Friday, November 11, 2011

Let's Celebrate 11.11.11 With The Festival Eyeshadow Palette From Famous By Sue Moxley! Review & Swatches

Happy 11.11.11! And I have purposely scheduled this post for 11:11AM as well! Haha! Perhaps, another post will pop up at 11:11PM? ;)

So will you be doing anything special today? Anyone getting married? Having a party just because? And any of my dear readers here expecting a baby today? :D

I don't really have anything planned out for today. Just thought of may be to celebrate this date, I will review a really bright and beautiful eyeshadow palette, coincidentally named Festival. Well, it's not a festival but whatever, please excuse my lack of imagination and creativity! ;P

Famous by Sue Moxley Festival Eyeshadow Palette

Again, like a broken record, I purchased this Famous by Sue Moxley eyeshadow palette called Festival from Superdrug after seeing lusting over it when I saw it on the Famous FB page.

OK, let's get on to the palette!

It comes in a rectangular matte black plastic casing which actually feel rather weight-y. And inside, it has a rectangular mirror which spans the entire lid. It comes with a dual-ended sponge tip applicator. Normally, I would just put the applicator into storage and use my own brushes instead. No exception to this.

This palette houses 4 brightly coloured eyeshadows, each one with excellent pigmentation and good colour pay-off. I haven't tried them on my lids so I can gauge for their blendability on my lids. The photos of the swatches below don't really do justice to the real colours. Blame it on the Sun who has gone into hibernation! :P

And the 4 colours are some of my favourite colours, especially so when there is a duochrome shade in this palette! It's amazing that this is the second duochrome eyeshadow shade that I have encountered with this drugstore brand! The first one was this.

The 4 colours are a cool-toned mustard yellow, a bright true orange, the duochrome fuchsia with a blue sheen, and a blue green. I wouldn't say that they are shimmery, but all 4 have a lovely pearlescent sheen that borders slightly metallic to a varying degree, depending on how the angle of the light falls on them.

The amount of product you get is quite a lot. On the back of the casing, it states there is 5g, so I would assume each eyeshadow is 1.25g in weight. And for GBP9 which I thought was pretty expensive for a drugstore eyeshadow palette initially, the quality and quantity of the eyeshadows sort of make up for the rather high price tag.

More close-up photos of the eyeshadows..........

Swatches of Famous by Sue Moxley Festival Eyeshadow Palette - natural daylight on a cloudy day

Swatches of Famous by Sue Moxley Festival Eyeshadow Palette - under fluorescent lighting

See the duochrome in the fuchsia shade

Happy 11.11.11 again!

Have a lovely weekend ahead!



I'm really curious about this palette. I love the colors! Too bad for the lack of sunlight. I would have loved to see it in it's full glory. :P -Dawn

gio said...

Love this palette. The colors are so pretty and pigmented!

Vonvon said...

Hi Dawn! The product photos were as close as they can get to real. But yea, the swatches, just couldn't really capture the true colours. :)

Vonvon said...

They are, indeed, gio! One of the few rare finds from drugstore!