Thursday, April 28, 2011

A-Blush-A-Day, No. 4: Anna Sui Face Color Accent G 350 - Swatches & Review

On Day 4, I will show you a blush from Anna Sui, Face Color Accent G 350, which is a pink blush with some silver-white micro-glitter but on blending, turns into some sort of matte finish but with a sheen (a bit like pearl finish). I had purchased this blush for a while and almost forgotten about it. Guess it's time to give it some love. ;)

Anna Sui Face Color Accent G 350

OK, this pink blush with some lilac undertone is not as easy to photograph to get its true-to-the-pan colour. So I will just try to describe as accurately as I can here.

It's a whitish pink with lilac undertone. It has some micro-glitter in it, which is not a bother to me, and after blending, the glitter would fall off, leaving a sheer matte finish but with a sheen. (See below for the swatches)

The texture is quite smooth but the blush itself feels quite hard. When swatched with my finger, it does become slightly powdery on the pan (fall-out). This blush is moderately pigmented, and I had to swipe several times before getting the intensity of the color below.

I didn't test the wear time of this blush, as I had just swatched and played with it yesterday evening, and that was the first time (*blushing) I was using/playing with it. But I didn't notice any fading until when I removed it last night, and that was after about 3 hours.

Something to note, while I like the tea rose scent of all Anna Sui beauty products, this blush has only a very faint scent. Perhaps, I have bought it for quite some time and the scent has faded. And of course, Anna Sui products have very cute and girly design and packaging. The blush itself has the Anna Sui rose etched on it.

This blush compact comes with a small brush, which isn't too small (really) for my face. I would say that the brush quality is reasonably good.

Swatch of Anna Sui Face Color Accent G 350
Swiped several times to get the swatch on my hand (above)

Swatch of Anna Sui Face Color Accent G 350
Left: Without blending, you can see some tiny specks of white glitter
Right: After blending, sheer matte finish

On my cheeks (taken on the same evening, but at different parts of my home, hence the variation in lighting)

This blush (3g) retails for RM91, and is not a limited edition. I think it's pretty pricey for 3g, but then Anna Sui products are known for the cute design and packaging, so I guess you pay not only for the product itself, but also the cuteness of its design and packaging! ;)


bebem.xo said...

Nice blog post! :) That color is really pretty.
Come check out my blog sometime! :) It would be much appreciated!

Vonvon said...

Thank you bebem.xo. Yea, that's a sweet yet bright pink shade.