Thursday, July 7, 2011

I Miss Blogging......

Sorry for being MIA for the past 2 weeks or is it more?

My laptop got some really nasty infection which Hubby took 2.5 days to fix it, and after that I had like some phobia to go online with the laptop and was just using the iPad to go online.

Then I just got busy with work which I had finally completed yesterday. So looking forward to Summer now...... and blogging again..........

I have been hauling a quite a bit recently, especially when my Mum and sis were visiting, and during my mini retail therapies, as a little escape from work stress.

And I managed to make a light box, and have been photographing my haul and other beauty products using it. :)

OK, just a little 'hello' for now........ Will share with you my hauls (which I got mostly on sale from drugstores, etc, then there's the haul from London), looks I did using the Sleek Monaco i-Divine eyeshadow palette from the Mediterranean collection, NOTDs, etc etc....

And there is also some rants on Sleek Makeup and Superdrug as well...... I will talk about it later. Right now, I am still waiting to hear from their customer service people!

Feathers in the sky......
I took this photo one evening, I just happened to look out the window after dinner, and saw such a beautiful formation of the clouds. :)


jojoba (My Makeup Reviews) said...

i didn't know you moved (?)to the UK? i thought you were in malaysia.

anyway, i am glad i got your back on my blog roll as my blog had some glitches and couldn't accommodate many sites. i couldn't even reply to some comments on mine sometimes. anyway, it's all fixed now and i am happy.

i just want to ask how are you feeling? i hope you are well and happy. but from your recent posts, i do think you are a happy bird again. :)

i am heading to the uk for 3 weeks in august, mostly staying in london but i am trying to squeeze some days to go out to the country. i am so not a city person. if you have information or links to places i shouldn't miss, please share them with me. :P

thanks a lot!

Blair said...

how did you make your lightbox v dear? been toying with the idea to make one too, i like the white background it gives pictures.

little hauls here and there? what?!!! should have shared some piccies on fb!!! ;D

gio said...

Welcome back! You've been missed. Can't wait to see your hauls and the looks you did with your new goodies.

Vonvon said...

Hello jojoba,

Yes, I have been traveling between the UK and Malaysia since September, though by right I should be in the UK.

Thank you for adding me to your blog roll.

I am quite all right now, thank you for asking. Although sometimes, there are ups and down. I do get teary every so often, but I try not to write too much about it on my blog.

Hmmm, I haven't been traveling much except in the Midlands. If you like country, you could visit Cotswolds, near Oxford. You could go Southward to Kent. I have been hearing my friends mentioning these 2 places. I shall email you when I come up with any ideas.

Hope you will have a lovely holiday.

Vonvon said...

Blair dear, my lazy and fastest way to make a light box is cut a piece of white paper, that fits the size of a box, say about 30cm x 60cm or bigger, paste it to the inside but make sure the length of the paper is longer so that you can let it flow outward as a base. Think I have some photos of it, again just being lazy to post it . ;)apologies.

Ok, will make use of my blog FB page to show the photos. :)

Vonvon said...

Thank you, gio! :)