Friday, June 3, 2011

The Battle Of The BB Creams: Day 3 - MAC Prep+Prime Beauty Balm "BB" SPF35/PA+++, Swatches, Review & Photos

Today we'll talk about a BB Cream from a Western brand which is also one of my favourite makeup brand, M.A.C.! :D It's MAC Prep+Prime Beauty Balm "BB" SPF35/PA+++.

But I don't have the actual full-sized product, only samples of it, which those friendly SAs at various airport duty-free MAC stores kindly gave me to try out. I haven't really decided if I would plonk down HKD235 or USD31 or RM105 for the full-sized 30ml tube. Why not? Read on...... :)

Sample of MAC Prep+Prime Beauty Balm "BB" SPF35/PA+++

This BB Cream is a light beige colour with some pink undertone. It has a slightly creamy texture which applies with some streaking when I use my finger to spread it during the first few times I used it. And I had to spend extra time trying to blend the streaks away. Then I resorted to applying with a foundation brush which got a bit better, with less streaking and blended more easily. Finally, I discovered that spreading it between my fingers first and 'slap' it on my face then blend it out works the best! You can read how I now apply most of my BB Creams here.

MAC Prep+Prime Beauty Balm "BB" SPF35/PA+++

Swatch of MAC Prep+Prime Beauty Balm "BB" SPF35/PA+++ - spread out
It's almost the same shade as my inner forearm.

Swatch of MAC Prep+Prime Beauty Balm "BB" SPF35/PA+++ - blended out
Almost no distinguishable difference.

It is slightly moisturising and it's almost the same shade as my skin tone (which is NC25-NC30, since I have been spending more time outdoor lately). It brightens my complexion without making me look pale. Since it has a SPF of 35 and PA 3 plus-es, I apply this right after my morning moisturiser, skipping the sunblock. It has a light fragrance which dissipate upon application.

This BB cream provides medium coverage for my complexion, as it doesn't completely conceal the redness of fine broken capillaries on my left cheek and the pores on my nose. But the overall finish is quite smooth giving some radiance to my face INITIALLY only! I did a FOTD with this last year and I got some compliments on my complexion using this. But sadly, the radiant smooth effect didn't last very long.........

With this BB Cream, sometimes I set it with a powder. and sometimes not. But even with powder, my T-zone will become shiny about 2 hours after application. And not only it becomes oily, but also somewhat patchy and cakey. Basically, I can see the product settling into the pores on my nose! Uh-oh! Not too good, eh? Overall, the wear time I get from this is about 3-4 hours (for the rest of my face), again, another not so long-wearing BB Cream. Just for the record, I don't have oily skin, but more of a combination with slightly dry cheeks and not so oily T-zone.

This BB Cream comes in only 1 shade, which suits my NC25-30 skin tone quite well.

On my face (some scary-looking photos ahead! ;) )

Half-half application
BB Cream applied on the right side of my face for comparison. (photos above and below)

Full face application

Photos taken right away application. Smooth, radiant finish.


So, despite it being a MAC product, I think after reading my account of it, you know why I am still not purchasing the full-size product. (photo below, courtesy of MyWomenStuff)

Currently available at duty-free in various international airports in East Asia and I have spotted it in Dubai Terminal 2 as well.
The price at different airports that I have seen this product: HKD235 or USD31 (in HKIA) or RM105 (in KLIA), Emirati Dirham (AED)110 at Dubai.

Perhaps soon it will be available in MAC counters/stores, since I know that Clinique BB Cream is now available for sale at Clinique counters in department stores in Malaysia. (to be reviewed soon)


productdoctor said...

Great review. Wish these came in darker shades as well!

Vonvon said...

Thank you, productdoctor. Some brands have different shades for their BB Cream but most of their shades are more on the lighter side.