Saturday, June 18, 2011

Ramblings & Lemmings: MAC Bloggers Collection, MAC Semi-Precious Collection; London Shopping Trip; Summer Ball

Hello everyone, this is more of a rambling post...... I have been out of the house almost everyday bringing my mum and sis around since they are visiting.

We went to London on Thursday, just a day trip or rather half-day trip. We had about 6 hours to spend there and I am glad that I managed to pick up the beauty stuffs that I had planned to get, except Giorgio Armani Eyes To Kill Eyeshadow #2 Lust Red. Both their counters in Selfridges and Harrods were out of it. I Bought #6 Khaki Pulse from the GA counter in Selfridges at Oxford Street. I went to the MAC Pro Store in Foubert's Place, picked up Surf Baby eyeshadows in Sun Blonde and Swell Baby, and happened to find Miss Behave Mineralize Blush from Quite Cute collection. There was Giggly too, but I'd prefer Sakura, but they didn't have Sakura anymore.

We went into Liberty and I wished we had more time for me to check out their beauty hall more completely. I just managed to look around for a short while and saw Eliis Faas counter, Hourglass counter, Essie, O.P.I., Korres to name a few.

Then I had to slot in some sightseeing for mum and sis, so we went to Buckingham Palace.

We went to Westfield London around dinner time, had dinner there. And I managed to sneak to the Inglot store. I think I spent only 5 minutes in the store, snapped some quick photos, and picked up a 2-pan Freedom System palette, a gold and and an orange shade (they were on 10% off), and 2 eyeshadows, a matte light yellow and a sparkly sky blue shade, which were on sale at 50% off.


And I was looking online on the upcoming MAC collections, with the Bloggers Collection coming out online this coming Tuesday. Swatches were already up in Karen's blog. My initial wish list has expanded from the initial 2 products to now, 3 of them. I want Christine's Jealousy Wakes eyeshadow, and lipglasses - Sonoran Rain and Nitro: licious 2046. I was chatting with my friend earlier before she managed to help me cut down my lemming to only 3 products, as we both are saving up for MAC Semi-Precious collection!

Ooohhh.....that's another huge collection of baked mineralize products! Yuki's Lazy Channel already had all the product photos and swatches up. Ain't going to post any photos here, you can visit her blog though it's all written in Chinese, but the product names are all in English. Well, all you need is the photos of the products and swatches with labels in English. :D

Lemmings from Semi-Precious collection include, but not limited to............Mineralize Eyeshadows - Hint of Sapphire, Golden Gaze (or Glaze?), Faux Gold, Blue Sheen, Dark Indulgence; Mineralize Blushes - Warmth Of Coral and Feeling Flush; MSFs - Semi Precious Quartz and Semi Precious Pearl.


And I think I should get some rest now, as I will have a dinner to attend with Hubby this evening. Perhaps, I should slap on a thick layer of Laneige Sleeping Pack before going to bed......and go work on my nails later in the morning................

Have a nice weekend!


Witoxicity said...

I hope your Mum and Sis have been enjoying themselves. I see you've hauled quite a fair bit along the way (oh, why not?!). Your Inglot shadows on discount? That's nice. I think our Inglot store is still too new to be offering anything like 50% off. :)

I hope you and hubby will have a lovely time at the dinner tonight. Have a great weekend! :)

Vonvon said...

Thanks, Witoxicity. Just took them to Stratford yesterday. :)

Yes, I have been longing to go to London for some hard core shopping. Well, I am quite happy with my haul considering the limited time.

The normal Inglot shadows and those Freedom System palettes were on 10% off. Then as I was paying the till, I saw some bits and bops of eyeshadows, lippies in tiny boxes by the till, and the SA told me that they were on 50% off. So, of course, I grabbed a couple of them, though colour choices were limited.

Ain't complaining.... just happy that I got some Inglot shadows to try out. :)