Monday, May 31, 2010

Photos: MAC To The Beach Haul I

Hello ladies! Sorry for the super late update today.

Was busy helping Hubby unpacking from his trip, read: rummaging through his luggage for goodies ;P! Then went for a 2-hour Thai Massage at Thai Odyssey in Sunway Giza, followed by dinner Ichiban Boshi. Just came home not long ago, and put my little girl to bed!

Since it's late, I'll just do a quick photo post to show you my little haul from MAC To The Beach.

Marine Life High-light Powder aka: the Seahorse
Eyeshadows: Sweet & Punchy, Firecracker
Thrills lipstick (Frost)

I will take more photos of Marine Life later. These photos just don't do justice to it.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Swatches & Overview: MAC To The Beach Collection 2010

If I could have my way, I want to have all the eyeshadows, all the lipsticks and tinted lipglasses, lip pencils, eye kohls and Pink Rebel Lustre Drops from this collection!!!!! And of course, may be 2 or 3 Marine Life High-light Powders aka: the Seahorse! Yes, these are the Vonvon's Highlights from MAC To The Beach!

Some shades are actually repromotes from previous LE collections, and some (2 of the eyeshadows) are from the permanent line but in the LE MAC To The Beach green casing with a seashell printed on the transparent cover.

Let's take a look at the many swatches and I will share my thoughts and recommendations as we go along............(lots of photos ahead)!!!

Display of the eyeshadows, Marine Life, blushes, lip liner, eye kohls, lippies and nail lacquers on a straw beach mat design background

Vonvon's Highlights

Marine Life High-Light Powder
The golden bronzy shimmer on the seahorse is an overspray and it has come off quite a bit on the tester. I will take more photos of my brand new Marine Life later.

The swatch above was done by swiping the brush across Marine Life lightly and applied on the back of my hand. It's quite pigmented and a bit powdery.

The gorgeous eyeshadows
All the shades are very pigmented, even the Sand & Sun which is of matte finish turned out to have good pigmentation, though initially, the brand new Sand & Sun was a bit difficult to work with. It didn't come off well when I first swatched it, but after several swipes, it's better. Texture is slightly chalky, but applies quite smoothly.

The other 4 eyeshadows are of Veluxe Pearl finish, with smooth texture and very pigmented. Firecracker and Sweet & Punchy are limited edition shades, while Shimmermoss and Humid from the permanent line. Humid is actually greener (more like forest green) than appeared in the photo (due to lighting).

Of course, Sand & Sun, Firecracker and Sweet & Punchy would be highly recommended while the other 2, unless you want them in the limited edition packaging like I do, can wait.

Both shades of the Eye Kohls are actually permanent, but for this collection, they come in a white pencil with coral prints. They are quite soft and non-waterproof. That doesn't deter me though I prefer my eye liners to be waterproof at least. I am crazy over colored eye liner and the Float on By(blue) and Rosemary & Thyme(olive green) shades are so calling my name. And they go quite well with the eyeshadow shades as shown in the photo above.


The blushes are quite pigmented and smooth. Hipness is a repromote.

MAC To The Beach Lipsticks
From left to right: Beachbound(Glaze), Lazy Day(Lustre), Thrills(Frost), Funbathing(Cremesheen)

Overall, the lipstick shades are on the sheer side, though Funbathing appeared to be more pigmented. Texture is smooth and glide on easily.

The 4 shades actually remind me very much of the different shades of the summer sun from sunrise to sundown! :)

MAC To The Beach Tinted LipglassesThe texture is smooth and non-sticky and they are pearlescent.
Colors a bit on the sheer side.

Lip Pencils
Temperature Rising really got my body temperature rise by a degree or 2! It's a bright neon orange, but somehow I am attracted to it! It's not that strong a color actually, but I just got overboard and literally painted it on my hand! ;P
Good to use as a base for very sheer lipstick or just beneath gloss to make the colors pop!

I'll play with the liners more if I decide to get them and will write about it.


I am not really a fan of bronzers/bronzing products.
But the Bronzing Powders are very good for contouring and sculpting the face. Will speak about it when I write the FOTD post.

