Thursday, June 16, 2011

July '11 Magazines Freebies - RED & Marie Claire

This month , the July issues of some UK magazines offer really awesome freebies.

RED magazines have 3 different shades of Jemma Kidd Make Up School Hi-Shine Silk Touch Lipgloss to choose from - 15 Coral, 17 Petal and 18 Perfect Red(an exclusive shade created for RED magazine readers, and also my favourite of the lot!). Well, needless to say, I bought 3 copies of the magazine for the 3 different lipglosses. For £3.80 per magazine, and the lipgloss is worth £14 each! You do the Maths, aren't they good deals?

Marie Claire has freebies from Inika, an organic cosmetic brand from Australia. There is a choice of either Inika Mineral Eyeliner or Eyeshadow, both worth a total of
£23.50. Each copy of the magazine costs £3.60. And what's even better, I found out that Costco sells all these magazines at 20% off the printed price for current and past month magazines! YAY! So I got 2 copies of Marie Claire for the eyeliner and eyeshadow for £2.88 each! But too bad, I didn't see any RED magazine anymore. And if only I'd known, I would have purchased the 3 RED magazines from Costco, and could have saved at least £2+!

And Glamour magazines for July have Benefit freebies - 6ml of Benetint, 6ml of Posietint or 6ml of High Beam. And each magazine costs only
£2. And Costco had plenty of them still last week. But I didn't buy any Glamour magazine. ;)


gio said...

What awesome freebies!

@DdY said...

We hardly get these kind of good offers in Malaysia, no? We hardly get samples too! Why oh why..hehe

fieran said...

Ahh! I bought 2 copies of Glamour on my weekend at London to get Posie Tint and Bene Tint. Then I bought Cha Cha tint from the store. I'm so into them now as it's summer and I want to try something new :)

Gotta love British versions of the magazines that give out such nice freebies. In Norway we get the magazines (at 3x the prices) but with no freebies :(

digital magazines said...

Magazines on iPad look stunning. I love reading digital magazines on iPads and iPhones. I use Other edition's newsstand for reading digital magazines.

Vonvon said...

Yes, they are, gio! :)

Vonvon said...

@DdY, no, we hardly get anything this good from Malaysian mags. I guess the competition here is so great, and magazines want to boost their circulation, and brands want to advertise. But in a way, I am glad because I get to know many new brands from these freebies. :)

Vonvon said...

Good for you, Fieran! I have Benetint, so I guess I'll save up for other things, especially MAC Semi-Precious Collection. :D

How's Cha Cha Tint?

In Malaysia, there are no great magazine offers like this either.

One of the few good things about living in the UK..... haha!

fieran said...

Yes. living in the UK is so nice. I loveeeee London - the food, the buildings, the sighs... *sigH*

Hmm, Cha Cha tint is kind of cute actually, it's like a more natural, less pigmented version of NARS Taj Mahal perhaps? I'm dark though (NW43) so on me it's like a natural glow. I'm a bit annoyed with myself for not picking up Benefit's tints in so long, now that I have found them, I'm really impressed.

Witoxicity said...

We hardly EVER get such cool freebies with mags here. The UK mags (and newspapers) are 'notorious' for this. I heard about the Marie Claire freebie the other day and I'll see if I can hunt down the UK Marie Claire here (they are available but only at select bookstores). I would so love to try the Inika eye products. :D

Vonvon said...

Fieran, London is nice. But I can't say the same of the smaller countryside towns. ;)

Ahhhh....NARS Taj Mahal....a beautiful orange blush. Yet to possess it. But Sleek Makeup is coming up with an orange blush next month in their Caribbean collection, called Aruba. Guess will get that first. ;)

Vonvon said...

Witoxicity, I was quite surprised when I first came here to see all the freebies that come with the mags, but now I will dash to the newsstand (from now on, will be Costco since they have 20% off these mags) the day they are available to get my mags and the freebies! :D

It helps to know in advance what we'll be getting from the previous month's magazine and the date of availability of the next issue.