Friday, April 30, 2010

Photos: My Estee Lauder Makeover From The Estee Lauder Model Search 2010

So, a few days ago, I went for the Estee Lauder Model Search 2010 makeover which started on April 27, 2010, and is still going on at Midvalley Centre Court till May 3, 2010.

Estee Lauder Model Search 2010 Roadshow at Midvalley Centre Court

Launch of the Estee Lauder Model Search 2010

Then the Model Search roadshow will go to different cities in Peninsular Malaysia and also East Malaysia in search of the new brand ambassador for Estee Lauder! You can read my post here for details, or you can visit the Estee Lauder Model Search website for the details and also you can enter the SMS contest to choose one location in Australia where this year's winners will go for their photoshoot. Yes, the winners of Estee Lauder Model Search 2010 will get to go to Australia! And by joining the SMS contest, you will also stand a chance to win a 6D/5N all expense paid trip for 2 to Australia together with the winners.

So for those in Klang Valley, you have until May 3, 2010, to call and book your appointment for the makeover. Tel: 03-22848422

If you are in other states, please check the roadshow schedule by clicking on one of those links above.

And now, I'll show you some photos from my makeover which I took by myself. I still need to scan the photo taken by the photographer.

Face Of The Day

Eye Of The Day

Face Of The Day with hairdo by hairstylists from Miko

Outfit Of The Day
Dress from eclipse

And I want to thank CLEO magazine for choosing me as one of their lucky readers who got to do this makeover for free. :D

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Random Updates

Haven't the time to write any post for my blog for the past 2 days, as I had been busy running around doing so many different things.

So what have I been up to? Let's see........

OK, I had a makeover from Estee Lauder at their Model Search event which started on 27th April 2010 at Mid Valley Centre Court. And thanks to CLEO, I got to do this makeover for free and even received a RM50 voucher, which I redeemed it for the Estee Lauder Michael Kors Very Hollywood Loose Shimmering Powder. The event at Mid Valley will be on till 3rd May 2010, and you may call 03-22848422 to make your reservation for the makeover and also to enter the Model Search event. More details on the Estee Lauder Model Search 2010 event here. Photos from my makeover coming up. Need to upload the pics first.

Made a small haul at Shins. Australian brand Bloom is having some clearance and I managed to get an eyeshadow trio palette for RM59.50 (N.P. RM119) and also a mini brush set for RM95.20.
Update: I saw in the May issue of CLEO that there is a coupon on page 253 that from May 1 to 31 2010, purchase a Bloom eyeshadow and get another for FREE.

Also finally got myself the MAC Viva Glam Cyndi Lauper lipstick. Had wanted to get the Lady Gaga one, but my little girl said she likes the "red one better". So yep, as usual, my little girl won, and I got the red one! ;D

There are other happenings as well.....but for now.....need to put my little girl to bed first. :)
And gotta upload and edit more photos........

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Review: Lancome Renergie Morpholift R.A.R.E(TM) Lifting Mask - By The Intrepid Beauty

As promised this morning, The Intrepid Beauty is going to review another of Vonvon's favorite masks from Lancome, the Renergie Morpholift R.A.R.E(TM) Lifting Mask.


I am a self-confessed mask-aholic, can't live without masks in my skincare regimen. We are spoilt for choice these days as masks come in a variety of forms and prices to suit anyone's budget. Just go into any Watson's or Guardian and the selection of masks can make a beauty novice's head spin. Today, I am reviewing the Lancome Renergie Morpholift Masque R.A.R.E(TM) which is essentially a mask for those with firming concerns. It is described as a lifting mask with immediate tightening effect.

Being a bit of a beauty skeptic as I've tried quite a few products which have let me down, I didn't quite believe the claims (printed on the back of the box) of "immediate tightening effect" or that the product would "help to firm the skin, smooth out fine lines". However, I was willing to give it a go particularly since the Lancome SA serving me was really friendly and nice, hence good customer service really does make a difference when it comes to customers sitting-on-the-fence about a product.

