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Avado Organics - The Secrets Of Avocado Oil Unveil

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I have to say that being a blogger who writes a lot on beauty topics, has made me aware of so many brands from abroad, which sometimes, are quite localized to their countries of origin, and most of the time, are natural and organic in formulation. But now, with the global social media phenomenon, these beauty brands are becoming more well-known at a speedy rate, spreading across the globe via the Internet and blogging, of course.

I learned about Avado Organics when I was contacted by a representative from this brand last week. This is a brand from Australia which uses Avocado oil as the base ingredient in its products ranging from skincare, products for new mothers and products for newborns. There is an Avado Organics Sensitives range too.

AVADO must be from AV-oc-ADO! ;)

I visited their website and the following information are taken there and their Facebook page.

The wonderful soothing properties of Avocado Oil have been kept secret too long! The whole family will benefit from using Avado Skin Care. Perfect on all skin types from dry and sensitive baby skin through to mature and more deeply lined skin.

Avocado oil is famous for its healing, anti-bacterial and anti-wrinkle properties.

It is easily absorbed leaving skin hydrated, nourished, moisturised and silky smooth. Rich in vitamins A, D and E Avocado Oil also boasts lecithin and potassium known as “the mineral of youth”.

The soothing and healing properties of the Avado Skin Care range make it perfect for all the family especially those seeking relief from the dryness and itching from dermatitis, psoriasis and eczema.

How did Avado Organics come about?

The idea for Avado Organics came about when Tammy Fenner had her second child, Lucy. Lucy had extremely sensitive skin and was prone to breakouts of eczema. Tammy’s mother, who ran an avocado farm at the time, suggested using avocado oil as she had seen fantastic results with the oil on other people with skin problems. After trying everything on the market Tammy decided to stop using all products on Lucy and started to add Avocado oil to Lucy’s bath. The change to her skin condition was immediate and after a few days the redness was gone and the relentless scratching had stopped. Tammy researched the properties of Avocado oil and was staggered no one else had decided to use it as a base for sensitive skin products. She took her ideas to an experienced chemist who helped her, over four years, to develop Avado’s first products; a unique range of baby and adult products using Avocado oil.

The Avado Promise

We chose the finest most natural organic ingredients when we created Avado and are committed to quality and to our mantra - “Pure by Nature”.

- Organic/natural ingredients
- Ideal for sensitive/eczema skin
- No synthetic chemicals

- No artificial colours

- No artificial fragrances
- No sulphates
- No Parabens

- No Animal Testing

Prices for Avado products are reasonably priced between AUD7-28 (on their website).

And some of the products that go into Vonvon's Highlights list would be......

Lavender & Ylang Ylang Shower Gel

Tangerine & Vanilla Shower Gel

You know how much I love to indulge in bath and shower products! ;)

And of course, the Baby Range bath and body products for Princess!

As far as I know, Avado Organics products are not available in Malaysia at the time of writing this. But if you are from outside Malaysia, you can view the list of Avado stockists here.

They are available in Target in the USA (ahah! No wonder the name sounds quite familiar and I can't quite put it where I have seen this name before).

The nearest to Malaysia where Avado Organics is available is in the Unity chain of pharmacies in Singapore.

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