Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Spotted @ Boots: Latest Stila Products

Last week, I went into town for some sort of a beauty adventure and shopping but being a god-forsaken place this is, I didn't see that much latest stuffs for the holidays. Actually I was hoping to see the Hello Kitty Liberty products supposed to be out in October in the Boots store, but :( NOTHING! In fact, the Boots staff even directed me to the kids' section where they have Hello Kitty toys and stuffs. Duhhh! :(

Anyways, I saw the latest Stila Natural Beauty Eyeshadow Palettes. But the one I saw was the neutral colours, and not as shown on the display. And to my further disappointment, the palette felt so light, like literally feather-light. I picked it up and it felt like the weight of may be 20 pieces of A4 paper! That's like even lighter than a Sleek or even Make Up Academy eyeshadow palettes of 12 eyeshadows each. And the price of the Stila palette??? A whopping GBP19.50!

I used to love Stila a lot. If you have followed my blog from the very beginning, my love for Stila then was to the point of obsession, and then Stila left Malaysia. I hauled so much that I still have lots of Stila from those time with me and I am still using them.

But now when I saw Stila at Boots, somehow it just doesn't attract me as much as in the past anymore.

Guess Boots does have many other more interesting brands at much more affordable prices, eh? ;)


gio said...

What a shame but I understand what you mean. I still love Stila but they haven't really been releasing anything really exciting in a while and the prices are quite high for what you get..

Vonvon said...

Exactly, gio! Really nothing new to shout about. And very pricey!