Monday, January 31, 2011

Photos: Food Shopping

After having our lunch yesterday, we went to a Chinese supermarket next to the restaurant and bought some food stuffs. Yea, I bought quite a bit of stuffs to cook for Chinese New Year parties and dinners we are going to give for our friends and neighbors here.

There were many Malaysian products, and brands like Adabi flour mix, different types of White Coffees, and even Eu Yan Sang ready-pack soup mixes, just to name a few...... Basically, strolling along the aisles of the market, was similar to going to Tesco or Carrefour in Malaysia, except, even better, with more variety and choices.... :D

All the pre-packed soup mixes

Red dates and Chinese herbs

So Malaysian.......
Adabi flour mix for fried chicken....haha!

Ipoh white coffee, anyone?

And guess what I found in the frozen food section???
Durians, in frozen forms....the whole fruits, and packed into boxes already.....

And see what the Germans call DURIANS????

STINKFRUCHT!!!!! Haha!!!
Guess there's no need for translation....
STINK + FRUCHT (fruit)

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