Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Fall Fashion: Banana Republic The Mad Men® Collection Lace Shell In Cafe au lait

At the end of August, Hubby received an email from GAP/Banana Republic (BR) of a 20% off discount code for the UK. And as usual, he asked me if I'd like to get anything from GAP or BR.

I have been eyeing some of the BR The Mad Men Collection pieces since I saw it in the BR store in The Gardens MidValley when I was back in Malaysia. Initially, I wasn't sure if the discount code can be applied on this new collection. We tried the 30% discount for their US website, but it didn't work, and to our surprise, the 20% off for the UK site worked. Normally, knowing how retail-ing is in the UK and Europe, we'd think that those discounts T&C would be stricter.

I was thinking of getting the suit that the model on the poster for this collection was wearing. See here.
But it seemed that some reviews were not really raving about it, and when I saw it on the catalog online, it just somehow didn't quite appeal to me. The photo in the promo poster was so sleek and gorgeous though.

So well, I just settled for the lace shell in cafe au lait, as I could wear it with my other suits when I go to the office and for meetings. Obviously it's not meant to be worn when I go to the lab - a lab full of anatomical specimens at that! ;P

So here are some quick photos of the BR The Mad Men Collection Lace Shell in cafe au lait. Normal price was GBP35, after 20% off was GBP28! Not a bad deal, considering it's quite a new collection for Fall from BR! :D

It looks quite ordinary on the hanger....I shall post more photos for OOTD when I come around to wearing it. :)

The tiered hem


gio said...

That's a pretty top. Look forward to seeing you wearing it.

Vonvon said...

Thanks, gio!:)