winner by the latest, 6PM on 15th FEBRUARY 2010, that is after everywhere in the world has passed 14th February 2010, 11.59PM.
The winner will have
48 hours upon receiving my email informing you of the win to respond failing which the prize will go to the next winner. The earlier you reply to my notification email, the faster I could submit your details to Skin MD Natural who will be responsible for sending out your prize.

6. Prize will be posted to the winner by Skin MD Natural.

my dear readers!

**First blogged on January 21, 2010

Photos: Retail Therapy Of The Week

Here are some of the purchases I made from different sales this past week.

From Robinsons at its chaotic Cardmembers' Preview Sale.....

Shu Uemura 6pc GWP RM250 and above
So, I bought 3 bottles of Shu Uemura Depsea Water Makeup Mist (RM85 each) - Rose, Chamomile and Lavender (still waiting for the stock to arrive!)

6pc GWP - from the Phyto Black range

Then, with the accumulated vouchers from Robinsons, I bought a Laura Mercier Kohl Eye Pencil in Black Turquoise (RM69) (see pic below), but I paid only RM13 for it! :D

And I did buy myself a pair of shoes from Zang Toi and 2 pairs of Disney sandals for my little girl.

Been waiting for a while for my reserved MAC Warm & Cozy Collection shadesticks as they were OOS earlier.

Warm & Cozy Collection
Shadesticks (RM68 each) - Nurture (pale peach) and Warm & Cozy (bronzy brown)

And today, I was at Isetan for the complimentary Lancome ultrasound treatment (did the treatment for my eyes with Genifique Yeux). And my regular SA was there as well, so I had another skin analysis done (my last Lancome skin analysis was done in the middle of last year). I am very happy with the results this time....:)

Anyways, they are having some promo sets on their eye creams, and I took the opportunity to buy the set with the Renergie Morpholift eye cream (RM195) comes with Renergie eye cream 15ml (U.P. RM195) with Renergie day cream 15ml and Renergie essence 10ml and a cute little peach-colored clutch-pouch. But again I paid only RM100 for this set as I used part of my Isetan rebate vouchers to top up the RM95. And got myself another RM10 Isetan voucher.

Also specially for this promotion, they are giving free facial for any purchase of RM150 and above. Promo ends 3rd Feb 10 at Isetan KLCC.

And lastly, after so many months of 'boycotting' The Body Shop Malaysia outlets, I finally saw a good deal from them..... 3 shower gels for RM48 (U.P. RM24.90 for a bottle of 250ml). But you can choose either Raspberry, Pomegranate or Wild Cherry (any 3 for RM48). So I decided to share with my 2 other girlfriends and all 3 of us bought the same Wild Cherry shower gels, as the scent seems to be the best among the 3. In fact, when we saw this offer at TBS outlet in MV, Wild Cherry was OOS. And one of my friends, who happened to be at KLIA, bought them from the outlet there! RM16 for a TBS shower gel 250ml....not a bad deal!!

Saturday, January 30, 2010

EOTD: Aqua-Turquoise

This was an EOTD I did a few days ago using Loving Minerals eyeshadow in Turquoise (as part of Vonvon's W.O.N.) and other similar colors of different products. I had decided to use the Loving Minerals loose powder eyeshadows for the past week, but well, not everyday. As I am not so used to using loose powder eyeshadows, I managed to come up with this EOTD which was satisfactory to me. Other looks were OK using other colors, but I am trying to improve on them. :)

Products used

It was actually quite Temptalia-inspired as I saw in her blog that she did an EOTD with Lotsa Teals, and teal is one of my favorite colors. But instead of using teal, I made it more like aqua with turquoise, and more simple.

Eye Of The Day
1 - Define brow with Stila Automatic Brow Definer in Coffee;
2 - Apply with finger, MAC Paint Pot in Rollickin', all over lids up to the crease;
3 - With a synthetic shadow brush, apply Loving Minerals loose eyeshadow in Turquoise from the outer corner of the eye till midway, and blend it with Rollickin';
4 - Dab Paul & Joe Eye Gloss #4 Marbre below the browbone area for highlight, and blend;
5 - Line the upper lash line with MAC Technokohl liner in Artistic License; and
6 - Apply Estee Lauder Turbolash mascara. (I applied 2 layers to darken the roots to give the impression that I lined my upper waterline.)