This product is contained in a purple plastic tube (okay, I admit that I also have a weakness for the colour purple) which feels quite light so it's easy to chuck it into a cosmetics bag for travelling. The mask has a gel-like texture and there is a light purple tinge to it (another plus point for me, of course). There is a barely discernible scent which I like very much. The big question remained: "does it live up to its promise"?

The formula is said to be enriched with organic peptides which give the tightening effect, thereby making the skin look lifted and recover radiance and freshness. The mask is described as an "icy gel", I was wondering how "icy" it would feel. Well, upon first application, I wondered no more. The mask was the iciest I've tried, not super cold but definitely cool enough to calm and soothe my skin.

Then, wonder of wonders, I felt a tightening feeling all over my face. They weren't kidding when they described it as giving an immediate tightening effect. The method of application is to apply a very thin layer to the face and neck, leave it on for 5 minutes and wipe off surplus product with a cotton pad soaked in lotion. When I wiped off the mask with toner, I noticed that my nasolabial lines were less pronounced and my skin felt tauter and firmer. It was quite remarkable as I'd never tried a mask which gave such immediate firming results.

I have to wipe my face very thoroughly with the cotton pad though as there were times when I only wiped casually but that wasn't enough because when I touched my face, I could feel the mask residue coming off in little lumps. Other than that, I would say that this firming mask is a keeper simply because it lives up to its claims, doesn't disappoint and certainly makes me want to rush to the Lancome counter when it's finally used up. At RM140 for 100ml worth of product, it's reasonable and I find that it'll last for a few more months to come despite having used it once (and sometimes twice) a week for the past 4 months.

The Intrepid Beauty

My Favorite Mask Combo From Lancome & Review Of Lancome Hydra Intense Hydrating Gel Mask With Natural Water Captors

Good morning ladies!

Today, I am going to review some products from a brand which I have been diligently using since last year but have not reviewed any of them (*checking through my archives) so far.

Well, as the title says it all, it's 2 masks from Lancome which are my favorites because they WORK on me and for me!

Vonvon's favorite masks from Lancome
Left: Lancome Renergie Morpholift R.A.R.E(TM) Lifting Mask - Immediate Tightening Effect
Right: Lancome Hydra Intense Hydrating Gel Mask With Natural Water Captors

'Vonvon's Lancome History'

I started using Lancome skincare early last year, thanks to some nice SA I met at one of their roadshows. Back then, I had quite severe problem with my dark under-eye circles and lines appearing under my eyes. And the Lancome diagnostic skin test which the SA conducted on me showed that my skin lacked firmness and signs of first lines were detected. That was my 1st encounter with the Lancome diagnostic skin test which quite accurately detected my skin concerns. So she recommended Lancome Primordiale Masque Yeux Skin Recharge (to be reviewed in another post), a cloth mask for the eye contour area which claims to have instant smoothing, revitalizing and brightening effect; and for the lack of firmness problem, she recommended the newly-launched(last year) Renergie Morpholift R.A.R.E(TM) Lifting Mask (stands for Relifting And
Repositioning Effect, if I am not mistaken). Please correct me as I just couldn't remember the exact meaning the abbreviation stands for. The review of this mask will be up during the later part of the day written by The Intrepid Beauty.

If you think that I was so easily persuaded to buy something just based on some computer skin testing, well..... as a physician with 1 semester of training in Dermatology, I can identify the physical changes that my skin was going through at any given moment. Note: it's physical changes, that can be seen by the naked eye. And of course, dark under-eye circles are visible physical changes and so is lack of firmness that can be tested by the 'pinch' test. And the test merely confirmed my physical findings.

So that's how my 'bonding' with Lancome started. Besides, they are almost always so generous with their GWPs and you know I am a sucker for those. And their GWPs are not merely samples in sachets, but at least travel-sized products and nice totes and even some accessories like necklaces (I have 2 necklaces from Lancome).

So, what's Vonvon going to talk about then?

Review Of Lancome Hydra Intense Hydrating Gel Mask With Natural Water Captors

From the product brochure:
A bath of hydration to quench the thirst of even the most dehydrated skin
Normal to combination skin

The best of hydration: This mask contains an extract of "Imperata cylindrica", a southern sub-tropical plant known for its incredible ability to withstand the most extreme drought conditions. By capturing and fixing the water in the upper layers of the epidermis, it smoothes away the appearance of fine lines caused by dehydration and helps the skin to maximize its natural level of hydration.

