Saturday, July 31, 2010

Review: Biovalley UHT Milk Shower Cream - By The Intrepid Beauty

The Intrepid Beauty will review Biovalley UHT Milk Shower Cream.

Fancy a milk bath anyone? :)


Product Description (from Biovalley product catalogue):

Freshen up your zest for life with Biovalley's UHT Milk aromatic bath, while naturally softening, moisturizing and hydrating your skin. This unique formula enriched with natural Sea Minerals, Therapeutic Oil and Cow's Milk extract provides nutrients and proteins for enhancing healthy skin. Intensive moisturizing prevents drying and cracking while whitening of skin to achieve a smoother silkier touch. Ideal for entire family and children above 2 years.

Health values:

Provides lasting hydration

Soothing relief and minimizes the skin allergic reactions

I'm currently using Biovalley's UHT Milk Shower Cream alternatively with two other shower creams as I believe in variety. A couple of months ago, I checked out Biovalley's range of shower creams at Guardian, Midvalley. Other than the one I purchased, they have two other types, i.e. Rosemary Geranium & Tea Tree. I chose UHT Milk because it has the strongest fragrance of the three and since I can't afford to bathe in milk like Cleopatra once supposedly did, I'll do the next best thing. The other reason for choosing to purchase a Biovalley shower cream is the price, you can't get much better than RM17.90 for an 800ml pump bottle. They also have 300ml bottles (non-pump) for RM8.40 but of course the 800ml bottles are much better value.

The UHT Milk Shower Cream is quite creamy and 1-2 pumps is enough to produce a fair bit of lather. I won't go so far as to say it is extremely hydrating or moisturizing. Sure, it doesn't dry out my skin but then again, it isn't wonderfully moisturizing either. My skin doesn't feel super soft and frankly, I feel that my other shower cream, Olay Total Effects 7-in-1 Anti Aging ultra nourishing, does a better job in that respect. Overall, the Biovalley UHT Milk Shower Cream is an average shower cream which I won't repurchase but that's not to say I won't try the other shower creams.

I am already eyeing the Tea Tree Shower Cream for the following reasons:

(1) it contains Melaleuca Alternifolia extract (I'd previously heard from someone who manufactures bath products that this extract is especially beneficial to the skin);

(2) it does smell pretty good; and

(3) it claims to have mosquito repellent properties.

The Biovalley Shower Creams do not contain Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS), parabens or added colours. Animal lovers have the assurance that they are also not tested on animals. However, among the ingredients is Ammonium Laureth Sulphate (ALS).

I didn't have a clue what it is, so I Googled it up and found this interesting excerpt from on the difference between SLS and ALS:

"There are several other surfactants with SLS in particular ammonium lauryl sulphate and

ammonium laureth sulphate. Although these sound very similar their molecular structure is significantly different and they do not have the same potential to irritate the skin. Also, because their molecules are larger than those of SLS, they are not able to pass through skin and therefore cannot be absorbed into the body in the same way. Because of these differences, ammonium lauryl and laureth sulphates are considered to be milder and safer alternatives to SLS."

The Intrepid Beauty

Friday, July 30, 2010

Photos: My Little Girl's Nail Spa Session & Hair 'Highlight'

Some months back, I mentioned that I took my little girl to a kids' nail spa for a little manicure and pedicure session with her girlfriends. So here are some photos of the very girly decor of the spa, my little girl having her nails done, and they even had highlight for hair (using hair mascara!).

I'll let the photos do the talking............ picture-heavy!

The interior of the spa..........

Starting her nail spa session............

Choosing her nail polish with the help of her xiao yi (youngest aunt)

With her chosen nail polishes - pink base with fuchsia glitter

Waiting for the staff to prepare everything

Having her foot soak and massage

The princess being pampered

Princess' nail art.................

Princess having her hair's just hair mascara which can just be shampoo-ed off easily.

With one of her girlfriends

(Didn't post up photo of the other girl as I didn't ask her mom whether she was ok with it or not.)

