Friday, November 4, 2011

Freebies From December 2011 Issue Of Glamour Magazine

I went into my neighbourhood supermarket yesterday evening and I was greeted by a whole basket of Glamour magazines right at the entrance. I think they just went on sale yesterday and they are giving out freebies of 4 different shades of Nails Inc nail polishes, full-sized. One per magazine, of course.

And the magazine costs only GBP2, while 1 Nails Inc nail polish costs GBP11!

The 4 shades are a beigy grey, a deep red, another red-toned shade, and a deep purple shade. I didn't buy any copy of the magazine........don't know why.

Somehow the colours didn't quite attract me. May be the deep purple shade. But I have collected more than 30 bottles of nail polish in less than a year. I know, it's no big deal, but for a nail polish noob like me, I think that's quite substantial, and I am actually eyeing those Mavala gift sets of 8 nail polishes which surface at my local Debenhams from time to time. GBP16 for 8 bottles, 5ml each!

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