Fresh touch: A fruity fresh scent with relaxing properties and a gel texture help to relax the skin's feature and cool the skin.

Visible results: From first application, your skin is deeply moisturised, as if it has been drenched in water.
After more than 8 hours, the level of skin hydration is still at an optimal level.
Moisturised, your skin glows with vitality: you can now begin your daily skincare routine.

How to apply: Apply in a thick layer to dry skin. Leave for 5 minutes then remove the surplus product with a tissue. Do not rinse. Use once or twice a week depending on your skin type. For the best result, exfoliate before applying a mask.
Apply Hydra Intense mask on the cheeks first. then apply on T-zone (forehead, nose, chin). Avoid the eye contours.

Vonvon's Review

This is indeed a very hydrating mask. Once applied onto the face, I could immediately feel the cooling sensation sets in. Though it's a gel mask, the texture is actually quite thick and one would usually associate a gel mask with transparent color, this mask is a white opaque thick gel. It spreads quite easily despite its viscosity as it is very smooth.

I always use a scrub before applying any mask (including sheet mask). And most of the time, I would do a mask before bedtime. So there is no exception to this. Then, I would apply my toner, followed by the Hydra Intense mask. I always leave the mask on longer than the recommended time, up to 10-15 minutes. ;D What a rebel I am? When I feel that the mask sort of starting to dry up, I soak a cotton pad with toner and apply it on top of the mask, followed by my serum and night moisturizer. Go to bed and wake up the next morning with bright, smooth and supple skin! I try to use this mask at least once a week, and the Renergie Morpholift Lifting Mask as well. On other nights, I would use any sheet mask which I feel like using before bedtime.

One thing you might want to take note of is if you have severely dehydrated skin (like I had when I first started using this mask), the initial cooling sensation which you would experience on application might turn to slightly tingling sensation. But that's quite normal, as the slight tingling sensation is the reaction of the dehydrated skin to a sudden surge of moisture penetrating into the skin.

And a small tiny complain about this mask is the overpowering scent upon initial application. I like scents with any product I use. While this mask has a rather fresh and more of floral than fruity scent to me, there is an initial 'outburst' of sharpness which irritates my nostrils slightly but disappears within a minute or two settling down to a more subtle floral scent. Of course, scent is a very subjective issue. I mentioned this so that if any of you should experience it, please do not be alarmed.

But last but not least, the price! Yes, for a 100ml tube, it costs RM128, and I have been using mine at least once a week since January this year and I don't think I have used up even half of the tube.

My conclusion: A very good hydrating mask which brightens and smoothens the skin at a very reasonable and affordable price. Leaves a nice cooling sensation after its application.

Next: The Intrepid Beauty reviews Renergie Morpholift R.A.R.E(TM) Lifting Mask

Monday, April 26, 2010

Laura Mercier Zen Face Palette Limited Edition - Overview & Swatches

During one of my beauty adventures with my friend, I chanced upon the Laura Mercier Zen Face Palette which is a limited edition one, of course!

By now, I am sure quite a number of you already known that what a palette-crazy person I am. ;)

And my friend, ever the so understanding and supportive one, just knew that I would go ga-ga over this palette and yes, I did! Not only over the palette and its content, but also the packaging as well. Well, as much as I love this palette, I do have a gripe on it, and so does my friend, and apparently, we were told that many others are having some reservation over this palette. Wonder what is it?

Read on......

The Zen Face Palette (pic below) is a complete face compact which comes with 4 eyeshadow shades, a blush and 4 lipglosses. And it is housed in a silver colored metal compact with a dark cobalt blue fabric 'quilted' top cover. Inside the top cover is a mirror.

