Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A-Blush-A-Day, No. 3: MAC Pink Cult Powder Blush - Swatches & Review

The 3rd blush to be featured for Day 3 of A-Blush-A-Day project is MAC Pink Cult Powder Blush, which was part of the MAC Jeanius Collection (March '11).

MAC Pink Cult Powder Blush

Described as mid-tone dirty neutral pink, it's a soft pink shade with blue undertone, with matte finish. Although you can't see much of a color in the swatch below, it has a smooth texture and easy to swatch with good pigmentation. (Originally written by me here. Sorry for recycling my words and even photos. Pretty busy lately, and a bit depressed too.)

Swatch of MAC Pink Cult Powder Blush

This blush is highly pigmented. (Sorry for poor lighting in the photo). It swatches a beautiful soft blue-pink and on my cheeks, it gives a pink glowy radiance. Even a touch of my blush brush (Stila brush #24) onto its surface would pick up quite a lot of powder. It's quite soft, but there is no powdery fall out. Do use a light hand when applying this blush, and slowly build up the intensity of the colour to what you want.
I wore this all day for about 8-9 hours on different days and for different occasions, and at the end, I still see the same pink glowy shade on my cheeks.

On my cheeks (photos taken on various occasions and under different daylight conditions)

Because of its matte finish, it doesn't enhance the imperfection on my skin, not that I have too many to begin with, ;) but at least my pores are not visible. In fact, I think it even makes my skin appear smoother.

This retails for RM75 (6g), and is limited edition.

*This product is a press sample provided by PR.

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