Friday, March 4, 2011

Media Launch Of MAC Wonder Woman Spring 2011 Collection

MAC Wonder Woman Spring 2011 Collection is finally here in Malaysia. I was at the media launch on Wednesday night at Midvalley Centre Court and the place was filled with bright and bold colors of gold, blue, red and yellow - the Wonder Woman colors!

MAC Wonder Woman Spring 2011

MAC Wonder Woman collection
- Eyeshadow quads, mascaras

MAC Wonder Woman collection
- MSFs, blush duos, pigments, lippies

MAC Wonder Woman launch venue

MAC Wonder Woman

Me and Wonder Woman

MAC Wonder Woman POW tattoo

MAC Wonder Woman drinks(top) and cupcakes(bottom)

Me trying out MAC Wonder Woman Valiant Eyeshadow Quad, makeup done by Stephen

Me and Stephen

The Glamazons

Love their makeup so much. It's from the Lady Justice eyeshadow quad which I am planning to get too. :) And the blue mascara, Themyscira, is beautiful!

Me and Sim

Me and 2 Glamazons

Me and Glamazons, Jac(left) and Liyana(right).
Liyana is from Moscow, and of course, I was speaking to her in Russian! :D

So, are you planning on getting anything from this collection??


jojoba (My Makeup Reviews) said...

wow this event looked very interesting! was that ParisB behind one of the picture? :P

PS: those wonder women look like clones! LOL

PiNk pRiNcEss said...

What did you get vonvon?? anxious to see your hauls!!

Vonvon said...

Jojoba, which picture? I didn't meet her till later during the event after the Wonder Women parade. ;)

Yea, agreed! They kinda look all alike.

Vonvon said...

Pink Princess, just got them few hours ago..... Pink Power MSF and Lady Justice eyeshadow quad. So tempted to get the jumbo-sized lipglasses....but practice 101% self-control!

Just about to photograph them.... ;)

RunWitMe said...

Hi! I got some pics from the same event too. Pls check it out ->

gio said...

What a fun event! I don't plan to buy anything from this collection but I can't wait for you to review the products you got. :)

Sherry said...

good pics :D hehe.. they are really tall