The color of the fabric chosen and the colors outlining the lotus flowers even complement the shades of the eyeshadows in this palette. In my personal opinion, this makes the palette more desirable as it kind of indicate that much thoughts have been put into the design of this palette and things that are complementary will almost always get Vonvon's approval. :)

Laura Mercier Zen Face Palette

Now that you have seen the layout of this beautiful palette, can you guess what could be my gripe on it? ;)

Yes, the powder products are housed together with the lipglosses!!! WHY????
Although the eyeshadows and blush don't have too much fall-out, but I think using the palette in the long run, would inevitably get some of the powders onto the lippies. Not really a big deal for me, but at the same time, I have known of Laura Mercier palettes such as their Signature Toolbox from their yearly Holiday Collection which was a well-designed 2-tier palette - eyeshadows on top, and the lippies in a pull-out drawer beneath it.
So why can't they, at least have a transparent plastic cover for the lippies if they have decided to include everything in one palette?
That is what making me hesitant to parting with RM229 (for this palette)!

OK, gripe aside, let's take a look at the swatches..........

Swatches were made without an eye base and swiped twice from the pan.
Overall, the colors are rather muted, though the pigmentation is quite good and color pay-off is not too bad. The colors are somewhat semi-matte, with tiny specks of shimmer. I think it would become more intensified with a base, and the shades are also buildable.
More detailed description on each of the shades can be found at Temptalia.

So what do you think? Is it worth getting the palette or like me and Temptalia, you prefer to have the powder products and lippies separated before you decide to plonk down your money?

But I have to say again that this palette is so ME! :D

Swatches Of Dior Addict Ultra-Gloss - All 18 Of Them!

I wrote about the NEW Dior Addict Ultra-Gloss almost 2 weeks ago, and since then, I have received some emails from my readers requesting for swatches of the new gorgeous glosses. And I was quite surprised to see one of the top search keywords which led to that post was "swatches of Dior Addict Ultra-Gloss" and similar phrases.

So I decided to make swatches of all the 18 shades of the new lipglosses from Dior!

Swatches of Dior Addict Ultra-Gloss - GLOW

Swatches of Dior Addict Ultra-Gloss - PEARL

Swatches of Dior Addict Ultra-Gloss - FLASH

Click on each image for larger view

Available now at Dior counters nationwide retailing for RM88 (6.3ml).

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Anna Sui Limited Edition Eye Color Accent F, Swatches & NEW Lip Rouge

The Intrepid Beauty strikes again! This time, she spotted some new and interesting color makeup from Anna Sui.

The NEW Anna Sui Limited Edition Eye Color Accent F comes in 3 combinations of shades - 01, 02 and 03. I swatched all 3 of them and OMG!!!!!! The colors are gorgeous - bright and so summer-y, and pay-off is simply excellent. And the texture of the shadows is soft and smooth. And the best thing (may be on....) is that it has 4 shades each in 1 'palette'. OK, I don't mean a huge palette, but it's the usual Anna Sui Eye Color Accent, and 4 shades are placed into that. How's that? 4-in-1? Sounds interesting and economical indeed. But 1 little gripe of mine is 2 of the shades came in only small parts, and when I tried using my finger to swatch them, it was a tad difficult even when I used my pinky to swatch it.

Let's look at the photos of the products....

Anna Sui Limited Edition Eye Color Accent F (RM77 each)

As you can see, 2 of the considerably 'lighter' shades come in bigger proportion than the other 2. Aren't all 3 of them so cute and the shades so pretty?
I wish I could get all 3 of them! ;)

Here are their swatches!
Beware.....some of you may be ooh-ing and ahh-ing when you see the colors!

Anna Sui Eye Color Accent F in 01
The colors in the photo may be a bit light (swatched without a base) as it's taken under the indoor lighting of the Beauty Hall. The texture of all 4 shades are equally good, all swiped only once. Had a bit of trouble with the green and black, as I had to use my pinky to swipe those colors so as not to get the neighboring colors onto the swatch. The pink is really sweet and I think it won't make the eyes look puffy and/or swollen.

Anna Sui Eye Color Accent F in 02
In the photo of the product, the top right shade appears to be creamy beige (again due to the yellow lighting of the Beauty Hall la) but it's actually a white color perfect for highlighting as it's not shimmery. The bronzy brown is really pigmented. And of course, the ultramarine blue and sky blue-teal are one of my favorites!