And the manicure and pedicure plus hair highlight cost only RM37.50. Not too bad for some indulgence for our little girls, and we Mommies, got to hang out and chit chat in such a nice cozy gorgeously-decorated spa.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Review: MAC Prep + Prime Skin Refined Zone Treatment - By The Intrepid Beauty

The Intrepid Beauty shares with you again, another favorite MAC product of hers. By now, I am sure many of you would have known how much Vonvon and her 2 guest writers LOVE MAC! :D

Today she is going to review MAC Prep + Prime Skin Refined Zone Treatment which is a favorite product of many, including Victor Cembellin, MAC Pro Senior Artist North America, whom we had the privilege to speak and to have lunch with recently when he was in town. :)


Product Description from

A light, oil-free emulsion that helps cloak visible pores while controlling oil and shine. Applies "wet" for a gentle micro-exfoliation: dries instantly to create an invisible, long-lasting natural matte finish. Ideal for the T-zone.

15ml at RM80

As the name of the product suggests, this is a primer which preps the face before applying make-up. I have a few 3ml samples of the Skin Refined Zone Treatment which I use from time to time. 3ml may seem like very little but actually, a little goes a long way as you don't apply it all over the face and the texture is quite runny. As I don't have an oil problem other than my T-zone, I use it more on my cheeks when my pores are too large and noticeable (which fortunately isn't very often and definitely not a permanent feature on my face!).

As a primer, I prefer it to Smashbox's famous Photo Finish Foundation Primer as the Skin Refined Zone Treatment does not leave an unnaturally silicone-smooth film on my face like the former. When I apply the Skin Refined Zone Treatment to my pores, it instantly minimizes the appearance of the pores. I find that it has a mattifying effect and helps foundation glide on smoothly. When I do apply it to my T-zone, it does control the oil in that area and it's good for days when I have to wear make-up for longer than usual.

At RM80 for a 15ml tube, some may say that it's quite pricey but I note that even in USA, it's priced at USD19.50. It's a product which can be used sparingly though since you don't need to apply it all over the face, just where you need it most to control oil and/or minimize pores. For those who have a problem with oil control, it's worth checking this out.

Interestingly, it is one of Victor Cembellin's (MAC Pro Senior Artist) top 5 "must-have" MAC products.

The Intrepid Beauty

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Photo: Juice Beauty Perfecting Foundation In Organic Sand

Good morning, my dear readers!

If you have been following my EOTDs/FOTDs closely, the foundation that I had been using (if any, as Vonvon likes to go bare-faced nowadays with only a light dust of her can't-live-without Guerlain Meteorites) was Juice Beauty Perfecting Foundation in Organic Sand. It's my first foray into organic makeup, though I have tried some mineral makeup and also organic skincare before. Organic makeup? This foundation is my first! :)

I have since grown to love this foundation, though initially I thought it didn't quite like me. ;)

Review will be up in a bit........

P.s. Just been pretty busy again lately, many family matters to attend to. I have many backlogs, yet again, and I am taking quite a while to reply to your comments too. Please bear with me for my tardiness. But I really appreciate your visits to my blog and all your comments. Thanks, dearies... Xoxo

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

My Favorite L'oreal Open Eyes Chrome Intensity Quad: Magic Amber - By The Intrepid Beauty

The Intrepid Beauty is not quite a drugstore brand person when it comes to cosmetics. But L'oreal Paris with its new Open Eyes Chrome Intensity Eyeshadow Palettes had her going crazy and the craziness spread to me, that's why you have Vonvon starting her EOTD Marathon with all the 4 palettes from this range! :D

The palette that caught her eyes from this range is the MAGIC AMBER!


When it comes to cosmetics, I've never been that much into drugstore brands. The last eyeshadow palette from a drugstore I purchased was the Revlon "Not Just Nudes" creme eyeshadows and that was many years ago. Thus, it came as a surprise to me that L'oreal's Open Eyes Chrome Intensity Quads stopped me in my tracks when I was browsing in Watson's recently. For starters, the packaging itself wasn't flimsy and felt heavy, like a really good quality palette. The only thing that could have made it better was the inclusion of a proper mirror instead of the small mirror where the dual ended sponge applicator was placed. However, that could bump up the price by quite a bit.

I swatched all 4 of the Open Eyes Chrome Intensity Quads and was smitten by Magic Amber. It had the best color pay-off and the warm colors of Magic Amber and Addictive Yellow (refer to the photo of the palette below) were the deciding factor, they are just such cheerful colors. I usually stay away from yellow eyeshadows as I'm not fond of yellow as a color. The Addictive Yellow color was a color I could live with, so it's very rare that I could like a yellow eyeshadow that much. This is a yellow shade for people who don't like yellow in anything! I could tell how well Magic Amber and Addictive Yellow complemented each other. The colors in this quad are perfect for creating daytime looks and each of the colors can be paired with any eyeshadows of similar colors.