Face Of The Day
Face: Tsuya-Tsuya BB Cream #19
I Nuovi D36 Lumina for highlight

Cheeks: I Nuovi D36 Lollipop blush

Lips: Stila Lip Glaze Stick in Grapefruit (if I am not mistaken, can't remember)

Face Of The Day

So, what do you think of this EOTD?

And to my dear readers who have requested that I write down step-by-step of my EOTDs, are the steps above clear enough for you? What else do you like to know? Feel free to leave your questions and suggestions in the comment section below.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Swatches & Overview: Estee Lauder Michael Kors Very Hollywood Spring 2010

Here are the swatches from the Estee Lauder Michael Kors Very Hollywood Spring 2010 collection.

P.s. Photos 1st, description and overview later. STUPID USELESS Streamyx bad connection again!

Update: January 31, 2010

Estee Lauder Michael Kors Very Hollywood Collection Spring 2010
This collection has 3 parts - Bel-Air Beige which is on the more neutral earthy side with a coral blush; Rodeo Pink, well, is more on the pink side; and Hollywood Gold (a lip gloss, lipstick and shimmer powder) which can complement both Bel-Air Beige and Rodeo Pink.

Bel-Air Beige

Blonde Mink Eyeshadow Duo(RM100) has a smooth texture, swatched easily but the color pay-off as you can see from the swatches, is quite moderate. I swiped a few times and that's the amount of color I got. I think it would look good for soft neutral look for day and work makeup. My friends who had tried it really liked the soft neutral look it achieved. As for me, I went for the Night Star Eyeshadow Duo. (Read below)

Both the blushes in this collection are very beautiful, pigmented and be warned, use a light hand and pick up the color by gently tapping your brush onto the blush! When I was trying out the blushes, I swiped the brush across it and oppsss....a lot of colors landed on my cheeks.;) Well, previously with other Estee Lauder blushes, it took me a lot of effort and many swipes to get the color to show up on my cheeks.
So, I am really happy with the blushes from this collection.

The lip glosses and lipsticks (called Lip Sheen in this collection, and with SPF 15) are mostly very sheer and light-colored. And they have the same names for both the glosses and lipsticks. The Lip Sheen texture is smooth and quite moisturizing, and the lip glosses glide on smoothly on the lips, and don't give the sticky feel.

Rodeo Pink

This part of the collection caught my eyes more than Bel-Air Beige, as it has 'more' colors' though I should say more pink! ;)

The black and white eyeshadows are very pigmented and can be used with other colors of eyeshadows as well. This is a very versatile eyeshadow duo. I did an EOTD with this. Will post it up soon.
When the white and the black are blended together, it gives a bluish grey hue and great for smoky eye look.

Needless to say, you can guess the Bungalow Pinks are my favs!

Look at how pigmented the Sunset Pink blush is.

Hollywood Gold

Very Hollywood lippies are almost nude golden color. The Very Hollywood lip gloss has some tiny flecks of glitter in it, but when applied to the lips, it gives a clear glossy look and the tiny flecks don't stick to your lips!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Horrible Shopping Day At Robinsons!

**First blogged on 27 Jan 2010.

Yes, it's a horror shopping at Robinsons today (27 Jan 2010)!!! So much chaos, so disorganised, not giving proper information to the customers, not displaying their adverts of promotions properly, no coordination between different departments of Robinsons, hence, different staff gave different information, or worse, not giving the correct information to the customers. Long Q at the cashier, despite the place was not crowded at all!!

But thank God, I managed to speak to one of their senior managers, who helped me to solve the problems which I encountered. Or else, my rants would be longer!!!!

It's simply outrageous and unbelievable that such appalling service was encountered at a supposedly high-end department store!!!! I have been to so many Isetan, Metrojaya and even Jusco preview sales, and I haven't encountered any major problem like I did today at the so-called high-end Robinsons!

