Monday, April 4, 2011

Reviews: C.Michael (TM) Trichologica Hairomatherapy Anti Hair Loss Shampoo & Treatment Spray; I Essence; & Treatment Mist

I have been plagued by hair fall problem since the birth of Princess, and very frequently, when I wash my hair, the drain in the shower or bath tub would be clogged up with my hair. And I have used countless shampoos and conditioners, changed them many times, but the problem still persists.

So when I was given the opportunity to try out C.Michael (TM) Trichologica Hairomatherapy haircare, I chose the Anti Hair Loss range - Shampoo and Treatment Spray. I was also given the I Essence and Treatment Mist to try out and review.

C.Michael (TM) Trichologica Hairomatherapy Anti Hair Loss Shampoo

This shampoo works in the 'anti hair loss' department. Well, it doesn't completely stop my hair from falling but it indeed reduces my hair fall. Objectively, I judged the amount of my hair fall from the amount of hair that clogs up the drain in my shower or bath tub. Previously, my fallen hair would almost completely clog up the drain leading to Hubby commenting, "I am surprised that you still have a head full of hair, looking at the way your hair is falling off everyday!" But after using this shampoo for about a week, I do notice that only a few strands of my hair clog up the drain after my shower. And there is less strands of hair on my hair brush when combing my hair too.

But while it works in reducing my hair loss, well, it works at that only. After first few washes, my hair feels soft and quite smooth. Then, by about 1 week of usage, my hair no longer feels soft after each washing. It actually makes my hair feel 'clumpy and lifeless'.

And I forgot to mention that this shampoo doesn't foam much. It doesn't contain Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, but it does contain TEA-Lauryl Sulfate and Ammonium Lauryl Sulfate. So I couldn't understand why it doesn't foam much. It performs its cleansing function well. But I still need quite a lot of product for each washing. It does have a pleasant mild floral scent.

Overall, I would recommend this product if you are looking for a shampoo that helps in reducing your hair loss. But that's all it does.

And it doesn't come with a rinse-off conditioner for similar anti hair loss function.Perhaps, if there is a corresponding conditioner to go with this shampoo, it might help with the 'my hair feeling clumpy and lifeless' part.

Instead it comes with a Treatment Spray.

C.Michael (TM) Trichologica Hairomatherapy Anti Hair Loss Treatment Spray

This is a spray that is to complement the Shampoo, to be used after shampooing on towel-dry or dry hair. It has a pleasant floral scent.

I sprayed it onto my damp hair and scalp as per the instruction after towel-drying my hair. It keeps my hair soft for a few hours. And when my hair is completely dry after washing(I hardly blow-dry my hair, but let it air-dry), it just feels lifeless and 'hard'.

C.Michael (TM) Trichologica Hairomatherapy I Essence Professional

This is an essence for the hair, to be applied on towel-dry hair or dried hair. It has a light cream texture. On the bottle, it also claims to protect the hair against UV rays, moisturizes hair and reduces frizziness.

I apply it on my hair whenever it looks 'out of shape' and I need to go out of the house, etc. It does help with the frizziness for a few hours, well, enough for me to go out, run my errands, and come home. It does help in making my hair less dry, but I wouldn't say that it's moisturizing my hair.

C.Michael (TM) Trichologica Hairomatherapy Treatment Mist

This is a hair mist which claims to moisturize the hair.

I spray it on my hair whenever I comb my hair and my hair feels dry. It makes my hair easier to manage. But after a few hours, I notice my hair starts to form clumps.

Products from C.Michael Trichologica Hairamotherapy range are available in Watsons, Jusco AEON Wellness and Sogo.

Price Range (Retail): RM 16.90 - RM 24.90
Price Range (Promo): RM 15.21 - RM 22.41

*Products were sent by PR firm, Magma Communications, to me for review purpose.


Sherry said...

my first time see this product

Vonvon said...

Yes, Sherry, this brand is quite new in the market.

Maria said...

i like your's blogs and i see your's products last 6months.I am 23years old.i have problem my hair is very damage my frd reguest me to use herbal products based shampoo.Hair Loss Shampoo

Anonymous said...

Is the spray really works Vonvon ?? I'm currently using the hair loss shampoo for 1 week.. It does make my hair dry but i just feel like my hair isn't getting oily that fast compared to last time.. I think I have quite a serious of hair loss problem as I'm only 23 and the top of my head is getting lesser hair. Do you have any solution on this ?? Seriously need help.. Btw.. Sorry for the long post..

Vonvon said...

Hello there,

Thank you for the comment. No worries about long comment. :)

I can say that the spray complements the action of the shampoo. But I can't really tell if it really helps in preventing hair fall.

Perhaps, try modifying your diet. Less salt, more vegetables and protein. In Chinese medicine shops, there is a kind of herb, called 'shou wu'. Boiling it and drinking the concoction is supposed to help. It's not bitter. What my mum did was add it to soups she prepared for every meal. Of course, I can't guarantee it will work, but at least it's nutritious.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your feedback.. Perhaps I should just try it out.. hopefully I can find one which really helps.. Thanks alot.. =D

Vonvon said...

You are welcome. :)

Siew Wei said...

do we spray directly on the scalp or the ends of the hair for the anti hair loss treatment spray ?

Vonvon said...

Hi Siew Wei, for the anti hair loss treatment spray, you spray onto the roots of your hair/scalp.