Lustre Drops

So here are the swatches of almost everything from this collection, except the nail lacquers as I don't wear nail polish and my little girl was acting up a bit that day ('cos I spent too long time in the store), and refused to lend me 2 of her nails to test out the nail polishes. ;P

Hope you enjoy reading this and checking out the swatches before deciding on which items to purchase! :D

Have a good Sunday!

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Photos: MAC To The Beach - Look, Outfit & Tote!

Yesterday I have spoken in-depth of my 'feelings' for MAC To The Beach collection. Today let me share with you some photos of the MAC To The Beach look done by one of my favorite MAC MAs. I am liking this look a lot especially the eye makeup, as it's a look that I have not done before by myself. And the colors just suit my skin tone so well and my outfit too! Even my little girl commented on how matching my dress was to the eye makeup!

And I happened to find a dress which in my opinion would go pretty well with this collection and it's of a peach-coral color which is pretty similar to the theme color of the collection. I knew I got to have it

Face Of The Day

A complete MAC To The Beach Look!!

And in the background, there were some displays of mannequins in swimwear. What a coincidence! Adding to the 'beach' atmosphere. ;D

Swatches and reviews of the products coming up soon, as well as the guide for the EOTD/FOTD above. Still editing the photos.......

Friday, May 28, 2010

MAC To The Beach Is In Store Now!


I received a phone call around dinner time last night from one of my favorite MAs telling me of the good news. Then, came home from my clothes shopping spree with my dearest sis late last night to see my dear reader, YS, left me a message in my chatbox telling me the same thing!

So this morning, I woke up and fed my girl breakfast and off we went to the MAC store heart just stopped a few seconds right there when I saw the complete display of MAC To The Beach!! It's just breathtakingly beautiful. Normally, I would get very excited like a kid but today, excited is not the only word to describe how I felt.........

The photo really cannot do any justice to the real beauty of the collection.
You got to see it in person to understand how I feel towards this collection! :D

I have seen so many photos of this collection online, but really, nothing had prepared me for the bright and beautiful packaging, and the display just exuded an aura of warmth, perhaps due to its bright green and cheerful orange, at the same time, imparting a touch of elegance to the whole collection. Wait.....that's still not quite how I's more than that........ the whole collection really has a 'depth' that really tugs at my heartstrings and stirs up some really deep inner feeling..... And that's just my first impression!

When I started to swatch every item one-by-one, yes, this time, I swatched everything from this collection, my jaws just dropped and my heart stopped and skipped a beat, or may be two, or 3. I think if someone were to hook me up on an ECG machine at that time, my ECG would show the most bizarre patterns of heart beat and the most unconventional forms of arrhythmias, which can be eponymically named after Vonvon called Vonvon's MAC To The Beach-Induced Arrhythmia! Haha!! ;D

The colors are simply gorgeous!!! Firecracker and Sweet & Punchy eyeshadows (both LEs and of Veluxe Pearl finish) and Shimmermoss and Humid (from the permanent line, also Veluxe Pearl), even the matte Sand & Sun, all swatched beautifully and very pigmented. And all the 5 shades, when lined up alongside one another, made a very sweet and beautiful combination of colors!!! Even my little girl was just so fascinated by the combination of the 5 colors on my arm and she just commented, "Wow! Mommy....the colors are gorgeous.....they are wonderful...." :D

And the colors of the lipsticks and lipglosses just reminded me of a colorful combination of the blazing summer sun during the day and then setting at dusk.

Alright, my dear readers, I have loads and loads of photos to go through and edit them..... I'll leave you drooling over the collection for now.

Do check out the collection at MAC Pavilion, Midvalley and KLCC. I was at MAC Pavilion this morning. As for the rest of the MAC stores, I am not sure if they have it already or not.