And if you think I am exaggerating, let me tell you that I wasn't the only one complaining! At every cashier, at the customer service counter on 2nd floor, and at the redemption counter, I could hear customers complaining on different issues!!! Young and old, women and men, can be heard complaining and grumbling away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Update: 28 Jan 2010

Just to let you know what to expect if you go to Robinsons today, so as not to have to go through the same merry-go-round (not the fun one at the theme park, of course!) that myself and many other customers went through yesterday!

To qualify for the lucky dip which will enable 6 lucky families to win a New Year dinner at Westin Hotel, PLEASE note that you have to purchase a NETT of RM288 a single receipt to qualify, not RM280 or RM350.
What happened to me was, I was told by someone from their customer service the day before the sale that RM280 purchase in a single receipt can qualify to enter the lucky dip. And on the day itself (that was yesterday), I was running around trying to fill up my 'basket' to the RM280 amount. I had made a purchase of RM255 at a beauty counter where one of the items was still on KIV because no new stock arrived for the sale! Ridiculous! (btw, I didn't see any poster offering the info on this promotion, which I later found out, it was placed on the back side of a stand facing the wall!! Yep, part of their promotional poster was facing the wall!!! So how are customers supposed to verify or get info on the offers of the day????)
Had I not been at the customer service counter the day before and was informed by the customer service staff, I wouldn't have known such a contest (dinner) existed. But I was told the amount was RM280, not RM288!
Well, it was supposed to be in the Star paper yesterday, but come on, let's face it!!! As a SAHM, who would have the time to browse through the papers in the morning when I help my little girl wash up, make her milk, prepare her breakfast, prepare hubby's breakfast, a whole lot of other things to do. What about those who are rushing to work in the mornings, or those who need to go to work, and then with kids to be sent to school??? I can just go on and on all the possible scenarios....
Why can't the Department Stores put up ads of whatever offers they will be having a day or 2 before the sale day, just so that we the consumers, potential customers would know what's going, plan our day, take a day off for those who are working, and decide on what to purchase, etc etc....
And worse, when I wanted to enter the lucky dip for the dinner, I received different answers from different Robinsons staff from different ranks! Firstly, I had been told that the amount to qualify was RM280, then my friend went to re-confirm the amount as she couldn't find the info on this contest, was told the amount to qualify was RM350!!! Then the girl at the redemption counter insisted that it was RM288, and told me that it was written on the poster. And where was the poster??? That's the poster which was facing the wall!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Anyways, I wasn't satisfied, as i had managed to fill up my shopping cart to RM280 exact!!! If I had known the actual amount was RM288, then I would have gladly find something to fill up to that amount or so happened I found something which cost RM25 and just perfect to add up to my RM255 purchase.
At the same time, I heard another lady complaining to a senior manager of similar situation of misleading information on their promo posters, and that she had gone from the kids' department, to the household, etc etc just to tally up her receipt to qualify for various offers available! Then I got hold of him (the manager), and told him about my situation for a full 5-minute non-stop!!! And smart of him, to offer me an exception and took me to the customer service counter on the 2nd floor to fill up the contest form. Hahaha!! Guess who I saw again complaining at the CS counter on the 2nd floor??? The same lady whom I saw complaining to the Senior manager on the Ground floor earlier!!!!
While at the CS counter on the 2nd floor, I met another lady who was also huffing and puffing away, fuming from the disorganisation of the day. But I didn't ask her what her problem exactly was, except that she kept on saying....."terrible, so bad service, dunno what these people are doing......bla bla bla...." I got my entry done, and I left the over-crowded CS counter.