Anna Sui Eye Color Accent F in 03
03 is the most colorful and bright of the lot! Again, the swatches are much brighter and more intense than in the photos. The yellow gold is gorgeous (the kind of bright gold which I always like) and the orangey coral looks pretty too.

So, any favorites? Which one would you get?
And there's also a GWP offer going on at the Anna Sui counters in Isetan at The Gardens and KLCC. Purchase RM300, and you'll get a gift set(samples) including a small Anna Sui evening bag. And top up to RM350 or 360, get additional gift. Sorry, was rushing and didn't take photos of the GWPs, so don't remember much details.
But the SA told me that they are very sale-able and they don't have much stocks left.
Hurry! If you want to get your hands on them! :D

NEW Lip Rouge
Yes, this is quite a huge display of the NEW Anna Sui Lip Rouge.
Some are lipsticks while the others are gloss.
What caught my attention was the design of the lippies, which is not the usual slim packaging but it's rather bulky plastic packaging with engraved patterns typical of Anna Sui. Of course, when you whip any one out in public to touch up your lips, it would definitely make a few heads turn. But I am not too sure if I would get it....may be 1, just for collection sake. ;)
(RM88 each)

NEW! Juice Beauty Makeup Collection

A while ago, I wrote about Juice Beauty, an organic skincare brand from California, which has made its way here and it's now on the 1st floor of The Gardens Mall, Mid Valley.

A couple days ago, I read in The Muse's blog that Juice Beauty is coming up with its own makeup collection soon, starting May 2010.

Hmmm....and I wonder when will we be getting the Juice Beauty makeup collection here?

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Saturday Night Rambling

Didn't put up any post today as I slept my Saturday morning away.....yea, such a sleepyhead I am. Then went to meet my friend for lunch and hung out, attended the Benefit KLCC Fashionista Workshop - a mini hands-on makeup workshop conducted by Benefit Chief Makeup Artist, Matt Ng. Wow! Just quite a short workshop and he actually managed to transform the bare-faced me to a glowing radiant one. Photos and review on the KLCC Fashionista Workshops I have attended coming soon,

More hanging out and then went to have dinner with my family....

Just a lazy relaxing day.

I had actually prepared some posts and swatches for today, but since the sleeping bug caught up with me, I hope I will be able to wake up earlier tomorrow morning to publish some posts. ;)

So how was your Saturday? I know there are quite a few beauty workshops scheduled for today. How were they? Do share! :)

Friday, April 23, 2010

Bobbi Brown Color Strips, Swatches, Overview & 20 More Eyeshadows To My Collection

A couple weeks ago, I was at Bobbi Brown to check out their new Color Strips for Spring 2010. Honestly, I wasn't expecting much from these palettes or strips as they called it this time. But when I started playing with them, swatching them, I was literally in for a surprise!

The Bobbi Brown store was colorfully decorated with lots of fresh flowers giving the Spring feel and also colored sand and stones.
Love the slightly different decor as normally, the store has mostly neutral, earthy color.

In the previous Bobbi Brown palettes I have swatched such as the one from Cabana Coral and the Holiday collection, only certain eyeshadow colors really showed up though I like some of the shades from the previous collections too.

And some of the shades which I like are included in the NEW Color Strips and more shades with good color pay-off too!

The display of the Color Strips

Anyways, I made swatches of the 4 eyeshadow strips and 2 pot rouge strips.

Eyeshadow Strips (RM120 each)
L to R: Bonfire, Petal, Aquamarine and Orchid eyeshadow strips

Pot Rouge Strips (RM110 each)
Fresh Pink (left) and Fresh Coral (right)

Petal Eyeshadow Strip and its swatches

Bonfire Eyeshadow Strip and its swatches

Aquamarine Eyeshadow Strip and its swatches

Orchid Eyeshadow Strip and its swatches

I would say almost all the shades in the 4 Strips swatched very well, and have good color pay-off, some better than the others. There are some shades which are mainly sparkles but they are so fine, not chunks of glitters. Even the matte shades in the Strips appear to swatch well which speaks a lot for its pigmentation. Normally, I had trouble trying to get the matte shades to show up in swatches. Bonfire and Petal lean more towards warm tone, while Aquamarine and Orchid more towards the cool side.

