Friday, July 15, 2011

Nails Of The Day (NOTD): China Glaze Summer Escape 2011 - 108 Degrees; Review, Swatches

Sorry for the long silence again after posting last week. I just got lazy, and well actually got hooked to The Apprentice Series 7 and had been catching up on it on the BBC iPlayer. Oh, where have I been? Normally, I am not really interested in reality shows but Hubby just got me interested in this season's.

Anyways, here is a NOTD of China Glaze Summer Escape 2011 108 Degrees nail polish.

It's a bright raspberry pink with shimmer. Why is it called 108 degrees? I find that this collection has very 'off' names in relation to their actual colours. Anyways, I reckon that this could mean it's HOT, if 108 degrees refer to Fahrenheit. And yes the summer temperature has been pretty hot over here these past weeks, and hope it will continue. *fingers crossed. And yes, I think tis colour is HOT! I am currently wearing it on my toe nails. But the photos are that on my finger nails.

108 Degrees is definitely easier to apply than Electric Pineapple. May be because it has a shimmer finish compared to Electric Pineapple which has a cream finish. The consistency is quite runny, but the first coat does not give an uneven finish. So I ended up with only 2 coats (as you see in the photos below). And each coat takes about 5 minutes to dry.

Well, I wasn't going to speak about how long this lasted on my nails, as I have mentioned previously, no matter how good a nail polish is, how expensive or cheap(in price) they are, nail polish will not last longer than 24 hours (48 hours, if I am lucky) on my nails, because of the amount of housework that I have to do everyday! But surprisingly, this lasted about 3 days before I noticed some nail tip wear, and by the 4th day, it started to chip slightly on the edges.

What do you think of this shade?


gio said...

What a gorgeous shade! And it's good to know it lasts long too. Nail polishes tend to chip soon on me too.

Kira said...

Gooooooorgeous. I had those on my fingernails earlier this month too! Didn't match my China Glaze Watermelon Rind toes though :P Was careful to avoid sandals for those days...

Vonvon said...

Yes, it is, gio! Somehow, I felt that when I was wearing it on my fingers, they just looked so pretty and feminine yet elegant.

Vonvon said...

Aww.... Watermelon Rind is a gorgeous shade too, Kira! Ermm, I think with this on your fingers, that would be very 'watermelon' ;) just kidding.

But yea, really love 108 degrees!:D