Price list of the main items that I can remember: (basically, there is no price increase from the normal products despite the limited edition packaging)
Eye liner/lip liner..........RM62 (or RM63, can't remember)
Marine Life High-Light Powder (the Seahorse)..........RM90 only!!! A surprise!!!!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

EOTD/FOTD: Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess Ultra Violet Liquid Eyeshadow With MAC Azalea Blossom Blush Ombre

Today's look is more on the purplish side with my new Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess 2010 Ultra Violet Liquid Eyeshadow. And I paired it with a "plusher", a new term coined for 'purple + blusher', which I read in the June '10 issue of female magazine. The "plusher" which I used for this look is MAC Blush Ombre Azalea Blossom from the Spring Forecast 1 collection.

The main products used
The above are the main products used to create this look.
Others (not in the photo) include: Smashbox Photo Finish Primer, Guerlain Meteorites, Averine Volume Mascara, Maybelline Color Sensational Moisture Extreme Lip Color in Pink Bloom(PC31)

Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess Liquid Eyeshadow in Ultra Violet and its swatch

Estee Lauder Pure Color Pearl Shimmer Shadow in Sand Pearl and its swatch

Some words on this.......
The Pure Color Pearl Shimmer Shadow in Sand Pearl is actually from the Estee Lauder Pearl Of Lights Summer 2008 collection which I got it from their sale last year. I decided to use this as a highlighter shade instead of my usual Stila Kitten eyeshadow, since I would be using liquid eyeshadow anyways. So why not let it be all liquid eyeshadows from Estee Lauder, right? :)

The formula of this Shimmer Shadow is different from the Liquid Eyeshadow. It's more fluid compared to the thicker consistency of the Liquid Eyeshadow. And when I applied it, I experienced a cooling sensation similar to the coolness when I applied my Paul & Joe eye gloss. It has subtle shimmer with a slight pearl finish. Suitable for highlighting. Easily blendable too.

Eye Of The Day

1 - Define brow with Stila Automatic Brow Definer in Coffee;

2 - Apply Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess Liquid Eyeshadow in Ultra Violet by swiping the applicator once on the lid as close to the upper lash line as possible, then blend with finger up to the crease;
3 - Dab Estee Lauder Pure Color Pearl Shimmer Shadow in Sand Pearl below the brow and blend to highlight;
4 - Also apply a thin layer of Sand Pearl along the lower lash line;
5 - Apply Averine Volume Mascara in Black on the upper lashes.

See, the liquid eyeshadows are quite easy to work with, and the purple doesn't look as scary and is actually quite wearable once it's blended. This was my 1st time working with Ultra Violet. I'll try to play with it more and may be try to create a smoky purple with it.

By the way, this eye makeup stayed on my lids without any fading nor 'migrating' elsewhere for almost the whole day from about 12noon when I first applied it till dinner time around 7pm and beyond. When I removed this makeup, it was coming to 10pm after putting my little girl to bed. WOW for its great staying power!

Face Of The Day
Face: Smashbox Photo Finish Primer (review coming up soon);
Guerlain Meteorites
Yup, I didn't use any foundation for this's all only the primer and Meteorites! :D

Cheeks: MAC Blush Ombre Azalea Blossom (the purple part)

Lips: Maybelline Color Sensational Moisture Extreme Lip Color in Pink Bloom(PC31)

MAC Blush Ombre Azalea Blossom (purple part) on my cheeks

Maybelline Color Sensational Moisture Extreme Lip Color in Pink Bloom(PC31) on my lips
You can read the review here.

So today is the last day of the work week for us here, and tomorrow is a public holiday. :D

Have a nice long weekend ahead!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Elemental Herbology - Works In Harmony With Your Body's Changing Needs

Elemental Herbology is a skincare brand from the UK founded by Kristy Goodger, a trained Acupuncture and Massage Therapist, who has her own wellness clinic in Queensland, Australia.

*In 1999 she moved to Japan to train under the instruction of a third generation Acupuncture and Shiatsu Master before traveling extensively, exploring the diversity of global healing modalities and spa rituals.

Settling in the UK, Kristy began experimenting with combining oriental techniques with traditional botanical remedies and advanced sports medicine. From boutique to 5 star operations, Kristy gained the reputation of delivering an ‘authentic’ treatment experience.