From left to right: Open Highlighter, Magic Amber, Addictive Yellow, Open Deep Brown

I am less enthusiastic about the Open Deep Brown color since I didn't think I'd have much use for it. I know it can be used as an eyeliner or to apply at the outermost corner of the eyes but even so, it's a color I can do without. The Open Highlighter shade is very useful and I do like this highlighter a lot as it can be used together with any other eyeshadow in my collection. One can never have too many highlighter shades, in my opinion.

For a drugstore eyeshadow brand, I'm impressed with the pigments in the eyeshadows. I feel that they are on par with some famous counter brands and that was a selling point too for me. The eyeshadows apply smoothly enough and blend easily, so well in fact that they are quite intense even without the need for an eyeshadow primer/base. Of course the texture of these eyeshadows isn't as smooth as some counter brands but considering that these quads are from a drugstore brand, I have to say it's already very good. I purchased my Magic Amber Quad at Guardian Pharmacy for RM37.90 which is a bargain considering the original price is RM45.90.

The Intrepid Beauty

Monday, July 26, 2010

Colored My Hair Mocha Orange With Liese Bubble Hair Color

It's been more than half a year since I last colored my hair. Now, I have two-toned hair color, with black at the roots and the remaining of the previous aubergine-colored dye halfway down which has somewhat changed to some dull brown color.

Anyways, last Saturday, I decided to play with the NEW Liese Bubble Hair Color in Mocha Orange (the whole Bubble Hair Color range will be available in stores starting August 2010).

Here are some photos of my before and after hair color.....

Before: The yellow line marked the boundary between the new growth and below the line, the old hair color.
After: My hair color is more uniformly brown with slight hints of orange where the light hit. Hubby thinks it's more auburn-colored. :D

My new hair color with Liese Bubble Hair Color - Mocha Orange

Liese Bubble Hair Colour will be available exclusively at selected AEON Wellness, Guardian, Sasa, Jusco and Watsons stores from August 2010, that's just a few days away!
It's priced at RM38 per box.

Review and more photos coming up soon.......

Happy Monday!!!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

MAC By Candlelight MSF & 2 More Mineralize Eyeshadows

Last Friday, I went to pick up more MAC In The Groove stuff.

The more I read about By Candlelight MSF, the more I feel that I must have it. And I tried it at the store and liked what I see as a blush, even though the very first time I swatched it, I wasn't quite taken by it. Of course, MSF is a multi-purpose and multi-tasking product - as a blush, highlighter, all-over face powder, and I think By Candlelight would look good as an eyeshadow too especially for the no-makeup makeup look! Hmmm......that gives me some ideas...;)

As for the 2 more Mineralize Eyeshadows...... I don't know, I guess I just got sucked In(to) The Groove of this collection. :D

Blue My Mind and Calm, Cool & Collected Mineralize Eyeshadows

Review: Lancome Blanc Expert NeuroWhite X3 Ultimate Whitening Radiance Reviving Petal - By The Intrepid Beauty

The Intrepid Beauty will review a cute little skincare product from Lancome with a very long name, yes, it's called Lancome Blanc Expert NeuroWhite X3 Ultimate Whitening Radiance Reviving Petal, and which produces almost instant result! Read on.......


Product Description:

An advanced micro-fiber petal with whitening ingredients inside

Removes dead cells & impurities

Eliminates formation of melanin & dark spots

Preps skin for optimal whitening program

Upon first use, skin looks soft & crystal clear

After 4 weeks, skin appears brighter with a new radiance

When I first got the Lancome Blanc Expert NeuroWhite X3 Ultimate Whitening Radiance Reviving Petal (what a mouthful so I shall refer to it as "the Petal"), I wasn't sure what it contained and exactly how it should be used as the blue foil packaging gave no indication of what kind of product it was.All the directions on the packaging said was "crush and press the capsule inside the petal to soak the micro-fiber surface with the formula. Gently massage across the face". Very intriguing as I'd never tried anything like it, that's for sure.

The product is a micro-fiber pad which I gently massaged all over my face for a few minutes upon crushing the capsule contained therein.

