Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Topshop Makeup Haul II: More Eye Stuffs - Cream Eyeshadow in Velvet & Crayon in Midnight; Swatches

Topshop Makeup was launched in Malaysia in December 2010. I am especially attracted to its very reasonable price tag that I hauled some stuffs from them for the second time a few weeks ago. You can see my first haul here. The design of the packaging is quite cute with prints of pencil-sketch lines and dots, but the paper-y material takes up 'stains' quite easily. Storing them together with other makeup products in my makeup pouch has created some 'scratches' and 'stains' on them. Well, it's not a big bother to me, taking into consideration the price tag. Just thought of mentioning it.

So this time, I got more eye products from Topshop - another Cream Eyeshadow in Velvet (a violet shade), and a Crayon in Midnight (a dark blue eye pencil with silver glitters). Their cream blushes are the bestsellers, especially the one in shocking pink (it's called Pinch, if I am not mistaken?). But being one who is so crazy about eyeshadows and eye makeup, naturally, I just rooted for the eye stuffs. We'll come back to the cream blushes later.

Topshop Makeup
L: Cream Eyeshadow in Velvet (RM39)
R: Crayon in Midnight (RM33)

Topshop Makeup Cream Eyeshadow in Velvet

Swatch of Topshop Makeup Cream Eyeshadow in Velvet

It's a violet color with shimmer. Its texture is soft and smooth, easily spread and blends well. The color is intense right from the tube but blends into a sheer wash of color which stays put without smudging nor creasing. The intensity of the color can be increased by layering. Just let the first layer set before applying another layer. However, I did notice a slight fading after about 4 to 5 hours of wear. Then again, the amount of time would have been adequate and lasted me through a shopping trip and even an event. Again, not complaining, considering the price tag, for the good quality of the product. :)

Topshop Makeup Crayon in Midnight

Yes, it's just simply named Crayon, and it's actually an eye pencil with glitter.
Midnight is a dark blue (something like a peacock shade) with chunks of silver glitter. But the glitter chunks aren't the super huge coarse ones which can cause fall-out.
The pencil glides on smoothly. This, however, is not smudge-proof.
I purchased this as I reckon this would be a great multi-tasking product
- as a glitter eyeliner;
- as an eyeshadow (just a few swipe on the lids, and smudge and blend it.....a quick smoky eye look);
- as a base.
These are a few uses I can think of from the Crayon.
Perhaps you have other ideas on how to maximise the use of this?
Feel free to share...........

Swatch of Topshop Makeup Crayon in Midnight

Swatches of Velvet and Midnight


The Topshop Makeup cream blushes that we have in Malaysia come in only 2 shades - a beige (more of a highlighter shade) and a shocking pink. But you don't have to worry about being looking like a Barbie, as the shocking pink blush applies a sheer layer of pink, imparting just a pink glow to your cheeks which lasts all day. I tried it out at a makeover during the media launch. And the price...RM33 only! :D

I don't own any of them now...perhaps, I should go and pick up one of them...hmmmm..... but I shouldn't be hauling any more. ;)

Anyways, last night, a reader asked me on my Facebook page to recommend some cream blushes that can last, and she wanted a beige and a pink.... naturally I recommended these to her. They fit the bill of what she wanted in cream blushes! :D

Tell me, have you tried any Topshop Makeup? Which are your favourites?


Charming Vanity said...

Nice...are they available in the shops yet? I wanna try out the cream blushes too..it sounds really affordable. =D Thanks for sharing!

Vonvon said...

Yes, Charming Vanity. They are available in Topshop Suria KLCC. But the pink cream blush is selling like hot cakes, may be OOS from time to time, as I was told by the SA. Do check with them. :)

You are welcome. :)

miss syukur said...

thanks for posting about the cream blushes and love the colours of the cream eyeshadows.

gio said...

I really like the look of the pink blush. It is a beautiful shade and I heard so many good things about it, I'd love to try it.

It's a shame the cream shadow fades so soon though as the color is pretty. But for the price, one can't complain too much.

rakhshanda said...

Wowww these look great!!! Love the cream shadow:)) The blushes are also look nice:)
Great blog honey. Plz check out mine- http://www.chamberofbeauty.com/
It'll be soo sweet of you if you follow me there:)

Vonvon said...

Hello Miss Syukur,

Thank you for the comment and following my blog.

You are most welcome. Most of the shades of their makeup are very versatile - pretty and wearable too.

Vonvon said...

Gio, now my urge to get the cream blush is more. Yes, many raves about it.

Well, I used the cream shadow on its own. Perhaps, if I'd layer a similar shade eyeshadow over it, then the color might be more intense and last longer. Or may be use a base?? And I use that as a base too. LOL!

Vonvon said...

Hi Rakhshanda,

Thank you. Are you a fan of cream shadows? If yes, do check them out if you have the chance, as they have some really nice shades - gold, green, blue, etc.

And I think I am already following your blog. :)