Saturday, September 3, 2011

Nails Of The Day (NOTD): MAVALA x Elle Orange - Review, Swatches

This is the latest 'acquisition' of magazine freebie from Elle UK September 2011 issue. I promise this will be the last NOTD post for a while (I know, it's been about oranges...err, nail polish for the past 3 days). And the last of the orange nail polish that I have in my little nail polish stash.

I just got my hands on the first of my MAVALA nail polish when I went to the UK last Fall. And since then I have been getting more and at a bargain from the Debenhams store in my town. When I found out that MAVALA is collaborating with ELLE again this year, apparently there was one last year, I jumped at the chance to own more MAVALA polishes. But each copy of ELLE costs GBP3.80, while each bottle of MAVALA mini of 5ml costs between GBP2.99-3.99, depending on where you purchase them from. Anyways, at least I got some mags to read.

OK, enough ramblings......

MAVALA The ELLE Orange is an orange with strong red undertone. On my nails, it appears like a vermillion-red, though in the bottle, it looks orange. Well, depending on the lighting, sometimes, it appears more orange, while at other times, it looks more red.

Like most MAVALA nail polishes I have tried, this applies easily, though the first coat does show a small amount of streaking. It is a cream formula with glossy finish. 2 coats are enough to get an decent opaque finish, and last for a good 3 days before showing some nail tip wear and chipping. That was on my left finger nails. On my right finger nails, I just got lazy and left them with 1 coat, and chipping started to be visible by the next day. But I was just rushing to go out that day, and I couldn't wait for another coat of nail polish to dry. I have to say that MAVALA nail polishes in general dry very fast, about 5 minutes but to make sure it dries completely and 'hardens', I'd always wait for at least one hour. That's why I always prefer to apply nail polish at night, after all the washing and cleaning and household chores are completed, and I can just apply polish and wait for it to dry while I watch TV.

MAVALA nail polishes are 3-Free: No formaldehyde, No toluene and No DBP!

With 1 coat

With 2 coats

2 coats under yellow lighting

Have a lovely weekend!


Blair said...

I like 3 free polishes, even though I mostly own polishes that contains everything toxic.

Yup, it does look orange in the bottle, and somehow slightly coral on your nails.. weird, I would have liked it looking more orange.

Vonvon said...

Blair, I try to get more 3-free polishes so that I don't have to feel so guilty when my girl uses them.

Yes, I also prefer it to be more orange, a warm tone bright orange! :D