I will speak about each Strip in detail when I use them for my EOTDs.

Fresh Pink Pot Rouge Strip and its swatches

Fresh Coral Pot Rouge Strip and its swatches

And yes, I hauled quite a bit from this collection.....actually, I got all the 4 Eyeshadow Strips! At that time, they had some special offer and GWPs: Buy any 2 Strips, and get a free palette that can fit in any 2 Strips. And with purchase of RM480 and above, receive a Natural Beauty Kit.

My haul

Gift with purchase

Door gift

Thursday, April 22, 2010

I Have A Confession..........


I am addicted to Super Bubbles! ;D

Yes, it all started with my little girl.........her Daddy has been introducing her to some kids' games online (OK, may be not so much for kids as young as she is) such as Demolition City, Red Remover, etc. and she started to ask me to play with her. To cut a long story short, while I can't beat her in those physics-related games, she got me hooked to Super Bubbles! And believe me, it's really addictive. And it's also a reason why I have not been posting too much for the past few days. I know, I know, that's bad! But it's really fun playing that game, helps me to relax too! Hubby even downloaded it into his iPhone and now, I am constantly 'fighting' with my little girl for his iPhone! :D

Have a good day, my dear readers!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

MakeUp By Sparkle Cosmetics Introduces Its Beautiful, Flawless & Irresistible Makeup Line With New Webstore & A Special Discount Code

I have been receiving emails and phone calls from some of my readers requesting me to update my blog with beauty stuff since I have not posted much for the last 2 days. here you are......

MakeUp By Sparkle Cosmetics which is based in the United States, had contacted me recently regarding the launching of their new webstore.

*The MBS Cosmetics brand is unique because its diverse colors, quality cosmetics and easy to use brushes make it the perfect choice for both the professional makeup artist and everyday women. Consistently, MakeUp By Sparkle cosmetics are recognized for making the diverse skin tones and types of men and women flawless.

“Women want to always look beautiful and at MakeUp By Sparkle, we offer exclusivity and celebrity style at a reasonable price point,” remarks owner Sparkle Myers. “This is not Caucasian makeup. This is not African American makeup. This is not Hispanic makeup. I created the MBS brand of cosmetics for all who desire to be beautiful, flawless and irresistible.”
The new website is complete with attractive product categories and information about the MBS brand.

MakeUp By Sparkle Cosmetics evolved from the beauty challenges of its customers. Working moms, female executives, and community leaders came to beauty consigliere, Sparkle Myers, in need of beauty tips and makeup options that were colorful yet easy to apply. Professional makeup artists came looking for ways to simplify their makeup kits while maximizing pantone flexibility for their photography, modeling and media clientele. MakeUp By Sparkle responded by offering customers a choice of star products such as Pink Lady Lip Gloss, 88 Eyeshadow Pro Pallets and MakeUp By Sparkle Makeup Brushes while delivering a world class customer service experience.

There is also a new Facebook page and Twitter account for women and makeup artists who enjoy real-time updates from MakeUp By Sparkle on the latest color stories and company updates regarding its airbrush artistry and wedding makeup services for Indianapolis brides. Both social media tools make it easy for MakeUp By Sparkle Cosmetics to stay virtually connected with current and potential clients.

*Information courtesy of MakeUp By Sparkle

Please use promotion code MBSWEB01 until April 23, 2010 to receive an additional 10% off any purchase. But currently the webstore only ships to the US and Canada. For more information, please refer to the Shipping Policy in their website.

I hope to get some help from my friend to purchase some their products soon and I will review them if I manage to get my hands on them. :)

More updates coming up soon....... gotta go for dinner now....

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Concerning Recent Matters

Hi all, some of my readers have been e-mailing me concerning malicious comments about me on another blog. Just wanted to say I appreciate your concern and let you know that yes, I am aware of the hateful remarks, lies and distortions this individual and her followers have been slinging at me over the past months. Now normally I don't waste my time worrying about it or dignifying any of their increasingly crude remarks with a response. But the most recent one has crossed the line by mentioning my little girl. In fact, when I told my husband about it, my little girl overheard and asked in a hurt and angry tone, "Who said bad things about me?" Can you imagine? A three-year-old girl asking why people are saying nasty things about her on the internet...those people must be very proud of themselves indeed. I'm sure any mother or just any decent human being can share my disgust.

