Sunday, August 28, 2011

Review: Copa Cabbana Fig Tea Baby Shampoo & Body Wash

Best for baby, best for me..... that's the tagline from one of those brands for baby products. I can't help but to agree! :)

Of course, whatever products that are safe for a child would be safe for use by adults too. Perhaps, the efficacy of a product for child may be less on the adult as the ingredients used may be milder.

Anyways, when it comes to Copa Cabbana Fig Tea Baby Shampoo & Body Wash, oh dear, I just wish they have not put in the word 'baby', so that I could have used it without any guilt of 'fighting' with Princess! ;) You can read more on this product here, and the brand here.

Yes, I LOVE this, but.......
Basically, any new product that I get for Princess' use, I will test it out on myself before giving it to her. So, I used it to wash my hair and as a body wash!

As a shampoo.........

And the result was baby-soft and smooth hair (for me) after cleaning, but the only downside was the product was quite mild, with slightly runny consistency. I ended up using quite a large amount of product (about 4-5 pumps, since it came in a pump bottle). For my about-shoulder length hair, 4-5 pumps of a shampoo to wash my usually dry hair and scalp was a bit too much. My usual shampoo, be it L'Oreal or Dove, to name a few brands of shampoo I use, I need only 1 pump or if it's a pour bottle, about the amount, equivalent to the size of a Malaysian 50sen coin. Anyways, I tried using just 2-pump amount and I couldn't clean my hair properly.

Of course, this product is made for babies/toddlers/kids, and not for adults. ;) So when used on Princess' long hair, her hair now almost reaches her waist, 2 pumps were enough to wash and clean her hair (usually sweaty by the end of the day from all her play activities), leaving it so soft and smooth like silk with a wonderful yet subtle fragrance between fruity and floral. Actually the scent almost reminded me Johnson's baby shampoo (in a good way! :D). It didn't make her hair tangled up after washing either. Princess simply loves this product very much! Each time, she combs her hair after showering, she would always comment to me on how soft and smooth her hair is.

As a body wash...........

Again, Mummy tested this as well before letting Princess use it on her body. For me, this is just a normal body wash which I need to use a lot to clean my body. The only plus point for me is that my skin doesn't feel dry nor itchy after using this. Before I forget, Princess and I received this product and a few other Copa Cabbana products when we were in the UK. The weather there makes our skin, mine and even Princess', quite dry. So we put on body lotion after shower, though I just get lazy most of the time. However, after bathing with this product for several times, I noticed that my skin didn't feel dry after showering.

As for Princess' baby smooth skin, it cleans very well and doesn't dry out her skin. But anyhow, she would diligently apply her California Baby body lotion after shower, sometimes, even sneakily and cheekily uses my Pacifica Tuscan Blood Orange Body Butter! ;)

So, those are our thoughts on Copa Cabbana Fig Tea Baby Shampoo & Body Wash.

What about the product itself?

Copa Cabbana is a company based in Hong Kong which prides itself on using natural ingredients, essential oils in their freshly hand blended products*. But when I read the ingredient list on the products, some of them are actually chemicals. It doesn't really bother me, but I was expecting the ingredients to be all natural. literally. Perhaps some of you may place more importance on such things, therefore I felt compelled to mention it.

Nevertheless, this product does not contain harsh detergents, dyes and is sulfate-free*. This explains why the product doesn't lather up much.

The key ingredients used in this product are fig tea essential oil, jojoba oil, Aloe Vera and green tea extract.

Just some final thoughts...... a product meant for children can still be used by adults, but the efficacy may vary. If this were to be more easily and readily available to purchase, I would also use this for my daily showers. But since it's not, I'll just save the rest of the bottle for Princess. ;)

This product comes in a pump bottle with 250ml of product for HKD130 (~RM49.78; ~USD16.68; ~GBP10.20; EUR11.50).

Where can you get Copa Cabbana products?
Online on their website.

If you live in Hong Kong, you can get the products from some of their stockists. The list of stockists can be found on the website (link above), or Facebook page.


Tracy said...

I've used shampoos that have hardly any sulfates, which doesn't foam as much in the shower... so it makes you feel like it's not washing your hair sufficiently. Apparently, it's good for colored hair. I can't get used to it so I went back to normal shampoo. Shower experience is so important! Princess is looking more pretty everyday.

Vonvon said...

Hi Tracy, how have you been?

I have used some shampoos without sulfates as well but eventually I got used to it. Especially when it gives the end result of soft and smooth hair.

But I still use those normal shampoo most of the time.

Thank you... *Princess waves hi

Tracy said...

Vonvon, when I next visit London, I would love to meet you! Are you liking it there?

I'm doing well. Strangely enough, life is more busy here in Denmark than in Singapore. :-) I love Europe.

Vonvon said...

Hi Tracy, I am not in London, but yea, we could try to meet up the next time you visit UK.

Yes, I find life here is busier than back home, but overall, I think I am happier here. And people generally are nicer too. :)