Then I went to check out their shoes section, planning to buy my new year shoes................huh!!!! What's wrong with Robinsons?? There's a wide variety of shoes but more than half of the shoes on display are just soooo meehhhhhh :(
But my aunt managed to find a pair of Zang Toi heels going for 30% off (don't even remember the price as I was in a hurry to get things done, and get out of there! My little girl was already crying from her hunger as it was way past lunch time after all the nonsense that her Mommy had to go through. Will check later.) Anyways, there was some sort of coupon for RM10 off when you purchase RM50/80 from different departments. There was a coupon which states RM10 off with minimum purchase of RM50 and above for Ladieswear and Menswear! Tell me, what do you understand from the words, Ladieswear and Menswear??? Clothes!!!! Wouldn't you have thought so?? And it wasn't specified that the coupon was also applied to footwear or shoes! Then when I was paying for my shoes and another 2 pairs of my aunt's...the cashier asked me whether I want to use my coupon or not? And I was like, what coupon?? Thinking she was referring to the coupon from the Beauty Hall or whatever was so bloody confusing and I said NO, as I was planning to use all my coupons at the Beauty Hall, even though I already felt and still feel SO SICK of the disorganisation and no stock of this, no stock of that....crap from the beauty counters which I wanted to purchase the items I had planned to buy!
To cut a long story short, I was later told by a passing-by customer that the RM10 off coupon for Ladieswear and Menswear was also eligible for FOOTWEAR/shoes purchase!!! MY FOOT!!!!!
Tell me again, what do you understand from the words, "LADIESWEAR" and "MENSWEAR"???? Can't they be more specific and even state something like..."including FOOTWEAR or shoes" or whatever!!! It's not the matter of paying an extra RM10 or less. But if you are already giving out coupons for such offers, can't these people be more specific, and at least, train their staff to be more specific in asking questions???

Another grouse is the counter staff didn't seem to know the offers and promotions of the day!!!! Some of the SA didn't even know that there was this lucky dip contest for the dinner thingy. Then how could they advise their customers how much and what to purchase for them to qualify for the so many unknown offers that Robinsons had organised for the 2-day Cardmembers' Preview Sale???? From what I can gather, there seemed to be some miscommunication and/or communication breakdown between the management and the staff. Why can't the Management brief their staff accordingly on the offers and promotions, or at least, place the posters of the promos and offers at every counter and strategic places so that's it's clearly and easily visible to the customers????

When Isetan during their Preview sale can have so many posters put up of their voucher offer, etc etc at every counter and almost everywhere, and Robinsons can't do that??? And the counter staff at Isetan, not all, but most of them, are always aware of the offers and promos going on....esp the Beauty Hall RM10 voucher for every RM100 purchase. While in Robinsons, there was not any signs at all at the beauty counters, and you wouldn't have known it had it not for the more intelligent SAs who would inform you before you make any purchase! Yes, somewhere was written the vouchers info, and in the newsletters (which was not received by every Cardmember!) but heck!!! Is it so difficult to put up more promo posters so that it makes it easier for the customers to see them???

Huh!!! And I still have some vouchers to be spent at Robinsons before they expire! But I am dreading to go back there to the counters where I would most probably be told..."this item OOS, bla bla bla........." CRAP!!!

Disclaimer: What I had related above happened yesterday on the 1st day of the preview sale. Perhaps, after so many complaints from angry and dissatisfied customer, today would be better. I wonder...............

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Giorgio Armani Mini-makeover, Purchase & Freebies

** This is my blog's 300th published post! Yes, another milestone to my humble little blog as it turns 1! :D

Last weekend, I was on the verge of a burn-out from my little girl's antics and housework, and whole load of craps. But one of my beauty buddies happened to be in town and together with another beauty buddy of ours, we went 'gallivanting' at the Isetan KLCC Beauty Hall (since it was still the Isetan Members' Special).

I have heard that Giorgio Armani Cosmetics is pulling out of Malaysia some time in March. :( Sad to hear another beauty brand leaving. Even sadder that they are not having any sale before pulling out. :( ;P

Anyways, since I have read quite a bit on Giorgio Armani Cosmetics, we decided to check out the Giorgio Armani counter at Isetan KLCC. Boy, was I glad we did, as we were served by the friendly Counter Manager who had excellent customer service. It's been a while since I received any top-notch customer service from any beauty counter. To be fair, most of the time, the service I received can be categorized as above-average, while some blatantly, below-average, but top-notch customer service, rarely!

To cut a long story short, the Counter Manager introduced some GA products to us, mostly their base makeup. All 3 of us agreed that the eyeshadows were OK, yea, just OK. What I like about her was she never appeared to be pushy, and very patiently answered our questions in a friendly manner and even offered to test out the foundation on me.

By this time, I felt more little girl was being watched by my aunt and I can have some peace to try out products.

