Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A-Blush-A-Day, Nos. 13 & 14: Prorance Sunny Glam Water Glow Skinfinish in M11 & M18 - Swatches & Reviews

Prorance is a Korean brand, and is available in Malaysia in SASA stores. I was given the opportunity to try out some Prorance blushes, called Prorance Sunny Glam Water Glow -Skinfinish-, a while ago. The person in-charge told me that one can create the glowy cheeks and sharp, 'pointy' nose like those we see in the Korean actresses with the products (yes, 2 different blushes) I am going to review today.

Prorance Sunny Glam Water Glow -Skinfinish- M11 & M18

So, did I manage to create that look? We shall see.....

But, first of all, what's with that 'Skinfinish' name? Oh well, it's just a name, I suppose, and I shouldn't think too deep about it, though 'Skinfinish' sounds quite MAC (as in Mineralize Skinfinish).

Packaging-wise, it's a very light plastic casing, though with some sort of 'bronze-metallic' finish in appearance, and some raised pattern on the top of the casing. Not a big fan of the pattern though. But overall, the design of the compact is quite good with a compartment for a brush which surprisingly is of decent quality. Then below the compartment is a round mirror, and the blush itself.

Prorance Sunny Glam Water Glow -Skinfinish- M11 & M18 (with brushes)

Prorance Sunny Glam Water Glow -Skinfinish- M11(left) and M18(right)

The blush is dome-shaped with fine marbleised pattern. M18 is generally a pale shimmery shade with pink, pale lilac and white marbleised pattern. While M11 looks reddish-pink with white marbleisation (if that is a word?). I was told that M18 can be used to highlight the cheekbones and to make the nose look 'pointy' and more defined, and M11 will give you the rosy glow just right on the apple of your cheeks.

Photos above and below: Swatches of Prorance Sunny Glam Water Glow -Skinfinish- M11(left) and M18(right)

Both blushes have almost the same characteristics, in terms of their texture, pigmentation, finish and they surely wear for a long time! Both have soft and smooth texture, shimmery but on closer look, the shimmer looks like some very fine multi-coloured microglitter, hence you don't get some glitterbomb here. There is no problem with glitter flying everywhere on the face. They are slightly powdery, but fall-out is almost minimal. They apply well on my cheeks with a frosty sheen which unfortunately pinpointed some unevenness on my skin (I am already using my go-to Juice Beauty Perfecting Foundation...sigh, I must be getting old....must double up my anti-aging regime!). Pigmentation is very good, though the actual shades were pretty hard to photograph and I had to move around the house to get different lighting to try to catch the true shades on my cheeks! And they last for hours on my cheeks - in the photos below, I applied them (1 blush on each cheek) at about 1PM, and by 8PM after cooking and sweating away in the kitchen, they were still there as they were first applied! That's like 7 hours of wear time and beyond as we had a guest over for dinner. By the time I removed my makeup that day, it was almost midnight. You do the Maths! There you go.....something I didn't expect.

Also, on the box, it's printed 'talc-free' - if it does matter to you. Because as for me, I am not very particular about these things, as long as there is no arsenic or lead and the likes... ;) Basically, I don't fuss too much over the ingredients in my makeup, as I use my makeup mostly in moderation, and I do take breaks from makeup from time to time to let my skin rest. I am also very grateful that my skin is not sensitive to most stuffs. That said, I do use organic and natural makeup and skincare too. :) That will be another time......

Prorance Sunny Glam Water Glow -Skinfinish- M11, on my cheek

Only Prorance Sunny Glam Water Glow -Skinfinish- M11, on my cheek

Prorance Sunny Glam Water Glow -Skinfinish- M11, on my cheek, with M18 as highlight below the outer corner of my eye.

Prorance Sunny Glam Water Glow -Skinfinish- M18, on my cheek

Only Prorance Sunny Glam Water Glow -Skinfinish- M18, on my cheek, showing a hint of frosty glow.

So, in the end, did I get the Korean actress look of high cheekbones and pointy nose? ;)
Nay.... I just don't have those features to begin with, so I guess I could create an illusion of that with the help of some makeup, but somehow, it didn't turn out to be that way. Nevertheless, I like these blushes for their pigmentation and long-wearing ability. Besides, I love a slight frosty glow finish on my cheeks! :D

Prorance makeup products are available in Malaysia in SASA stores. But I don't remember the price of these blushes. Should be around RM59.90 each?? Can someone please confirm if you happen to know the price? Thanks! :)

P.s. Please take a peek at what the brain behind this A-Blush-A-Day project, Jennifer, Elaine, and other bloggers who participated are up to with their blush collections.


VijiiS said...

These both look amazing on you. I really like M11!

Y. said...

Speaking of Korean cosmetics, Etude House is having 50% discount on almost ALL of their make-up items, even new arrivals.

Eyeshadow palettes going for abt. RM20-21

Blushers (that looks like Jill Stuart 4in1 Blush) abt. RM21+

Gel Eyeliner w Brush abt RM19+

All in all, I only spent a few bucks short of RM150 so yeah, good buy.

Oh, and while depotting my NARS E/S into my UNII palettes, many casualties. Now must replace. "Heart-ache"

And planned on getting Captn Ferrat it is so seriously expensive. Now still considering.

Oh, I have more updates on my collective haul from various summer collections that I finally succumbed to...haha. Next time on that.

Big Hole In Pocket. Period.

Good day.


Jennifer said...

M11 looks great on you! btw Elaine has also linked to your blog on her ABAD posts.


Vonvon said...

Hi VijiiS,

Thank you. That's my favorite too, though I like both of them!

Vonvon said...

YS, why, oh why do you depot your NARS eyeshadows? I wouldn't bear to even touch mine and 'scratch' the surface.... ;) Where are you going to get your replacement NARS? BKK or HK?

Cap Ferrat is a must-have, IMO! May be because the combo of shades reminds me so much of the Aegean Sea! ;)

And thanks for the info on Etude House. I love Etude House when they are on sale! LOL! But I think by the time I go back to Malaysia, their sale would be over. JS-like blushers?? Wouldn't mind having a couple of them...now that I am doing the blush posts almost everyday, kind of sparked an interest in me to blushes. But I still love my eyeshadows!

And next time when I go back to KL, I will be 'thick-skin' and self-invite myself to your place to view your makeup collection. :P kidding la...

Vonvon said...

Yes, Jennifer! I like M11 a lot too.

I have added both your link and Elaine's to as many of my ABAD posts. :) Thank you for letting me know.

gio said...

They both look gorgeous, love them!

misselainnio said...

First thanks for linking me.
Sorry, I didn't know you had taken part on ABAD too till I read Jenni's blog yday... ^^

^five my blush fiend!!

I really liked the blushers on you! I hope I can find them in KL Sasa when I go over! ^^

Vonvon said...

Glad you love them, gio! Thanks.:)

Vonvon said...

Elaine, no problem. And no worries about it too. ;)

Actually, I am not really big blush fiend like you and Jennifer. But may be after this, I will be one, eh? Who knows?

Glad you like these blushes. If you are familiar with KL, SASA at KL Pavilion definitely has Prorance and other SASAs too. But am not too sure which ones. May be SASA Lot 10, sicne it's quite new. :) Let me know when you get them yea...