Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Jemma Kidd Make Up School Hi-Shine Silk Touch Lipglosses: Coral 15, Petal 17, Perfect Red 18 - Swatches & Reviews

I got these some months ago as freebies that came with July 2011 issue of RED magazines. I think I posted some lip swatch photos on Vonvon's Interests Facebook page. But apologies for having taken ages to post them on the blog. Two of the lipglosses, Coral 15 and Petal 17 are permanent, while Perfect Red 18 was a colour exclusively made for RED magazine readers, therefore a limited edition.

Anyways, this is the first time I am using some makeup from Jemma Kidd Make Up School. Thanks to RED magazine! See, giving away freebies (and I mean really generous ones!) is a darn good way to promote and create awareness of one's brand and products! For this, I really like UK women's magazines, though I still prefer the contents of Malaysian women's magazines, as the UK ones are usually full of adverts, while the Malaysian versions usually have an interesting article or 2 or 3 to read besides all the adverts!

Also, I first read about Jemma Kidd products in US beauty blogs where JK Jemma Kidd beauty products were available in Target stores in the USA (as far as I know, and that I had seen during my trip to the USA last year).

That's a little digression.

From the Jemma Kidd website, there are 3 categories, under the Jemma Kidd brand.

1 - Jemma Kidd Make Up School catering for professional quality make-up essentials for modern women;
2 - Jemma Kidd Make Up School PRO - the essential products for every make-up artist's backstage kit; and
3 - JK Jemma Kidd - high fashion colour cosmetics, for the beauty junkie in all of us.

Back the the lipglosses................

Jemma Kidd Make Up School Hi-Shine Silk Touch Lipgloss Coral 15

What a long name, isn't it? For this post, I will refer to them only as 'lipgloss'.

Coral is in the permanent range. It's 6ml in the tube costing GBP14.
I think the price is pretty steep for a lipgloss, that's why I bought 3 copies of the RED magazine at GBP3.80 each, and got 3 of the lipglosses worth a whopping total of GBP42! :D

Coral is an orangey coral shade (cream), which leans slightly toward the cooler tone (according to Hubby!). The formula has a slightly thick consistency but not too sticky. It applies and spreads easily, giving an almost sheer finish. I said 'almost' as it imparts a nice colour on my lips when applied, and I think it's my-lips-but-better kind of colour. I used this a lot when I first got it in early summer.

It gives a shiny and glossy finish to my lips. This wears for about 3-4 hours, slightly more if I go without food. Even after eating, because of the slightly thick formula, I could still feel some gloss remaining on my lips but the colour is much much less, just a tiny hint of colour.

Jemma Kidd Make Up School Hi-Shine Silk Touch Lipgloss Petal 17

Petal is also in the permanent range.

It is a nude peach colour with a hint of pink. It has a cream formula which applies matte on my lips. It is slightly lighter than my natural lip colour, so it sort of make my lips appear a bit washed out. But pairing it with a bold eye look, this would look great.

I reached for this shade quite often when I first got them. I have a feeling I will be using this shade again for Fall quite a bit, for the monochromatic eyes and lips trend.

This wears for about 3-4 hours on my lips.

Jemma Kidd Make Up School Hi-Shine Silk Touch Lipgloss Perfect Red 18

This shade, unfortunately, is a limited edition shade created exclusively for readers of RED Magazine. My apologies for this late review. But this is not a difficult to dupe shade either.

Of the 3 lipglosses, Perfect Red is my favourite!

This shade is a bright red with some yellow undertone and has some very tiny shimmer which is barely visible when applied on my lips.

On my lips, it doesn't scream a loud red, but appears slightly muted. It's slightly thick in consistency but applies smoothly and not sticky. One layer would give slightly sheer red layer, and can be layered to get a more opaque shade. But I don't think it can reach full opacity,

This wears about 3-4 hours on my lips, and even after food, there is a slight hint of colour left on my lips.

I hope Jemma Kidd could make this shade permanent, as it is a really wearable and versatile shade of red!

You can purchase Coral and Petal from Jemma Kidd website.


LauraLeia said...

Nude lippies aren't my thing, but Petal is really pretty! :D

gio said...

That red looks gorgeous!

Vonvon said...

Yes, LauraLeia, Petal is a pretty pinkish nude. :D

Vonvon said...

The red is an awesome shade, gio!