Drawn to the beauty and simplicity of pure essential plant oils, Kristy co-founded Shengaia, a boutique apothecary in Primrose Hill, London that produced premium skincare products and treatments.

In 2004, Kristy became Spa Development Manager for Space NK, a luxury niche beauty retailer,
synonymous with innovative, cutting edge beauty products. Kristy managed the redevelopment of the treatment menu, creating a range of exclusive signature treatments and packages. She also established advanced therapeutic training workshops; assessed and implemented recruitment strategies and developed operational and marketing directives.

Through years of study and professional practice in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Kristy observed the interplay of elements and how our bodies are constantly striving to achieve a state of equilibrium. It was through the application of this theory to skin care that Kristy fulfilled a long standing ambition to create Elemental Herbology. A highly effective, nutrient-rich, results-driven product supported by expertly crafted bespoke spa treatments for niche beauty retailers and five star spas worldwide.

*Information from the Press Release

There are several ranges of products for the face and body catering for different skin needs based on the changing seasons: The Summer Daily Essentials, Winter Daily Essentials and Essential Skin Therapy.

One might be wondering how can the products from this brand be applied to the use in a tropical country like Malaysia which does not have 4 seasons?

Well, basically, the Summer Daily Essentials range is catered for congested T-zone and problematic skin; Winter Daily Essentials for dry, sensitive skin; and Essential Skin Therapy is known as S.O.S. Skincare Solutions which help skin adapt and regain its equilibrium after exposure to different aggressors such as pollution, air conditioning, travel, hormonal
changes, dehydration, poor diet, lack of sleep and smoking.

Summer Daily Essentials

Winter Daily Essentials

Essential Skin Therapy

I am currently trying out 2 of their cleansers and a body wash and loving them. Reviews coming up soon.

Elemental Herbology products are currently available in TNS Skin Labs outlets.

Sneak Peek: Liese Presents The Latest In Tokyo Hair Cosmetics

Berry Refreshing

Shake Off Bad Hair Days For Good

Smoothens Out All Tangles Instantly

No Sticky Wax Feeling or Stiff Gel Look

Wave Goodbye to Dull, Lifeless Curls!


Be Bubbly

These are the phrases which described the wide range of products from Liese by KAO, Japan's No. 1 Hair Styling Brand, presenting the latest in Tokyo Hair Cosmetics.

I have been trying out these cute, colorful and heavenly-scented goodies for my hair lately, and goodies as they are, I have been having quite frequent good hair days! :)

My hair feels more moisturized, less frizzy hair and fly-aways problem and styling's been made much easier.

Reviews coming up soon. :)

*Liese products will be available at selected AEON Wellness, Guardian, SASA, Jusco and Watsons Stores starting June 2010, which is just a few days away.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Small Haul From The Body Shop Sale 2010 & Some Great Discounts Too

OK, so last year I reported that The Body Shop annual sale was rather disappointing though I scored some really good deals in the form of some gift sets at 70% off plus another 10% for Love Your Body members - The Body Shop membership.

This year, I tried not to give in to temptations when I received the SMS informing me of the sale. On the 1st day of the sale, I saw the outlet in KLCC was literally swarmed by people with basketfuls of goodies and the queue was so long that it stretched out almost into the Concourse area. Curious, I went in to have a look with my little girl but it was just too crowded and super packed that we just left. But not before I managed to have a bird's eyes' view of the discount. ;D

Didn't take down in detail the discounts, but suffice to say that there were many items on 50% and 70% off, including selected products from Raspberry, Wild Cherry, Pomegranate and Peach ranges. Oceanus range has between 30-50% discount and there were also some sets such as the shower gel and EDT. Cassis Rose shower gel twin pack 50% off, so it's like buy 1, get 1 free, but even better for Love your Body members, on top of the 50%, plus another 10% off. The other shower gels' prices have been lowered from RM24.90 to RM19.90 recently, and those also have a 5% off (but not sure if the additional 10% applies or not). Some X'mas gift sets were on 50% off (+10%). Moroccan Rose range from 20-30% off. Even some Aromatherapy and Spa Wisdom ranges of products had 50% off, particularly the travel-sized versions. The full-sized products had discounts between 10-30% off.

