Friday, October 21, 2011

Swatches & Review: Famous by Sue Moxley Eyeshadow Shimmer Shade 12

This is a review of the eyeshadow which I wore in the look I showed you yesterday. I have also posted a photo of it for you to guess some weeks ago! ;)

Famous by Sue Moxley Eyeshadow Shimmer Shade 12

This eyeshadow is from a brand called Famous by Sue Moxley, which is available in selected Superdrug stores. Yes, because the 2 Superdrugs which I usually go to in my town do not carry this brand, and I found in by chance, in a Superdrug in another town. Sue Moxley is an English television presenter, fashion model, beauty editor and a singer. And she launched her own makeup brand called Famous by Sue Moxley in 2007. I got this info from Wikipedia anyways.

I have read about this brand sporadically from different British beauty blogs, nothing too significant, I have to say. But when I saw them at Superdrug, everything from this brand was on 1/2 price of original. This square-pan eyeshadow with a whopping weight of 3.8g, was originally GBP4, but I got it for half-price at GBP2 only! :D

I don't know the reason for the discount, but from past experience, when brand(s) go on sale like this, it means that there is a probability of withdrawing? Well, I was just swatching and playing around with the eyeshadows, and I was quite surprised by their pigmentation, colour pay-off and texture. Most of them, the shimmer ones, had good pigmentation and colour pay-off, and almost all had a smooth buttery texture. But some, despite the smooth texture, when swiped, became slightly powdery, which would lead to some fall-out problem. For a drugstore eyeshadow costing GBP4, I would be disappointed. But for GBP2 only, which was what I paid with my Superdrug gift card, I didn't see any point in complaining much. What more, some of the colours are very pretty and gorgeous, even duochrome-like! Now, duochrome eyeshadows are hard to come by, with the exception of some MAC eyeshadows like Vex, Club and Expensive Pink, to name a few.

Under direct sunlight

And this eyeshadow shade 12, yes, another brand with only numbers for their eyeshadows, but luckily their eyeshadows are not so great in number as that of Inglot(!), has a slight duochrome effect. On the pan, it looks like a purple with some blue shimmer. Under direct sunlight, it looks purplish(photo above), while indoor, it looks slightly bluish(photo below). At some angle, it appears like a pinkish /magenta-purple - unfortunately, I couldn't capture the last 'reflection' of the eyeshadow. It somehow reminds me a little of MAC Violet pigment, and may be a little like MAC Stars 'n Rockets eyeshadow. I have Violet pigment, but not the eyeshadow. So, I will try to make a comparison swatch later, when I could dig Violet out from the 'rubble of my stash'! :P (read: I don't know where the Violet pigment is, and I haven't been able to find it from my stash in a while!).


So, Famous by Sue Moxley Eyeshadow Shimmer Shade 12 is basically a purple with blue shimmer which reflects purple, blue, violet and lilac depending on the angle the light falls on it. It has a smooth buttery texture, but can be powdery when swiped. It has quite good colour pay-off, but does have some fall-out issue (very minimal, I'd say). While it swatches quite easily with finger and blends apparently well, but when applied onto my lids with a brush, I used Stila eyeshadow brush #30 short rounded end, there is some slight problem with blendability. I could dab the shadow on my lids without any problem, but when I want to blend it out, I couldn't do it and it becomes slightly patchy. I am not sure if it's due to the brush that I used, but I have been using this eyeshadow brush with different kinds of eyeshadow and it seems to work well in blending shadows from different brands.

Same swatch of Famous by Sue Moxley Eyeshadow Shimmer Shade 12 under different lighting.
L to R: Indoor by the window with natural light, under direct sunlight, indoor.
In the middle one, you can see that the shade appears slightly pinkish.

Then on my second try of this eyeshadow, I apply with my finger and it blends more easily, and I could build it up as well.

I will show you the looks with different way of application of this eyeshadow in other posts. I haven't cropped those photos yet.

So anyways, for 2 quid an eyeshadow, I would say that it's quite a decent one from a drugstore. And the plus point is that it has some duochrome effect. Rarely would you find eyeshadows from drugstore brands which have duochrome effect. And I happen to be one who like duochrome in her eyeshadows!

I still have some money left in my Superdrug gift card, so I might go back to get more stuffs before God knows what will happen to it. And especially they are going for half price now. I am afraid, most stuffs will be gone by the time I have the time to go back to that other town for shopping again!

Famous by Sue Moxley makeup display and shelf at Superdrug


gio said...

I didn't know this brand. The eyeshadow looks very pretty, love the duochrome effect. But what a shame it's a pain to blend it.

Vonvon said...

I didn't know it either, gio, till I read some blogs. Not really a big brand, I suppose, like those beauty underdogs. ;)

It's difficult to blend with a brush but with fingers, it's not too bad.

Kira said...

It kinda looks like Stars and Rockets by MAC lol. Pretty colour :)

Vonvon said...

Yes, Kira, that was what I thought. May be not in the pan but when swatched and looked from certain angle, it looked a little like MAC's Stars 'n Rockets.