Friday, October 28, 2011

Swatches & Review: Estee Lauder Pure Color Sensous Rouge Lip Color in Pink Seduction

One of the latest lipsticks from Estee Lauder is the Pure Color Sensous Rouge Lip Color, which has a beautiful colour wrapping around a moisture-rich, soft centre. I have the shade Pink Seduction 08 for review today.

Pure Color Sensous Rouge Lip Color

Pure Color Sensous Rouge Lip Color in Pink Seduction

This is another winner for me from Estee Lauder in this month of October alone! It's another my-lips-but-better kind of shade! The other being Lavish Pink from the Elizabeth Hurley Pink Ribbon Collection set!

Pure Color Sensous Rouge Lip Color in Pink Seduction

Estee Lauder claims that it is their most moisturising lipstick. Well, is it?

Let's see............

Pink Seduction has a warm reddish pink shade on the outer layer, wrapping around a supposedly softer and creamier centre of a dusty rose pink kind of shade. It's hard for me to test out the texture of the inner core of the lipstick, as I do not want to touch it with my finger, even sanitised finger! But when applied on my lips, I could feel the soft creaminess of the lipstick gliding across my lips. When I angled the lipstick so that the outer ring just touched my lips, the texture felt like normal lipstick. While applying it directly onto my lips, I could feel the extra softness and creaminess.

Swatch of Pure Color Sensous Rouge Lip Color in Pink Seduction

The swatch of this shade appears quite sheer as compared to the colour in the tube. And on my lips as well. It imparts a soft, glowy pink colour to my lips, making it oh-so-lustrous ;) and the illusion of plumper lips. It stays on my lips for a good 3 hours before fading with food and drinks. It doesn't dry out my lips, but keeps my lips supple, not really moisturised, for some time. Very moisturising? Well, may be, but I wouldn't add "very" nor "most" to it. I think the colour is buildable but I haven't really tried it, as I like it as it is for everyday wear. Perhaps, when the occasion calls for it, I will try to layer and build up the colour. Till then......... I am loving it right now! :D

And instead of the usual fresh fig scent characteristic of Estee Lauder lipsticks, this one has a new warm vanilla scent, a tad different from that of MAC lipsticks though.

Lips Of The Day

Pure Color Sensous Rouge Lip Color in Pink Seduction on my lips

I think Pink Seduction is a name correctly given to this shade, as it's such a soft, elegant shade of pink, not the girly kind of pink.

This range of lipsticks is currently available at Estee Lauder counters in the UK and online, retailing for GBP20. I think in Malaysia, it retails for RM75 or 80, to be confirmed.

*PR sample


Anthea Villanueva said...

It's such a pretty shade. It looked like it would turn out darker (which I don't like) but it's actually really soft and natural on the lips.

gio said...

That's a very pretty shade! But it's too bad it doesn't have a fig scent, I love that! Vanilla is nice but so common..

Blair said...

Looks so pretty on you!!!!!! I have a lipstick that has a similar concept from ettusais and it was a few ringgit cheaper than Estee Lauder. At that price, I should have gotten EL's version instead, grr!

Vonvon said...

Hello, Anthea! Thank you for visiting and commenting.

I wouldn't mind if the shade is true on the lips as on the tube. But this gives a nice natural colour to my lips, hence I like it. My lips but better! :)

Vonvon said...

Yes, gio, I also like the fig scent a lot. But this new vanilla scent is unlike the MAC one. It's warmer and richer, well to my olfactory senses, at least.

Vonvon said...

Thank you, Blair dear! I am not too sure of the exact price of this lipstick in Malaysia. But Estee Lauder lipsticks are always about that price range.

How much is the Ettusais? On the UK website, it listed 11 colours. May be you can get a different shade from the one you own, from the Estee Lauder range.