Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Nails Of The Day(NOTD): China Glaze Summer Escape 2011 - Electric Pineapple; Review, Swatches

Here's the NOTD of China Glaze Summer Escape Electric Pineapple nail polish.

China Glaze Summer Escape Electric Pineapple nail polish swatch
3 coats

Electric Pineapple is a lemon yellow shade with a hint of green undertone. Actually there is nothing too 'electric' about this shade. If it were to be called 'electric', I would have expected it to be a bright striking shade. But this shade is rather muted, probably due to its matte cream yet glossy finish. And if it were to be called 'pineapple', then it would be an unripe pineapple. LOL! Believe me, I have seen and eaten enough pineapple from when I was young till now to know how a ripe pineapple would look like.

So, to me, perhaps it should be called 'Electric Lemon'? :P

OK, enough jokes for the morning......
So, yes, Electric Pineapple is more of a lemon yellow shade, with a hint of green. It kinda reminds me of Princess' Crayola in green yellow and once upon a time, the colour of the Austrian Airlines Business Class toiletry pouch. ;) It has a cream and glossy finish.

And Hubby likes this colour a lot too. He describes it as "fresh, yet soothing, draws attention but doesn't demand it and very cheerful"!

It has that nail polish smell but it's quite light. I sniffed it when I opened the bottle, but after a while, the smell doesn't stay.

The consistency is quite runny. When I was applying it, some of the polish from the handle actually dripped onto my clothes. The first coat applied quite streaky and uneven with some sheer areas (see photos below). It took about 5 minutes to dry out (partly) before I applied the 2nd coat which was still slightly streaky. Normally, I would stop at 2 coats for most nail polishes that I had tried in the past. Because I know no matter how many coats I apply, all the house work and washing would scratch and chip it before I could even finish this post.
But I did a 3rd coat anyways. And I was glad I did. The end result is a nice opaque glossy finish which Hubby likes very much, and Princess likes it too! :D

By the way, after it dried out completely, there were some tiny bubbles.

China Glaze nail polishes are supposed to be 3-free.

With 1 coat

With 1 coat, you can see the unevenness and how streaky it applied.

With 2 coats

With 2 coats, it covers the nails better, but if you look closely, you can still see some unevenness.

With 3 coats

With 3 coats, unless you squint and look very closely, I am quite happy with the finish.

I am wearing it for the 2nd day now and I haven't seen any chips.

Have a nice day!


VijiiS said...

This is such an amazing color. The whole collection was right up my alley, actually!

gio said...

That's a gorgeous shade but too bad about the formula! I'm too lazy to apply 3 coats for an even coverage lol.

Vonvon said...

So, did you get anything from this collection, Vijiis?

All the colours are lovely, but their formula varies.

Vonvon said...

I agree with you about the formula, gio. But I have to say it's quite chip-resistant. After 3 days, and there is only minimal chipping. Just some nail tip wear.

Witoxicity said...

Obviously christened by someone who isn't too well-informed about pineapples and so, decided to add 'electric' to the name to sidetrack. Haha! I like your hubby's take on the nail polish. It's always interesting to hear what men think. :)

Vonvon said...

I agree with your 'hypothesis' on the pineapple name, Witoxicity. Haha!

Thanks, dear. He does give his input on my beauty stuffs and looks I did quite often. :D