There is a slight, very pleasant fragrance. Like most Lancome skincare I've used, the Petal is very effective at producing instant results. My face looked radiant and brighter, it's a result which I've never seen with brightening masks. It wasn't just the immediate clarity of my skin tone which was astonishing, my face felt so smooth after a few minutes of massage. It's a great product to use just before you have an event/function to attend as you'll likely get compliments about how good your skin is looking.

I've got a second Petal to try out and I'm going to save it for a special occasion. In fact, I'm loving it so much that I'm seriously thinking about restocking after I've used up the second one.

The Petal is sold individually at RM21 or in a pack of 8 for RM165. I reckon that getting a pack of 8 is not too bad since it'd stretch for 2 months if I used one a week.

The Intrepid Beauty

Saturday, July 24, 2010

NEW Masks From My Beauty Diary, Upgraded Version Of Existing Ones & Roadshow

I was at Midvalley yesterday to pick up more MAC In The Groove stuff :D, and on the Lower Ground level, Centre Court there was a My Beauty Diary masks roadshow going on till tomorrow, Sunday (July 25).

I missed out on their previous roadshow but it's OK for me, as I have plenty of MBD masks which my sis got for me from Taiwan and Hong Kong. But of course, these are running low and I don't know anyone going to Taiwan and HK anytime soon to help me stock up on them.

Anyways, what drew me to check it out was the NEW masks (well, new in Malaysia, of course) - MBD came out with 2 types of new masks, ie: Bird's Nest Mask and Southern France Apricot Masks! Interesting! Anything which has Bird's Nest in it will certainly catch my attention and fancy! And Southern France Apricot....well, I love Apricots!

And apparently, they have upgraded their current existing masks with a better material, that is thinner sheet which is supposed to deliver more moisture to the skin by clinging and adhering to the skin better. They called it the "Multi Layer Moist Masks with Special Moisture Compounds". I tried on a small piece of the new upgraded mask on my hand and compared it with the old one (which was much thicker). I'll review and compare the new and old ones soon.

So, I bought 2 boxes of the new masks, 1 Bird's Nest and 1 Southern France Apricot. And the SA added in a whole bunch of freebies including eye masks, extra tube of Lovely Girl BB Cream which they always give as freebies, anyways.

Also, at the roadshow, there are many offers and freebies.
- Purchase RM100 and above, you will get a free makeover + 8R sized photo.
- Purchase 1 box at RM49.88, the 2nd box at RM39.88 + freebies (may vary).

There are just too many exciting if you happen to be in Midvalley today, check them out and stock up on your masks and get yourself a free makeover!

***Laneige - discounts on selected items!

On a side note, a reader of mine emailed me yesterday (thank you, dear) and subsequently, I saw in Laneige Facebook page that from yesterday till Sunday (July 25), there are some discounts on some makeup from 30-50% off (old version of eyeshadows, selected blush, mascara and lipsticks). Call your nearest Laneige counter for more details.

Have fun and happy shopping!

Photo: My Little Girl & Her New Toy

Princess and her new toy

We visited a family friend last weekend, and she presented Princess with a 1/4 size violin! Without wasting any time, she took it, perched it on her shoulder like a pro, and started playing, even though 1/4 size is still a bit too big for her! :D Err...just sounds only la....

OK, as Mommy, who has an unfulfilled dream of learning to play the violin (though I can play the piano), I do wish Princess would be able to play many musical instruments, and not only the piano and electone. And she seems to show a very keen interest in playing the violin. Everyday, she would play with the violin, yes, play with it. But I think it's a good start for her. She would say, "Mommy, I need to eat a lot and grow taller...then my arms will be longer and I can hold the violin....." LOL....

Friday, July 23, 2010

The Intrepid Beauty Shares Her Favorite MAC Cosmetics Lipglasses

My guest writers who are both die-hard MAC Addicts, just as Your Truly, have fallen heads over heels with MAC lippies, and have been so for the longest time I could imagine. The Intrepid Beauty will share 2 of her favorite MAC Lipglasses with you today. (Yours Truly is more crazy over MAC Eyeshadows more than anything else! :D )


My very first MAC Cosmetics purchase was almost half a decade ago which was also when I "discovered" the joys of MAC's products. I purchased 2 MAC Tinted Lipglasses, i.e. Lust & Lovechild. Both colours are very neutral yet nicely pigmented and are great for people like me who stay away from red and pinks. I'm more inclined towards plum, copper, rose and coral tones for lip colours. On, Lust is described as a "soft muted pink" (it looks more a really nude shade to me) and Lovechild is described as a "coppered plum" which is very appropriate.

