Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Photos: Haul From Bicester Village

Last week, Hubby and I went to Bicester Village, one of the outlet centres in the UK. But to our disappointment, there weren't too many great bargains there, unlike those that we had known from shopping in the mega-huge outlet centres in the US!

We only got really good bargains from Helly Hansen store which was closing down because apparently this brand is not designer enough to be there. Since we needed some winter clothes for ourselves and Princess, we hauled quite a bit from there. Their T-shirts and polos and men's shorts had the greatest bargains, between GBP3-5 each!

Then I went into Cath Kidston store which again didn't have too good bargains. Though it was filled with people, mostly tourists. I just got a carry all bag and a summer fedora.

At The Cosmetics Company Store, which was the Estee Lauder Companies outlet, there weren't too many MAC products. In fact, I think about 70% of the store was filled with Clinique products. But I saw plenty of Estee Lauder's Blue Dahlia and Surreal Violet 5 color eyeshadow palettes from last Fall. And to think last year, the 2 palettes, especially Blue Dahlia, were sold out in most counters! I bought the Blue Dahlia palette for GBP24.50 (RRP: GBP35).

I happened to see MAC eyeshadow Juxt which I have heard so much about, and is one of Temptalia's favorite colours, so I bought it GBP8.25. Not much discount there though. There were 5 shades of MAC Big Bounce Shadows on sale at GBP9.50 each (RRP: GBP13.50): Sizzlin' Diva (which I think I could find a dupe of it in the form of Rimmel 8-hour mousse eyeshadow since it's a copper-brown shade), Black Diamond (black with multi-coloured shimmer), Good Fortune (Pearlised pink), Spread The Wealth and Luxury Touch. The last 2 I bought. I didn't know why I bought them, since they were pretty difficult to work with according to many blog reviews I have read. But I guess the colours just called out to me.

More on the CCO haul next week! :)


gio said...

Love your haul! And what awesome deals!

Vonvon said...

Thank you, gio!