Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A-Blush-A-Day, No. 2: Palgantong Kamayaki Cheek #04 Cappucino Brown - Swatches & Review

The blush for the A-Blush-A-Day project Day 2 will be Palgantong Kamayaki Cheek #04 Cappucino Brown.

(This post will be published on Wednesday, 27 April, morning, Malaysian time, but as I am preparing this post now, it's still Tuesday, 26 April, night over here. So it's still Day 2, yea... ;) I couldn't prepare this post earlier as I went to another town this afternoon to pick up my NARS Nouveau Monde :D and some stuffs from Boots since they have their 3 for 2 Mix & Match going on now. I'll take pictures of my haul in the morning.)

It's another baked cheek product again, but I promise for No. 3, it will be a powder blush.

Palgantong is actually Japanese but its products are mostly made in Korea.

Palgantong Kamayaki Cheek #04 Cappucino Brown
From the box: An ultra-fine duo color blusher that has a marbleized shade on one side and a complementary mono-shade on the other. They are bakedfor 24 hours in Terra Cotta Pans, which are well-known for retaining moisture. You can wear these two shades separately or mix them to create a tailored shade. The finish result is sheer and radiant.

The mono shade side is a slightly shimmery light brown while the marbleised side is a mixture of different light brown shades and creamy white. They both swatched sheer with a fair amount of fallout. But its pigmentation is average. On my cheeks, the finish is quite sheer with some shine and frostiness.

The blush comes with a small flat blush brush housed in a compartment beneath the blush, and right below the blush, there is a small mirror too(see pic below). While the mirror is good on-the-go, I find that I hardly use it. Nevertheless, such kind of mirror can always come in handy.

The blush brush
Normally I wouldn't use the applicator, be it a brush or sponge applicator(for eyeshadow) that comes with the product. However, this brush is quite well-made, and the bristles feel soft. It's not too small that it can apply the blush on my cheeks well.

Swatches of Palgantong Kamayaki Cheek #04 Cappucino Brown

As you can see above, the swatches are sheer, but pigmentation is average. It has some tiny glitter in it, but generally, the finish, especially when swirled, is rather frosty.
I got about 3 hours of wear with it, after that, I can only see some slight glitter.

On my cheeks (under various lighting and different ways of application)

In the above picture, I swirled the brush all over the blush, and you can see on the brush, how much blush it picked up. Applied on my cheek - you can see a rather frosty finish, more of a glow, but with a slight pinkish tint.

The above collage (and below) shows application of the blush duo with the marbleised part on top and the light brown part below. So the marbleised part sort of acted like a highlighter, highlighting my cheek bone, and the light brown gave a slight contouring effect.

I can't really say if I like this blush or not, but I do use it quite often. As the shade is so light and sheer, it makes a good everyday blush for me which makes my skin glow and looking radiant.

This retails for RM79 (10g) and it's available in 4 different shades at SASA stores in Malaysia.

*This product is a press sample provided by the manufacturer, and not SASA Malaysia.


Jess said...

A very nice natural brown blush I think! Makes your skin look really glowy from within!

Jennifer said...

it seems that you like glowy and nudy blushes :D (like msf and this one)

Vonvon said...

Yes, it is a great natural-looking blush, Jess! Thank you. I didn't think of it as glow from within, though. But now that you mentioned it, yea...

Vonvon said...

Jennifer, hmmm, good observation! I didn't give that much thought before. I just go for blushes that make me look good. But I guess you are right, I do have a tendency towards glowy and natural-looking blushes. Well, there's more pinky pigmented blushes to come as well. :)