MAC Lipglass in LUST and swatch

MAC Lipglass in LOVECHILD and swatch

*See swatches of both Lipglasses on Vonvon's lips below

In the past few years, I have repurchased these colours as they suit me well and "Lust" is for those days when I just want a very natural look. "Lovechild" is for days when I want a stronger yet still natural look. I love MAC's lipglasses as they are affordable (before the price increase on 1st July, they were RM63, now it's still affordable at RM65), have a huge variety of colours and they last for a minimum of 3 months with daily usage. Some people may find MAC's lipglasses too sticky and some may be averse to the vanilla scent but because I've used the lipglasses for so many years, I've become accustomed to the texture and scent.

Both "Lust" and "Lovechild" are very flattering on my fair skin tone but I believe these are shades that will also suit those with darker skin. As for lasting power, MAC's lipglasses don't disappoint me. Of course I have to reapply after a meal but at least they don't fade on me after a few hours unlike some other brands' lip glosses which fade after just one hour and that's without me having taken a sip of water or a bite of anything. I'm not talking about drugstore brands either, which is why I've always gone back to MAC's lipglasses.

Thanks to MAC's lipglasses containing Jojoba Oil, my lips always feel moisturized and soft. Applying the lipglasses is like giving my lips a boost of hydration, another reason I am addicted to these lipglasses over other brands' lip glosses. I've also purchased lipglasses which are limited edition and wished they were in the permanent collection.

Few things in life are for certain but one thing I know for sure is that I can't live without at least one MAC lipglass in my possession!!

The Intrepid Beauty

Swatches on Vonvon's lips

MAC Lipglass in LUST


Vonvon's bare lips for comparison

EOTD Marathon, Vol. 2: MAC In The Groove Mineralize Eyeshadow In Soften The Mood

This was the second EOTD Marathon that I did, but this time, I created only 2 different eye looks from MAC In The Groove Mineralize Eyeshadow in Soften The Mood. It can be quite drying for the skin around the eye area if I were to cleanse it many times in one day just to try out more looks. I hope you will understand.

Star of the Marathon

MAC In The Groove Mineralize Eyeshadow

Brushes and eyeliners used
From L to R: Stila Kajal Eye Liner in Tiger's Eyes, MAC Pearlglide Intense Eyeliner in Industrial, small- and medium-sized synthetic fiber eyeshadow brushes for wet application of the mineralize eyeshadows (from a seasonal brush set I bought from last year), Stila brush #30 long end (for blending)

Eyeliners used

This time I used the wet method of application to do both looks. I sprayed some Laneige Makeup Mist on the brush, wiped off excess liquid and picked up the shades to apply.

The EOTDs below are quite pastel and light, more suited for day and casual look - for Summer!

Eye Look #1

1 - Apply Light Blue shade from the inner corner to about 2/3 outward;
2 - Apply matte brown shade on the outer 1/3 and blend with the light blue;
3 - Use the shimmery champagne shade in the middle for highlight under the brow;
4 - Line the upper and lower lash lines with MAC Pearlglide Intense Eye Liner in Industrial - a shimmery sky blue shade (from Art Supplies collection);
5 - Dab some light blue shade on top of the liner on the lower lash line;
6 - Finish off with Estee Lauder Zero-Smudge Lengthening Mascara to the upper and lower lashes.

Eye Look #2

1 - Start by applying the Light Blue shade under the browbone for highlight. You can apply only up to the crease or all the way down to the lids to let the light blue act as a 'prime color'. I only applied up to the crease;
2 - Apply matte brown shade all over the lids, but I didn't quite like the plain bland color. So I applied the shimmery champagne shade on top of the matte brown to give my lids 'more life';
3 - Line the upper and lower lash lines with Stila Kajal Eye Liner in Tigers Eye;
4 - Since Kajal is not water-proof, not smudge-proof, etc, I applied the matte brown shade on top of the liner on the upper and lower lash line to prevent smudging and fading.
5 - Finish off with Estee Lauder Zero-Smudge Lengthening Mascara.

For another laugh!