Sunday, September 11, 2011

Estee Lauder Modern Mercury Collection For Fall 2011 & A Haul

A bit late, but hey, actually, Fall is just about to begin, no? But somehow Fall collections from most brands are already out in the market since as early as....say, end of July? OK, may be beginning of August.

Anyways, when I was back in Malaysia this past August, I was shattered, well, figuratively speaking, that when I found out that Estee Lauder Modern Mercury collection for Fall 2011 will not see the light of day in Malaysia. And I know that collection was already out in the UK in August. So fingers crossed, I was hoping that I could still get my hands on some of the items, well, actually only 1 item from this collection that I absolutely wanted! And that is the Estee Lauder Pure Color Illuminating Powder Gelee in Modern Mercury.

So here are some photos of the Modern Mercury collection and some quick swatches of the eyeshadow duos. Colour-wise, there is nothing too exciting about this collection, but I have to say that these are simply classic colours that will last you many seasons, and if you need eye colours that are safe for work and also for occasions, it's worth investing in these duos. But I have enough eyeshadows from a wide-spectrum of the rainbow and beyond, ;) so I passed on these.

Estee Lauder Modern Mercury Collection Fall 2011

Swatches of eyeshadow duos from Estee Lauder Modern Mercury Collection
Top left: Modern Mercury
Top right: Platinums
Bottom: Black Chrome

And my haul...........

Estee Lauder Pure Color Illuminating Powder Gelee in Modern Mercury

How has your Sunday been?

It's after lunch here right now, and the sun is shining brightly despite the high winds.... nevertheless, I am going out for a walk with Princess now to soak in the sunshine and enjoy the late summer atmosphere...........


LaLaLovy said...

i really fall in love with your blog.. i followed u.

Vonvon said...

Thank you, LalaLovy! Followed you too.:)

Anonymous said...

I called Estee Lauder Pavillion & Midvalley.. The SA told me they will release it soon probably next month!! I so want the Mercury highlighter powder.. I hope it will arrive in MY!! crossed finggers!!


Vonvon said...

Good to hear that, Pearly! I hope you will be able to get the highlighter powder. It is a very beautiful masterpiece, indeed.

Thank you for sharing!