Monday, May 30, 2011

A-Blush-A-Day, Nos. 29 & 30: MAC Mineralize Skinfinshes - Refined & Light Flush - Swatches & Reviews

The last 2 blushes, but not least ;), will be 2 MAC Mineralize Skinfinishes. So I decided to combine them into 1 post. Picture-heavy post!

MAC Mineralize Skinfinishes in Light Flush(left) and Refined(right)
As with most MAC MSFs, these 2 are limited editions. I am sorry.
Light Flush, however, is a repromote from MAC N Collection (January 2008??) which came in the Pinkzapoppin! Mineralize Kit (RM300 for the whole set) from Magic, Mirth & Mischief (Holiday 2009) collection.
While Refined is from the Sugarsweet Collection (March 2009) which I snagged from the Estee Lauder sale.


Of the 5 MAC MSFs that I own, only Refined's packaging has the brand and product name etched onto the transparent plastic cover. The rest, except MAC Wonder Woman Pink Power MSF, have only the words printed on the plastic cover.

I think this is one of the most beautiful MAC MSFs of the 5 that I own. It has a marbleised pattern throughout with coral, light brown and pale peach shades. And the marbleisation in this forms some sort of a 'flower' pattern.

The pigmentation of this is fairly good, but overall, I think the colour is quite light. I did swatches from 3 different parts of the MSF (as denoted by the numbers labeled on the photos).

Generally, it gives a nude tan shade when swirled together with a frosty sheen which isn't too prominent. I get an average of 5-6 hours of wear time from this MSF.

Swatches were made at the points 1, 2 and 3 by swiping my fingers across the MSF (one finger at a time).

Swatches of MAC Refined MSF
Swatch 1: Pale peach with a touch of orangey colour
Swatch 2: Light brownish coral
Swatch 3: Nude tone with shimmer
(Overall, the 3 swatches above show some slight shimmer.)

Swatch of MAC Refined MSF - swirled together

On my cheek

It gives a tan glow, which I have a feeling I would be reaching out to this MSF quite often in the coming Summer months. :)



This MSF lives up to its name, Light Flush, and does just the way it was named. It gives me a light flush! ;) (in the real sense of the words)

This is a beautiful soft nude-pink shade with bronze veining. And the surface of this MSF actually has a very beautiful sheen (look at the photo above, the right upper quadrant - you can see the sheen). The pigmentation is fairly good. It has a smooth texture (the same as with Refined) but slightly powdery when swiped. Refined is more powdery compared to Light Flush.

Swatches were made at the points 1 and 2 by swiping my fingers across the MSF (one finger at a time).

Swatches of MAC Light Flush MSF
Swatch 1: Pinkish tan
Swatch 2: Light peach
(Both have some shimmer.)

Swatch of MAC Light Flush MSF - swirled together
A shimmery pinkish tan

On my cheek

The last 2 photos show the light flush it imparts to my cheek very clearly.

Both of these MSFs contain 10g of product, compared to some MSFs which have 9g.

And now......

It's the end of the A-Blush-A-Day series! :)))

................Curtain call..................


Appu said...

I love Light Flush :D So so pretty!

VijiiS said...

I really like the look of refined!

makeupjelena said...

These two MAC products look really nice :-)

productdoctor said...

Great pictures! I only have the MSFN but these are very pretty! I'm a new follower :)

Vonvon said...

Yes, Appu, it is very pretty indeed. Somehow I notice that the older MAC MSFs look more beautiful than the newer ones. May be it's just me. But I think 5 more new MSFs coming up with MAC Semi-Precious this Summer. :)

Vonvon said...

This Refined has a very pretty pattern, Vijiis. I Googled up some other images of Refined and they all have different patterns. Well, that's the beauty of MAC MSFs. But I like the pattern on this a lot for sure.

Vonvon said...

They are, Jelena. I hope MAC will repromote them in future. :)

Vonvon said...

Hello, productdoctor!

Thank you for following and commenting. Am your new follower too.

JC! :) said...

I really love Light Flush MSF. I use it almost everyday. :) I love your blog btw!


Vonvon said...

Thank you, JC! Glad you like reading my blog. :) I have been digging posts in your blog too.

I like Light Flush too. And to think I have had it for so long and didn't use it. *slaps forehead