At first, she tried the foundation on one half of my face to let me compare the difference. (Forgot to take a photo....tsk). Then she used the GA Micro-fil(TM) Loose Powder in 0 to set the foundation. The loose powder in 0 is white color (horror!!) but she assured me that it won't make me look like I have been baking all my life in the kitchen! ;) She went on to explain that white-colored loose powder when used correctly would brighten up the face with a glowing radiance, while nude/beige-colored loose powder would give a more natural finish. Let me share a little secret.....I have never used white-colored face powder before, except for baby powder when I was little. ;D

Of course, I like the end result very much. My complexion looked radiant and glowing. She did a light neutral eye makeup for me, some blush, and lippie....VOILA!

Face Of The Day

Eye Of The Day
Neutral eye look

Sheer Blush #2
The blush imparts a subtle pink glow, more like a flush on my cheeks.

Face & Eye Of The Day
Products used:
Base: UV Master Primer SPF40

Complexion: Designer Modelling Compact Foundation SPF 22 #4
Micro-fil(TM) Loose Powder 0

Blush: Sheer Blush #2

Eyes: Maestro 5 palette
Eye pencil #12
Maestro mascara #1

Lips: Sheer lipstick #33
Lip Shimmer #50


After the simple yet pretty makeover, my mood improved, and I felt more relaxed despite being very tired. If I wouldn't have ranted earlier, and with just a glance at my FOTD, would you have thought that I am an overworked and stressed-out SAHM? ;) The photos above are not photoshopped. :D

I was really impressed by the radiant finish imparted by the loose powder. So, there's no need to guess....yes, I bought it! RM160 for 15gram. And got some freebies as well.

Retail therapy from Giorgio Armani!

Click to enlarge
Giorgio Armani Micro-fil(TM) Loose Powder in 0
(RM160 for 15gram)


Foundation samples

Fluid Sheer #7 sample

Of course, needless to say, I went home that evening, happy and contented, with a makeover and also a little retail therapy!

Makeup (especially designer makeup) and shopping are definitely an overworked and stressed-out Yummy Mummy's best friends! :D

The Robinsons Sale: Exclusive Cardmembers' Preview Sale 27 & 28 January 2010

Good morning, ladies!! It has to be good, as today and tomorrow is the Robinsons Exclusive Cardmembers' Preview Sale with loads of special offers, and freebies!

As much as I love shopping, I am not always the first to inform you of any latest shopping news. But I have read some comments left by some of my lovely readers in my blog birthday Giveaway post that they would like to read more on sales news, besides EOTDs, FOTDs and tutorials, etc etc.

For all my lovely readers, here's some juicy offers from the Robinsons newsletter!

Beauty Hall specials! 27 & 28 Jan '10, receive a RM15 Beauty Hall voucher with every RM120 spent.

29 Jan - 21 Feb '10,
receive a RM10 Beauty Hall voucher with every RM100 spent.

Some interesting beauty offers..............

Dior - receive a 6pc gift with purchase of RM650 and above! Complimentary makoevr with any purchase (1st 30 only)

Lancome - receive a 2pc gift with purchase of RM250 and above. Top up to RM400 and receive an additional eyeshadow palette-the one which comes in the Christmas blockbuster set

Shu Uemura - receive a 6pc gift with purchase of RM250 and above!

Elizabeth Arden - receive a (whopping) 9pc gift with purchase of RM350 and above!

There are many more offers and GWPs from Estee Lauder, Laura Mercier, Benefit, Biotherm, etc etc....

Shoes and clothing on sale!! Time to shop for your Chinese New Year clothes and shoes of you haven't done so............Hubby already bought some CNY clothes for me....and I need to find myself a pair of new shoes to match all my new clothes....:D

Avene Thermal Spring Water 1 free 1 offer (on the 2nd floor), but I was there today and saw only 4 bottles left on the shelves..........not sure if they would re-stock before the sale starts..........

OK, here's some of the offers which interest me and I hope you will get some ideas on what's on offer today and tomorrow......

