Thursday, October 27, 2011

Review: Copa Cabbana Cantaloupe With Vitamin C, E & F Hand Cream

Hand cream is an essential part of my daily beauty/skincare regime. It is especially so now that I am living in a place with temperate climate and generally dry condition. And it doesn't help that I am doing more household chores now compared to when I was still living in Malaysia. :( All the washing and cleaning certainly takes a toll on the state of my hands, making the skin very dry and flaky, especially between the finger webs.

In Malaysia, I normally applied hand cream only at night before bedtime, and when necessary. But here in the UK, I apply several times a day, about 3-4 times, at the very least.

Anyways, I have had this Copa Cabbana Cantaloupe With Vitamin C, E & F Hand Cream since this Spring. Been using it since then with a brief interval when I went back to Malaysia for my summer holiday. As I have mentioned, back in Malaysia, no house work, or rather less house work and washing to do, hence less need for super-power hand cream! ;)

Besides, this tube of hand cream is huge, and I mean huge, as in 150ml! Most of my hand creams come in 30-75ml tubes usually.

OK, first thing when I opened up this tube to try out, it's the sweet and fresh melon-y scent that caught me! LOVE! I love melon, the fruit, the colour as in my MAC Melon pigment (though I always neglect using it for me eye makeup! :P), and the scent, in general! So that's already a plus point! I don't want to be biased, but unless you hate any kind of scent in your products, or you hate the scent of melon (I can't imagine anyone would, since it's just so sweet, fresh and aromatic without being cloying nor overpowering), there is no reason for you to dislike this hand cream! ;)

So, this hand cream is a white cream with medium consistency which is neither too thick nor rich. It spreads on my hands easily, giving off a sweet melon scent (again, I am becoming a broken record! :P). It absorbs into my skin pretty fast, and I love to especially massage some extra onto my nails and cuticles, and pay attention to the webs between my fingers where they are usually dry and flaky. It moisturises my hand but I wouldn't say it's very moisturising. Perhaps, its not-so-rich texture, but I wouldn't say it's light, is good to keep normal hands moisturised, but not heavily-battered hands like mine. ;)

When I am at home, I would apply it several times a day, especially after doing some washing. But I don't bring it out with me since it's such a huge tube. Imagine, whipping out a huge tube of hand cream and applying it in a public place. And it would take up more space in my purse, wouldn't it? When I go out, I would always bring some tiny 30ml tube of hand cream with me, be it L'Occitane's or Kiehl's or Crabtree & Evelyn hand therapy. The latter I used to carry around with me in my purse but I had run out of all of them.

Guess this would give Copa Cabbana some ideas of producing this hand cream in smaller sizes, say 30ml or 50ml, besides the usual 150ml tube.

This hand cream comes in a hygienic tube of 150ml and retails for HKD110 (~RM44.26; ~USD14.15; ~GBP8.86; ~EUR10.17).

Where to buy Copa Cabbana products?
Online on their website. (By the way, they do ship to the UK and other places outside Hong Kong where the company is based. You just need to email them and inquire if they ship to your country and the shipping charges.)

You can also check out their Facebook page for a list of stockists in Hong Kong.


LauraLeia said...

Mmmm I love melon-scented stuff! Too bad they don't produce many of these around here. :(

gio said...

The scent sounds delicious! But I doubt the cream would work well for my very dry hands.. Thanks for the review.

Vonvon said...

Melon scent is yummy, isn't it, LauraLeia?

You are right, I can't really think of too many products that have melon scent in Malaysia.

Vonvon said...

It is delicious, gio! But yes, if your hands are naturally very dry, then it might just work for a while and you need to reapply, like I do. But I love the scent, so I don't mind reapplication if I am at home. My hands are just 'battered' by frequent hand washing and also household washing, plus hot water usage is just bad.