Responding in kind however, would just be childish and stooping to their level. People can believe what they want, but I think a person's true character will inevitably show through in what they write and how they conduct themselves. And I know that you, my dear readers, are here to read about and discuss beauty, shopping and other pleasant subjects, so I'll happily leave the bullying, mean-spirited attacks and petty jealousies to those who specialize in them.

Thanks everyone for all your messages and calls of support!


Monday, April 19, 2010

Sharing With You The DIORSNOW D-NA Reverse Night Serum

Good morning ladies!

Instead of rambling about the blues on a Monday morning, let's speak about Dior's latest DIORSNOW D-NA Reverse Night Serum!

The 5 fundamental physiological qualities of ideally transparent skin are defined by its evenness, luminosity, moisture, plumpness and fineness. These can be disturbed by the stresses that we suffer during the day, such as from the UV rays and environmental pollution, which can cause damages deep within our skin down to the nuclei of our skin cells, that is our DNA. This invariably will affect the melanocytes (the pigment-producing cells in our skin) which in turn will react by producing more melanin, leading to the formation of spots. These damages will show up on our skin as uneven skin tone and diminished transparency of the skin.

And DNA damage cannot be properly repaired during the day. The DNA repair process can only take place at night, during our sleep. Dior - working in a unique partnership with the Nucleic Acid Lesion Laboratory of the CEA, France's Atomic Energy Commission - developed a breakthrough technique to identify and monitor the precise enzymes responsible for the DNA night repair process. The scientists from Dior and the CEA perfected a complex of active ingredients with the potential to stimulate these enzymes, thus helping to 'reverse' the damaging chain reaction that results in excessive melanin production and reduced skin translucency. This complex is called the Reversal System.

DIORSNOW D-NA Reverse Night Serum is a highly concentrated formula which combines this Reversal
System with the exclusive DIORSNOW Transparency Enhancing Complex (T.E.C.) (TM).

This serum is now available at all Dior counters and retails for RM340 (30ml).

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Tagged By Elle

I have been tagged by a dear reader of mine, Elle, who is also a fellow blogger.

Thanks for the tag, Elle!

And Elle is currently running a Giveaway and prizes weighing up to 1kg is waiting for the lucky winner. So, do check out her blog, yea.....

SPOTTED! New Japanese Skincare In Watsons

This week, instead of giving us a guest review, The Intrepid Beauty has intrepidly found something new in Watsons and as usual, I was dragged (again! ;P) to Watsons to check them out and what else? To be the photographer!!! ;)

Anyways, on the brochure, it was stated Japanese Skincare Sensations! And the whole shelf display consisted of skincare products with mostly Japanese words on them, and almost all the products were made in Japan. Quite impressive, as nowadays, many drugstore brands are mainly made in China.

Vonvon's Highlights

There were many types of facial sheet masks and nose strips. One particular type of masks that caught our attention was the Daily Care Masks which was packed like a box of wet wipes, consisting of 22 pieces of sheet masks (though not individually wrapped) retailing for RM58. That's about RM2.63 per sheet - not a bad deal for daily usage. They came in 3 varieties: Orange with Co-enzyme Q10 for firming, Dark pink with hyaluronic acid and royal jelly for moisturising, and Blue with collagen.

There were also facial scrubs with Peach, Walnut and Charcoal extracts. Probably some of you already known that for skincare, Vonvon likes masks and scrubs/exfoliators very much.

We saw some really colorful all-in-one cleansers which were designed to remove makeup and cleanse the skin at the same time.

And some whitening creams/packs which according to the instruction, can be used as a makeup base and light coverage foundation.

So there's more interesting stuff for you to check out again today if you are going out! By the way, I have seen them in Watsons Pavilion and Watsons Midvalley Megamall, but not too sure
if other Watsons outlet already have them or not. Do share if you stumble upon this in other Watsons outlets, yea.....

Enjoy your Sunday! Vonvon will be having Italian food buffet for my Sunday brunch! Yummy!