Getting late............ need to wake up early to go to Robinsons later. ;)

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Review & Swatches Of Clinique's Fresh Picked Allover Color In Mixed Berries From Spring 2010 Collection

The other day I did the swatches of Clinique Juiced Up eyeshadow duos. By the way, they are now available for sale at Clinique counters but in very limited quantities! Price: RM75 each for the eyeshadow duo.

And today, I am going to show you the swatches of the Clinique Fresh Picked Allover Color in Mixed Berries and tell you what I think of it. :)

Fresh Picked Allover Color in Mixed Berries
-really liking the berries pattern a lot! After all, I love berries! :D

Individual swatches of the 3 colors
Swiped twice with my finger and the color picked up easily.
Its texture, similar to the eyeshadow duos, is quite soft and very smooth.
But because it's quite soft, you can get some 'fallout'. When I swiped with my finger, I could see a bit of the blush 'broke' into loose form.
All 3 colors have very faint hint of shimmer in them.
Color #1 is a light coral pink, but swatched a pale whitish pink on my forearm, and can be used as a highlighter on its own.
Color #2 is brownish pink in the pan but swatches orangey coral, which I think would make a good blush for my skintone which is quite fair. For those with darker skintone, I think it could be used as a highlighter as well.
Color #3 is like a brown (bronzer?) to me. On its own, it could be used for shading/contouring.

Then, of course, I mixed all 3 colors together with a brush
and here's how it looks!

Very natural!
(I couldn't really capture the shade correctly under the lighting at the counter.)
It has a slightly brownish pink shade which gives more of a radiant glow. Good for a daytime blush. However, I suppose if you swipe the brush more on Color #3, then you might get a darker shade. While swiping the brush over Colors #1 and #2 would give you a lighter and pinker shade.

Actually, I don't own this, hence, I played with it at the counter. Should I decide to purchase it (only RM115), I would do more swatches with different combination of the colors.

Have a good day, my dear readers! :)

Monday, January 25, 2010

Vonvon's "Week Of Organics & The Naturals" (W.O.N.)

Since I have been stumbling upon quite a number of organic and natural skincare and body care products and making some purchases, I decided to dedicate this week to using them one-by-one and then sharing with you my thoughts. I wouldn't say I would review them as most of them are in sample sachets and trial sizes. But I would write in as detailed as possible on them, I assure you.

And today, when I went to purchase Lavera Kinder Tooth Gel for my little girl at an organic product shop, I also chanced upon more organic beauty brands and also a small number of i.d. Bare Minerals eyeshadows, blushes and foundations. There was also some cosmetics from Mineral Essence.
Organic toothpaste for my little girl

That aside, here's a list of the organic and natural products that I will start using this week:

1) Lavera Organic Wild Rose Skincare trial set;
2) Different samples of Lavera moisturizers:
3) ILCSI cleanser samples;
4) Korres Watermelon body scrub;
5) Korres skincare samples; and..........

Lavera Organic Wild Rose Skincare Trial Set
(Wild Rose Hydrating Mask not in the photo)


......this reminds me of some mineral eyeshadows which I purchased from LovingMinerals last year which have since been long-neglected and forgotten.....time to give them some attention and tender loving care ;)

6) Loving Minerals eyeshadows and powder.

Loving Minerals

So stay tuned to hear my thoughts on them, and perhaps some EOTDs! ;)

Photos: Goodies From Clinique

Good morning, ladies! Hope you are having a good Monday blues.... But if you are having some blues, just like me...........

Let me share some goodies with you which I have received from Clinique lately. If you have been a Clinique user or purchase regularly from Clinique (there's difference between the 2, and Yours Truly happens to be the latter ;D), you would receive postcards from Clinique inviting you to their counters to redeem some samples.

So, the 1st postcard for January 2010, it was to redeem the NEW Clinique Youth Surge Night and the 2nd was for the 3-step skincare.

Then, over the weekend, I received another postcard to redeem a Chinese New Year goodie bag from Clinique with 8 (sounds like 'fatt' in Chinese, which means 'prosperity') pieces of fortune cookie!!! Yep, Chinese New Year of the Year of the Tiger is just 3 weeks away!! :D

Meanwhile, I am going out 'gallivanting' with my girlfriends now....

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Have a good day and week ahead!!! :D