That's so much I could remember........
By the way, this coming weekend would be the Maybankard holders (credit and debit cards) special whereby those with any form of Maybankard can get an additional 10% off on top of the discounts stated on the products.

And on last Sunday night after dinner, my little girl and I were strolling in the mall and she, yes, my little girl, decided to pop into a TBS outlet. It wasn't as jam packed as on Friday but it's a different outlet. So we could browse through the stuff. Think TBS should pay my little girl for bringing me into their outlet! ;) Once inside, the temptations just increased.......since I have been wanting to try their Aromatherapy and new (well, not so new by now) Spa Wisdom Japan ranges for a while, but resisted every time as I am in the process of finishing up my existing bath and body products, I decided to get those travel-sized products from these ranges which were on 50% off. Just wanted to try and also trying to justify my spending again :S

So, my little haul..................

There's another gift set which I had bought for my sis' I won't be posting up the pic here.....Oppsss....she would know that her birthday gift this year is from TBS. :P
Nay, sis, I got some other stuff for you as well! :)

I had tried the Quiet Night Soothing Shower Cream and Peaceful Body Moisturiser...... scent-wise is OK, the moisturiser had stronger scent than the shower cream (but not the overpowering nor unpleasant kind of scent). The scent is quite mild and soothing, does help in promoting deeper sleep.

If you are a TBS user or would love to try out some stuffs that you haven't previously tried, then I would recommend that you drop by and take a look. This time round, I think their discounts are much better than last year's. Oh yea, their Roseflower eyeshadows and blushes were on 50% off too. And remember, this coming weekend is additional 10% off for for Maybankard holders!

Happy Shopping!!!

EOTD/FOTD: MAC To The Beach-Inspired

I am still waiting (im)patiently for the makeup from MAC To The Beach to arrive in stores. So last Saturday I took my dear MAC tote out on its inaugural outing, and I couldn't help but to do a To The Beach-inspired look to go with the tote! Since I have MAC Rated "R" eyeshadow which according to Temptalia, is quite a close dupe of Sweet & Punchy eyeshadow, I decided to do green eyes with orange lips. Couldn't find a dupe for Thrills lipstick which I am lemming for among my orange would do for now.

Products used

Eye Of The Day

1 - Define brow with Stila Automatic Brow Definer in Coffee;
2 - Apply Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay-In-Place ShadowCreme in 03 Precious Jade from the upper lash line up to the crease;
3 - Using the short end of Stila Brush #20, apply MAC Rated "R" eyeshadow over the cream shadow;
4 - Using the long end of Stila Brush #20, apply Stila Kitten eyeshadow under the browbone and blend. Also, dab a small amount of Kitten eyeshadow to the inner corner of the eye;
5 - Line the upper lash line with Silkygirl Funky Eyelights Pencil in 09 Lime Green, and also the outer 2/3 of the lower lash line from outer corner inwards;
6 - Line the inner rim of the upper eye lid with Estee Lauder Artist's Eye Pencil in 01 Softsmudge Black;
7 - Apply Averine Volume Mascara in Black on the upper lashes.

Eyeshadows used
From left to right:
Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay-In-Place ShadowCreme in 03 Precious Jade, MAC Rated "R" and Stila Kitten

From top to bottom: Stila Automatic Brow Definer in Coffee, Silkygirl Funky Eyelights Pencil in 09 Lime Green, Estee Lauder Artist's Eye Pencil in 01 Softsmudge Black, Averine Volume Mascara; and for the lips, Stila Lip Glaze Stick in Orange.

Face Of The Day
Face: Smashbox Photo Finish Primer (review coming up soon);
Averine Satin Smooth Foundation SF03 Fair;
MAC Shell Pearl Beauty Powder

Cheeks: I Nuovi D36 Lollipop blush

Lips: Stila Lip Glaze Stick in Orange

Products used for the face