Thursday, February 10, 2011

A Visit To Space NK: Saw By Terry Makeup, Laura Marcier Spring 2011 The Silk Road & NARS Spring 2011 Collections; WEI Beauty Samples; N.dulge, etc.

I went on a shopping trip few days ago in town, and decided to explore Space NK. Space NK is a leading luxury beauty retailer offering the latest cult products in facial skin care, fragrance, cosmetics and body in the UK.

The one I went to is the smaller version of Space NK, and they didn't carry the Chantecaille range
of makeup except only 1 mascara from them. I was interested to check out their palettes which I had been ogling online. ;)

But they had full range of By Terry makeup which I didn't manage to take pictures of. Well, I didn't take any pictures in the shop as I wasn't sure if it was allowed. Anyways, I made some swatches of Laura Mercier Silk Road Eye and Cheek Palette(GBP37) from their Spring 2011 collection, and they also had NARS and its Spring 2011 collection!

I swatched the 2 eyeshadow duos from NARS Spring 2011 - Nouveau Monde and Bateau Ivre, and the Soft Touch Pencils.

Swatches of NARS Nouveau Monde eyeshadow duo (top) and Bateau Ivre eyeshadow duo (bottom). Between the 2 shades of Nouveau Monde is Celebrate Soft Touch Pencil (chartreuse color).

Again, swatches of NARS Nouveau Monde eyeshadow duo. I tried to capture the shimmer and beauty of the silvery lilac shade....but the lighting didn't allow me to. :(
On the top right corner of the photo, is part of the swatch of Hollywoodland Soft Touch Pencil.

And Laura Mercier The Silk Road Collection for Spring 2011, was available too. I swatched the eyeshadows from the Eye and Cheek Palette. It seems that now, Laura Mercier is coming out with palettes sans cream products. Before they used to have eyeshadows, blushes (both powder products) together with lipsticks (cream) in the same palette such as the beautiful Zen Face Palette. That kind of palette is such a no-no for me, and I am sure, for many of you too, as over time, the powder (dust) will migrate to the cream products....and you know what happens next. ;)

So, kudos to Laura Mercier for coming up with such palettes. They must be listening to us, the consumers. :D

Swatches of Laura Mercier Eye and Cheek Palette from The Silk Road Collection Spring 2011.
Golden Sands was a bit difficult to swatch and to get it to show up.
Rare Taupe is definitely a hit with me, again, couldn't capture a nice pic of the swatches.

The Laura Mercier Liquid Liner in Gold Thread has been compared to MAC Superslick Liner in Pure Show. Well, I have to say the tip of the applicator is indeed almost identical to MAC's. But I think that's where the similarity ends. I swatched them side-by-side and you can see that MAC Pure Show is more of a golden yellow, while Laura Mercier Gold Thread is more gold, for sure.
But they both are water-proof and smudge-proof, lasting through my washing the dishes, and even a shower!

One of the nice SAs there offered me some samples of WEI Beauty skincare, a Chinese herbal skincare line.

And I also signed up for Space NK N.dulge membership which is complimentary without any purchase. Love it when there are offers like this. And I got a makeup pouch as a new member. The membership gives 1 point per 1 Pound spent, and for every 100 points, one will get a 10 Pound rebate. what should be my 1st purchase from Space NK? ;) NARS Nouveau Monde eyeshadow duo?? Laura Mercier palette??


rakhshanda said...

Wowww great shades!! Thanks for the swatches :) Love those gold eyeliners!! <3

Vonvon said...

You are welcome, Rakhshanda! Yes, lovely shades. And both gold eyeliners are awesome!

gio said...

I love those gold eyeliners, they are gorgeous!

Witoxicity said...

Gold Thread looks very enticing. I've never tried a gold eyeliner before. :)