Monday, October 24, 2011

Nails Of The Day (NOTD): MAVALA La Paz 71 Nail Colour Cream; Review, Swatches

This MAVALA nail polish is one of the first 3 Mavala nail polishes that I bought in a set of 3. Coincidentally, that set of 3 was also specially made for Breast Cancer Awareness Month but I am not sure which year.

I had this on last week. La Paz #71 is actually a bright pink with a cream finish, but somehow when I tried photographing it under different lighting, it appeared a different shade every time. Nevertheless, I think this is the better of many Mavala nail polishes that I have tried. 1, yes, ONE coat, is enough to achieve full opacity. The photos below are all painted in 1 coat.

MAVALA La Paz #71 nail polish

1 coat of MAVALA La Paz on my nails

Under direct sunlight

I have been pretty much down with a URTI over the weekend. My throat was hurting like crazy, and my nose was having a marathon of its lifetime. So I didn't do much, not house work, not even blogging. ;)
Feeling a bit better today, but it's half-term, so this whole week, Princess will be at home. Gotta figure some things out to keep her occupied. And she is always trying to avoid practicing her Chinese writing and writing her letters in the lower case (ABCs, I mean). She can write A-Z without any problem, but it's a whole jumble of upper and lower cases. Her teacher already pointed out many times, but each time I try to make her write in lower cases, her answer would be, "Mummy, I will write the way I want and I feel like, OK? OK? OK?"

OK, Mummy surrenders!

Happy Monday!


gio said...

What a pretty shade! I hope you feel better soon!

Vonvon said...

Thank you, gio! My nose is still stuffy but overall, much better.