Thursday, April 14, 2011

Sleek MakeUp New Shades Of True Colour Lipsticks - Some Swatches & Thoughts; Haul; Special Offer

I have been wanting to get a Sleek MakeUp True Colour lipstick, since I read a review on one of the lipsticks in Rose Petal in Gio's blog. And that was some time last year. Several times when I was in Superdrug, I saw the lipstick but I had waited as I simply have too many lippies to finish at the moment. Then I read that Sleek is coming up with new colours for their True Colour lipsticks some time this week on their Facebook page.

So, I went to Superdrug yesterday hoping to see the new lipstick shades, and not only was I greeted with the new display of the 20 shades, most of the testers are brand new too! But too bad, the SA was there so I couldn't take pictures of the display and the brand new testers. If you are my regular readers, you would know how much I love to photograph new collections in their pristine condition, then swatch all the products in a new collection! ;) I could only photograph some of the swatches I made on the back of my hand.

I have to say that I am quite new to Sleek MakeUp products, got acquainted to them 'physically' only last year, though I have been reading raves about this brand on various beauty blogs.

Anyways, let's talk about the new shades now....

The new shade comes packaged in paper box, instead of plastic for the older version. (see below)

The new shades come in 2 finishes - Matte and Sheen.

My thoughts..........
Most of the Sheen lipsticks are smooth to apply, glide on easily and feel moisturising when swatched on my skin. They have a sheen which is not shimmery, but I would say, like pearl. I swatched only a few of the Mattes, and there weren't too many Matte shades. Some of the Mattes swatched almost like Sheen - smooth, but somehow those that I had swatched felt a little dry, compared to the Sheen lipsticks.

Here are some of the swatches............ (I posted a photo of it earlier with their names on my Facebook page).

Top row: Naked (S), Baby Doll (S), Mulberry (S), O.M.G. (S), Coral Reef (S).
Middle row: Candy Cane (S), Papaya Punch (M), Stiletto (M), Vixen (S), Fuchsia (S).

Bottom row: Mystic (M), Peaches & Cream (S), Bare All (M).

Left to right: Naked (S), Baby Doll (S), Mulberry (S), O.M.G! (S), Coral Reef (S).

Left to right: Candy Cane (S), Papaya Punch (M), Stiletto (M), Vixen (S), Fuchsia (S).

Left to right: Mystic (M), Peaches & Cream (S), Bare All (M).
Do note that Bare All (M) swatch is rather dry and it didn't glide on smoothly when swatched.

My Sleek True Colour lipsticks haul

I had planned to purchase Rose Petal (the one in the plastic packaging on the left) for a while.
Then, today I saw that together with the new shades, there was an offer in Superdrug for any 2 True Colour Lipsticks for
£6. Original price is £3.99 each. And it also includes the older version of the True Colour lipsticks.

So, without any hesitation, I took the last Rose Petal on the shelf. And for the second lipstick, since orange lipsticks are 'in' this season, I decided to get an orange lipstick which happened to be in the shade called O.M.G! It's orange but with red in it. You can see the swatch above.

Sleek True Colour Lipstick in Rose Petal (left) and O.M.G! (right)
Photo taken under yellow lighting at night with flash.

It's way past midnight here, almost 2AM actually. I will take more pictures of Rose Petal and O.M.G! in the daylight later, and lip swatches too.

Meanwhile, did any of the shades that I had swatched above catch your fancy?


Penelope said...

Rose Petal looks like such a pretty colour! Can't wait for your swatches!

gio said...

You finally got Rose Petal! I hope you ae enjoying it as much as I am, it has a lovely texture and the color is very pretty! And what a good deal you got.

And thanks for the swatches. Coral Reef and Mystic look gorgeous.

Blair said...

OMG, how long has it been since I last left a comment in your blog V dear? Sooooo sorry! Gotta catch up with your posts. Cafe Life overtook my life, I was breathing, eating and sleeping it hahaha XD

Ughh yah, I can't take pics too if SAs are there to stalk my every move. Can't wait for your lip swatches <3

Vonvon said...

Yes, Penelope! Rose Petal is beautiful. I will try to do some swatches now, even though it's pretty cloudy here today.

Vonvon said...

YES! I am glad I had waited to get Rose Petal, gio! And I got it at a discount. I like Mystic, but it's rather dry compared to the Sheen finish lipsticks.

Vonvon said...

Blair!!!! I miss you. So many things have happened since then, whenever that was. ;) No worries.

I was so immersed in Bakery Story and Restaurant Story too, managing 3 each at once, especially during the times right after my Dad passed away. Some sort of little therapy.

I will swatch soon... hopefully the sun will come out, and I can take better pics.

Mz More said...

I need OMG in my life like right now!

Vonvon said...

Mz More, do they have it in the US already?